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Join my group for Blizzard World of Warcraft Classic

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  • mato12345


    #33752628 - 4 months ago

    The goal for the group is to make sure players have leveling groups for questing, dungeons, and battlegrounds.  We also want to jump start the server economy, and make sure that which ever server we join it ends up being a high population with a great faction balance.  

    It is critical that we make up a good chunk of the server population.  When i started playing World of Warcraft many years ago I was lucky to join a great server with an even faction balance with high population.  I was lucky. I started to play in vanilla, and the server did not unbalance till Mists of Pandaria.  The launch of Vanilla World of Warcraft servers is going to be chaotic.  We can expect vanilla servers to spike in population at launch, then dip greatly after a couple of months.  If we can ensure we have a great  chunk of the players on the server together we can help ensure that players have a great time and form lasting connections, thus saving our server from population collapse.

    This group also offers peace of mind for players who invite their friends to the group.  Though I started WoW on a great server, all of my real life friends started on different servers.  This left me playing alone most of the time.  I would find a good guild now and again, but great times in a guild were made when you are in with a group of friends.  If you invite all of your friends to this server, and they invite theirs, and so on, we can make sure that all of our friends will be with us for this great WoW adventure.  This way when it comes time to start playing Classic World of Warcraft all of your friends will know they can just check this group to find which server to join to find you, or if you start playing later you will know which server to join to find your friends who started before you.

    I need to clarify that this group is not a guild, nor will everyone in this group be joining the same faction.  This is much larger then a guild.  Though this group will host a guild for players if they wish to join. We do intend to join an American PVP server in the American Central timezone.  This give most players better shot at playing closer to the own time no matter where in America they live.

    I hope that you will consider joining my group.  I am working hard to make sure this is the best shot anyone has for an amazing Classic World of Warcraft experience.  You don't need to do anything in this group but join, and remember to check it when you get ready to play Classic WoW.  I hope you would take the step to invite your friends to.

    Our target goal is 2000 players.  We have over 150 players spread between Discord and the Battlenet social tab on the Battlenet launcher. 150/2000

    Thank you for your time an consideration.

  • mato12345


    #33756733 - 1 month ago

    just posting an update. we have over 1000 players now