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  • BlindMango


    #15134428 - 7 years ago

    I have a goal on this site, I want to make the PlayStation as powerful and as respected as the Xbox on this website, a daring move I know, but it shall get done! I plan to make 2 new successful PlayStation related groups on this site to do this.

    PlayStation Fans - Join the PlayStation Group, this group is for everyone who loves PS, and I plan to post a bunch of PlayStation news here to keep you all informed - if you don't know either, I am already the head of the PlayStation 3 Group with over 250 members, but I want to start this group mainly so I don't have to make a new group with a new number every 6 years. I also post for a gaming site called DLB-Network, so you'll always be getting news on this group that's PlayStation related too!

    Trophy Whores - Join Trophy Trackers - A group that I'm planning to show Roosterteeth Community and Staff just how powerful the trophy system is and how much better it actually is than the achievement system. Also, I plan to show my story as I get my platinum trophies (I currently have 24 of them) along with getting more and more serious trophy whores to tag along with me and post things too!

    Let's try to get these groups so popular that they hit the top 20 groups so they get attention!

  • Getsuoni


    #15134999 - 7 years ago

    I joined Trophy Trackers, hope to see more people join up.

  • Karl


    #15139607 - 7 years ago

    In reply to BlindMango, #1:

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    People can also head over to the Rooster Teeth PSN Community for playdates and trophy hunts.