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Steam suggestions? Anyone want to play?

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  • MagicalEstelle


    #16780053 - 5 years ago

    There's definitely plenty of great games of all different genres to grab. I'll echo everyone else and say wait for the summer sale; not only can you pick up a bunch of the recommended games here for dirt cheap, but if you see something that interests you it's a much easier gamble due to the massive discounts.
    I'll add to the list Dust: An Elysian Tail, Bastion, Transistor, Torchlight 2 and Civilization IV are some of the ones I've played a bit of and would recommend. If you ever want to play, I'm Squire Jack on steam.

  • Mobius_22


    #16780117 - 5 years ago

    What about grand strategy? I'm stuck with way too much time on my hands and would like to try to play EUIV or something with someone.

  • Urso


    #16780378 - 5 years ago

    Try out bastion, transistor, Sadowrun returns, Vampire the masquerade for story and the like.

    Risk of rain, FTL, Sword and Swordsory, Rouge legacy. Hotline Miami, Fez, for all sorts of 8 bitish fun.

  • Mobius_22


    #16780506 - 5 years ago

    I'm such an idiot; I thought you were replying to me. Still getting used to these forums.

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