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  • baqfiredplan


    #3642697 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Caboose, #6690:

    No, its not "new news" Its more crap that someone randomly posted on another forum! Regardless of the fact if it was an offical PS3 thread on a Playstation forum, its still crap!

    Any normal person doesn't need all that shit in their console, I agree with road, you'd think that Sony would want to have a good gaming system. Keyword there is GAMING. PS2 was fine as a console, sure it played DVD's but oh well. The GameCube was the only true console from this past generation! And that is what we need, consoles, not fucking run the world centers. It makes me sick when I hear/see people posting crap like that and try to say "THIS IS REAL! I HAVE NO PROOF! BUT ITS REAL!" And that is what I've noticed some people doing in here!

    Then wait for E3 for actual proof. Until then watch the paint dry on this thread. I noticed that most ppl on here can't stand being wrong. You and Road and heck even ArKayne are a prime example.

  • geonex88


    #3645954 - 13 years ago