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  • darkjak


    #594971 - 14 years ago

    well, technicaly i'm not playing i am on the computer, but i was just playing Half - Life. It may be old but i still love it!

  • aggie1138


    #595824 - 14 years ago

    In reply to darkjak, #1:

    I've been hooked on Metal Gear Ac!d for a couple of days now. After that I'm starting Chaos Theory.

  • meatball1209


    #597202 - 14 years ago

    In reply to darkjak, #1:

    I stick too the usual online populars, but I found my old playstation, so I got hooked (again) on Final Fantasy VII.

  • Initiate


    #597240 - 14 years ago

    Im playing Hitman: Contracts and FFVIII right now

  • ps2


    #597463 - 14 years ago

    In reply to darkjak, #1:
    hi jak ure a moderator right.......can you tell me if ps2 netplay is free?

  • darkjak


    #599316 - 14 years ago

    In reply to ps2, #5:

    i don't know.

  • isles147


    #607857 - 14 years ago

    when i do play its MVP baseball 2005
    EA wins again, they improve game third year in a row, too bad take two did to them what they did with the NFL

  • Zero_Knight


    #608033 - 14 years ago

    i playing Legend of Dragoon for the umpteenth time.

  • Yggdrasill


    #608046 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Zero_Knight, #8:

    Yeah..........I'm currently playing FFX-2 right now AGAIN haha I love that game.

  • headset


    #609011 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Yggdrasill, #9:

    right now im playing disgaea and the new area 51

  • bigfoot1291


    #609152 - 14 years ago

    area 51 rules, i played a demo of it and it was awesome
    but i am currently playing Gunbound.

  • NineBreaker


    #609325 - 14 years ago

    Ive been playing old school (not that old). Armored Core 2 for PS2 and Perfect Dark for N64

  • ShebumDeviX


    #609365 - 14 years ago

    God of War. I love it... but good lord, all the boobies. And the one modest chick who covers up kills herself. The crap???

  • icedragon981


    #609368 - 14 years ago

    SW:BF(yes, still)
    FFVIII and X-2 again
    and still playing SCII

  • l337_master


    #609427 - 14 years ago

    Need For Speed: Hot pursuit 2
    Ut 2004
    and halo/2 when ever im at a mates whos got one of them

  • mine


    #873762 - 14 years ago

    In reply to darkjak, #1:

    my god. i love that game. but at the moment i am playing deus ex. another great oldie

  • YoYo


    #878624 - 14 years ago


    mgs 1
    final fantasy 7 (uncovering a secret)

  • MikeStampede


    #878765 - 14 years ago

    I've been playing Star Wars: Battlefront at a friend's lately. Pretty Good.

  • donkey_smile


    #878785 - 14 years ago

    i havent stoped playing ratchet and clank:up your arsinal online since i got it

  • donkey_smile


    #878789 - 14 years ago

    and that was like when it came out

  • noirakita


    #886283 - 14 years ago

    hooked on Champions of Norrath. Playing all the female characters, and played a multiplayer game with my my boyfriend. He got the sequel, Champions Return to Arms and we've started a game in that, he's playing one of those tigers, and I'm playing a lizard thing. Can you tell we haven't played it much yet? lol

  • noirakita


    #886291 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Yggdrasill, #9:

    Ditto. FFX-2 is very awsome. loved it, and played it twice, keep thinking of playing it a third time!

  • bladegamer


    #889868 - 14 years ago

    Lately, I've been playing a lot of Dynasty Warriors 5.

  • Psykaze


    #909724 - 14 years ago

    Today i've done a bit of Boiling Point, some Sims2, A dash of Burnout 3, liberal doses of Playboy: The Mansion and for desert MGS3 with a Command and Conquer Generals:Zero Hour. A tasty day, if i do say so myself :)

  • Caspian_666


    #980341 - 14 years ago

    current playing will always be mkd