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  • ValhallaKing


    #30030929 - 10 years ago

    I have found a few quizzes online that ask questions dealing with the show.
    I will post the ones I have found here and if you find anyone's I haven't then post them here.

    After you take the quiz or quizzes post your scores and let everyone know how well you know the show.

    The Big Bang Theory Quiz
    I got every one correct.

    Which 'Big Bang Theory' Character Should You Be Dating ?
    I got Penny. :D

    The Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz
    I got all 5 correct.

    Which 'The Big Bang Theory' Character Are You?
    I got Sheldon. :D

    To be honest these ones were pretty simple. I found one the other day that was a bit challenging but I can't remember where it is.

  • rue_morgue


    #30030930 - 10 years ago


  • xxDANIELxx


    #30030931 - 10 years ago

    ok, why should i be dating howard, must have done something wrong. i do not like this quiz anymore =p

  • crunch_bite


    #30030932 - 10 years ago

    10 out of 10 on the first one.
    2nd quiz. I'd totally be dating leonard! haha. "He's modest and shy and his sweetness won you over."
    3 out of 5 on the 3rd test.
    And apparently Im Raj... lol Although I think were most likely opposites.

  • jeckon


    #30030933 - 10 years ago

    1. 9/10
    2. penny....that could be awkward.
    3. 2/5..but I never really knew the episode names i guessed well twice
    4. ironically i should be dating myself....sounds like me...haha

  • LostRaccoon


    #30030934 - 10 years ago

    9/10 on the first quiz, very poor score on the second, partly because I can't remember titles, and partly because I never got to see most of the first season.

    However, I'm supposed to be dating Leonard, and yet the other quiz says I am Leonard....

    so..... I'm dating myself? Or a clone of myself? That sounds terribly egotistical.... and possibly illegal.

  • Ramrider

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    #30030935 - 9 years ago

    9/10 on the first one (forgot whose mum Laurie Metcalf played), Penny on the second (big relief there!).
    Copped out on the third quiz because I have no idea what any of the episode titles are, and didn't do the other one because I don't have a Facebook account.

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