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  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9630369 - 11 years ago

    I've been wondering lately why Sony doesn't implement PS3 "achievements" for their online play. The online feature is free and most game servers don't lag so I'd say PSN and Xbox Live are pretty much tied (in my opinion at least) but there's one thing that always attracts me towards the Xbox 360 when I walk into an electronics/gaming store. Achievements.

    So in this thread discuss the pro's and con's of achievements on the PS3 and whether or not you'd like to see the feature added.

  • cheif23


    #9630852 - 11 years ago

    I don't see why they don't do it either. I think the Achievements would only make people play the PS3 more. One of the reasons I play Xbox 360 games is because of the Achievements. The Achievements give a sense of accomplisment when you get them.

  • MikeyBack


    #9630867 - 11 years ago

    If they did add something like achievements they wouldn't call them achievement they would me named something differn't. I believe that Xbox has coined the achievement thing.

  • MSpencer


    #9631093 - 11 years ago

    Wasn't there talk of implementing achievements or rewards as physical objects in Home? Something about them serving as trophies or decorations?

    I think the achievement system works - not the gamerscore part, just the achievements. When implemented properly, they add a level of meta-gaming which prolongs gameplay.

  • cheif23


    #9631111 - 11 years ago

    In reply to MSpencer, #4:

    I heard about that as well, but I think they decided against it because it would cost them to much money.

    Achievments to me make the game more enjoyable because they give you something to work for besides just simply beating the game.

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9631498 - 11 years ago

    I heard about the trophies for Home as well. Only reason I'm not keen on that idea is that Home doesn't really appeal to me. When I say achievements I mean gamerscore as well, for some people having a high gamerscore is important and would certainly do wonders for the longevity of games.

    Most PS3 games have sort of an in-game "achievement" system. The documents in Resistance, the flags in Assassin's Creed or the intel in COD4, but none of them have any sort of online achievements or something to flaunt with like a gamerscore.

  • aerfox


    #9633540 - 11 years ago

    Yes, thats what Home will utilize an achievement system, with a gamerscore. Some games use an achievement system in their on way, ala Resistance, and Uncharted

  • BobSalawalatski


    #9634460 - 11 years ago

    Microsoft probably holds a patent or two (or ten) on that kind of thing.

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9636646 - 11 years ago

    Yes, thats what Home will utilize an achievement system, with a gamerscore. Some games use an achievement system in their on way, ala Resistance, and Uncharted

    Links or it didn't happen.

    Microsoft probably holds a patent or two (or ten) on that kind of thing.

    That's because Microsoft are lame. I laugh at people who say Xbox is better due to being cheaper because once they've got their wireless adapter, controllers and every other extra the Xbox doesn't come with they've paid just as much anyway. But I'm pretty sure Microsoft hasn't patented the idea of gamers successfully completely goals and getting a score for the overall goals they have achieved... Or have they?

  • P_e


    #9640148 - 11 years ago

    Steam achivements anyone?

    And The PS3 is getting trophies for your homes (still not enough to make me buy a ps3).

  • LTedd


    #9642851 - 11 years ago

    I don't see whats the point of having achievments. Why bother with them on xboxlive anyways i dont care if you have over 10,000 gamerscore or under 100. The games on ps3 have achievments you can earn, except their called skill points on resistance or whatever it is on uncharted. (i havent bought the game yet)

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9652424 - 11 years ago

    In reply to LTedd, #11:

    Yeah but the thing is there is no unified online "gamerscore". Some people just care about gamerscores (me included) and some people just don't. If you're going to play a game seriously enough to get achievements (not counting stupid achievements like "Congratulations, you're now on level 2!") then you probably wantt to show off all the achievements you get. It's also a pretty handy way to keep track of what achievements you've got. And maybe like Geoff, you just have an unfortunate achievement addiction. I just think there's more pro's than con's and from a business stand point Sony are crazy not to start doing them (outside of Home would be nice.)

