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Good Indie Games on Steam?

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  • AfRoSaUcE

    AfRoSaUcE Mage of Hope

    #32832899 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Asurmen #32832596

    I didn't think about those games... I kinda forgot because I they also came out on Xbox and I really didn't think about it I guess? Even though games I mentioned earlier are also on Steam? Those are all amazing games.

  • GerbertVonBerg


    #33756610 - 2 months ago

    Steam is so a dump. I even heard that some indie games had malware. I've never user antivirus before I got a virus from one of the green light games. Friends recommended me to install Norton. is Norton good I have yet to learn but at least it scanned my HDD and SSD and deleted a lot of suspicious files and programs.

  • Bliss24-7


    #33757034 - 1 month ago

    Angela's Odyssey, it is a point-click game that I really enjoy aside the graphics were amazing..I found the fox really cute and Paper Dolls: Original / 纸人:第一章, this is so scary!!!