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  • CongoMan


    #1308302 - 14 years ago

    Xenosaga II and mortal kombat

  • WatchOut


    #1308848 - 14 years ago

    GTA: San Andreas, but I am getting tired of it.

  • Spyderfreak


    #1312501 - 14 years ago

    I'm playing the newest Barbie game. I love it so much! Go girly Barbie games that sucks ass!

  • chill_bill


    #1316553 - 14 years ago

    I play Hardware Online Arena on the ps2 online and it is fucking sweet.

    its not a really well known game but its got the best headset features, really good graphics for a ps2 online game, very easy and still funy gameplay and its got alot of nice people online.

    its mainly based on playing online but if you buy the game you usually get it with a netwerkadaptor and you can play training mode offline with 8 bots.

    if you got buy any ps2 online game you get Hardware Online Arena with it for free.

    I still play it every now and then when I feel like chilling, I even mode some movies of it.

    this is one of the Online Stunt movie's I made:
    I think if you havent seen the game yet you should definetly watch this video cause its pretty cool, (I know it sounds overcocky when you made the movie yourself but you dont know what your missing) I hope if you did watch it you enjoyed it.

    note to myself - maybe I should try and get into advertising

  • darkjak


    #1355885 - 14 years ago

    In reply to viruszero0, #43:

    Yeah 4 Jak 2+3. also Jak X: COmbat Racing is com
    ing out in the fall.

    Oh, i was playing Madden '05

  • JuFu


    #1356803 - 14 years ago

    Playing MLB 2005

  • anubis7


    #1360074 - 14 years ago

    Playing a bit of Soul Calibur II. Later I'll go read some doujinshi based on it.

  • nerdherd65


    #1365690 - 14 years ago

    Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

  • silenthunder


    #1434584 - 14 years ago

    I have so many games I need to finish, but now I mostly play Ratchet and Clank Online, some UT2004 here and there, and Fire Emblem:Sacred Stones.

  • Mr_Niimura


    #1434772 - 14 years ago

    Shadow Hearts: Covenant

    Final Fantasy 9 *3 fights to the end and i need to buy crap :(

  • zaraki_k

    zaraki_k FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

    #1475449 - 14 years ago

    I've been playing mgs3, fullmetal alchemist 2 demo, cold winter, and katamari damacy



    #1483903 - 14 years ago

    currently playing, san andreas

  • Mustang_101


    #1497194 - 14 years ago

    Love playing Ace Combats If u want a good flight sim for the PS2 get these there awesome

  • tsunamibomb


    #1507997 - 14 years ago

    currently playing: gta:sa / sonic mega collection (Sonic rox)

  • noirakita


    #1508211 - 14 years ago

    In reply to tsunamibomb, #65:

    Yeah, especially oldschool Sonic. I'm guessing you have it for PS2, since you are playing GTA:SA. It's better for PS2, cause it has some of the Game Gear games.

    I'm still playing Star Ocean, but am nearing the end I believe.

  • gondorian


    #1520375 - 14 years ago

    still hooked on Halo 2. the new maps intensified the relationship :)

  • darkjak


    #2813645 - 13 years ago

    Now, on Jak x.

  • ronin_47


    #2847717 - 13 years ago

    Right now, killzone and Battlefront II. I might try to replay Final Fantasy 10 though. Also, if anyone has an opinion on Time Splitters, I'd like to hear it. Im thinking about buying it.

  • darkjak


    #2850397 - 13 years ago

    In reply to ronin_47, #69:

    umm.. i've only played the second one, but it was decent enough to buy.

  • crazyguy9898


    #2850513 - 13 years ago

    timesplitters future perfect was a great game i beat it 4 times on hard and have every weapon and character, its a definite buy!

  • chesman


    #2856608 - 13 years ago

    Currently playing: Soul Caliber III and Star Wars: Battlefront II

    Soon to start playing: Dragon Warrior VIII

  • Dragon6590


    #2864024 - 13 years ago

    i am playing Dark cloud and ff6.

  • rokaan


    #2870495 - 13 years ago

    im playing final fantasy tactics. . . .ya ya ya, im busting out the old school stuff. . . .but still a great game none-the-less. . . .

    i play that on my ps1, and i have NFL Madden '06 that i play offline, and my bro plays online. . . .good times people, good times.

  • crazyguy9898


    #2870601 - 13 years ago

    i am also playing tactics right now im in chapter 4

  • darkjak


    #4503368 - 13 years ago

    i've been playing a lot of Burnout Revenge for the ps2