  • mendozerman


    #9661957 - 11 years ago

    In reply to Beacham, #12:

    Strangely enough Devil May Cry 4 has achievements on the PS3. I know the Playstation Network doesn't have a unified system to actually show them off (except to people on your friends list) but who cares. Gamerscore is retarded in my opinion.

    Gamerscore ≠ Skill
    Gamerscore = Free Time + Money.

    At least Insomniac and Naughty Dog are smart enough to actually give incentive to earn their "skill points" so you have access to bonus content. And Insomniac has been doing that since 2002.

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9662247 - 11 years ago

    The Gamerscore is also a way for gamers to compete with one another. I think it's a good thing.

  • natesdakota


    #9671853 - 11 years ago

    Sony is going to implement achievements as Trophies in Home. I bought GTA IV for my PS3 instead of my 360 because it was said that GTA had fully implemented Trophies for Home. Then the Home open beta got delayed and now I wish I had bought GTA for my 360. :(

  • chickentikka


    #9674301 - 11 years ago

    I have both systems, but generally find myself playing more on the 360 rather than the PS3 and this is pretty much only due to the achievement system. I can generally judge how good or bad a gamer is on what they've been able to complete on various games. If there's a load of achievements, then there probalby good and ill learn a thing or two from them.
    on the other hand, if there score is low, i most likely wouldnt recieve much of a challenge from the player and therefore not enjoy playing them.

    So ill just be using my PS3 as a cheap Blue Ray player..................... for now.

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9675200 - 11 years ago

    Yeah. If I had both consoles (maybe one day) I would probably end up playing the 360 more as well. The PS3 would probably just sit back and wait for PS3-exclusive games to come out.

    I mean, sure. PSN is free and Xbox Live isn't but those achievements make online play better. They extend gameplay and give you things to work towards.

  • AxeRiot


    #9675655 - 11 years ago

    I have invested a lot of time and money into my Playstations and since I played on my friends Xbox and got an achievement I'll been wanting Playstation to do the same for a while. I did read in my PSM Magazine that they were going to make trophies for the home

  • Beacham

    Beacham Word Nerd

    #9675935 - 11 years ago

    Trophies for Home are fine as long as it comes with things like a "trophy score" or something. Something you can actually show off to other players outside of Home.

  • dude_stud


    #9721893 - 11 years ago

    Achievements are dumb.

    Why go out of your way to get something you wouldn't have tried to get in the first place? I mean it makes sense when you get something for it, like in Halo with the armor. Other than that it's just stupid.

    The score system is just dumb to be honest.

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  • NinjaTheory


    #9725094 - 11 years ago

    achievements are awesome. they add more replay value to the game. whats the point of playing any game on higher difficulties? NOTHING. you dont get better. you just play. i own both consoles and i would rather buy the game for 360 for the points and online play. sony already said they wanna do a trophy system for HOME but its a gimmick. quit trying to cop microsoft sony and just give up.

  • dude_stud


    #9727979 - 11 years ago

    You do know Home was planned for the PS2 and the trophies were part of it? This was before the 360 was even being thought about.

    Achievements are dumb. If you weren't going to play the game on a higher difficulty in the first place why play it again? So you can get a higher number beside your name? To show how big your e-penis is getting? Why do you bother coming here to rag on Sony? Why don't you go suck on M$ dick some more?

  • aerfox


    #9731615 - 11 years ago

    Achievements in my opinion is a waste of time, gamerscore doesn't show how much skill a player has. A person with high GamerScore can be sucky, and vice versa. Once I beat the game, I beat the game. I don't want to waste endless amount of hours trying to gain one little achievement.

    Trophies can be shown off to other users you know?

  • reygar


    #9731980 - 11 years ago

    but i thought gamerscore points could be exchanged for Microsoft points to get essentially free games. That's what my brother told me anyway....that aspect of it is very interesting.

  • sniper95


    #9732363 - 11 years ago

    In reply to reygar, #24:

    Thats probably a lie,Microsoft points are different from gamerscore.