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any fans of Dragonball z?

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  • handsomedude


    #598683 - 14 years ago

    i have second thoughts about Dragonball z: Sagas.

    I am having a ball with Budokai 3, but Sagas? I dont think I like what I am seeing.

    what's the word on Sagas? is it good?

  • MattIsGood


    #598980 - 14 years ago

    I've never played it, but I have a friend who is a Dragonball Z fan boy and even he says it sucks.

  • wolfwood7


    #599136 - 14 years ago

    In reply to handsomedude, #1:[/

    like the show and comics, hate the games

  • homegaman


    #599675 - 14 years ago

    In reply to handsomedude, #1:

    I love Budokai but I haven't had a chance to play Sagas yet.

  • seppukuninja


    #600327 - 14 years ago

    X-play said it best:
    Budokai is the only good one
    Sagas sucks ass

    all there is to it...

  • turducken11


    #892325 - 14 years ago

    I agree with seppukuninja. Sagas is pretty bad.

  • MikeStampede


    #899531 - 14 years ago

    I don't like DB, but Budokai 3 looked really good.

  • C0nn0r


    #900812 - 14 years ago

    Budokais 1,2,and 3 all ruled but sagas downright sucked.

  • longy


    #910644 - 14 years ago

    Budokai 1 owned, Budokai 2 sucked my nuts (but it had goten and trunks in it :-) ), Budokai 3 was like OMFG AWESOME andi havn't played any other DBZ games.

  • SexualChoc


    #912241 - 14 years ago

    Yeah Budokai 2/3 both rock. I was unstoppable with Mystic Gohan. Also for Tenkachi (budokai 4) it has 20 more characters. Also real damage to clothing/ arena. How cool?

  • notkilledyet


    #927116 - 14 years ago

    I only got to play the first one,soon as I get to I want to play all the budokais.The sagas I can wait for,but DBZ is releasing the show again in (uncut) format. Personally I think it's a ploy to get more money from the fans that already have it in the first version.

  • JamezD


    #1367343 - 14 years ago

    The budokai games are great but the sagas are just stupid all it they are is a bunch of guys flying around sounding like they are constapated

  • supershinobi


    #1371293 - 14 years ago

    i have budokai 2 the story mode is kind of stupid
    but other then that i like it

  • ssjgoku


    #3040352 - 13 years ago

    You guys are crazy....BUDOKAI 3 is awesome.What are you talkin about?? Ok so the graphics are not hyper cool but gameplay is awesome.I love the fusion,ssj4 goku and what not.Also the latest installment BUDOKAI- tenkaichi is totally kewl with the new graphic engine!! Ckeck it out:

  • sgt_killroy


    #3509700 - 13 years ago

    In reply to supershinobi, #16:
    I agree with this man, I really haven't had a chance to pick up 3 or even play saga's so if some one can fill me in........

  • eggward


    #3509869 - 13 years ago

    i love everything about DBZ it's a good show games are pretty good but the comics i ain't that into but i stil read them.

  • BWel


    #3511833 - 13 years ago

    Worst DBZ game ever is Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 for the PS1, it's f*ck'n horrible. Budokai 3 is amazing, my fav. char. would have to be Broly.

  • peace_n_war


    #3517036 - 13 years ago

    hey wat about DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi that was pretty funn

  • Robotarmy1


    #3517567 - 13 years ago

    yea but got out. went to shoters and such. now i kill now mercy sorry. go killzone. boya

  • Master_Moron


    #3528041 - 13 years ago

    I personally hate Dragon Ball Z, but I quite liked the fighting system in Budokai 3.

  • Vergil78


    #3587140 - 13 years ago

    tenkaichi is wicked i got it the other day and its fucking awesome with the underwater fighting and all new graphic engine and being able to fight 3-d and flying around and using pwnage moves

  • eggward


    #3590238 - 13 years ago

    i haven't played tenkaichi yet but i am considering buying it but everytime i go to a shop to get it something tells me it's not worth it so would any of you say it is worth buying

  • BlackMonsta


    #3592842 - 13 years ago

    Tenkaichi and Final Bout are the only games worth playing. The show and the Manga rock my socks and then some!!!!

  • Viperus


    #3633852 - 13 years ago

    sorry man i cant give an oppinion on sagas as it wasn't released in Aus. But DBZ Tenkaichi is awesome. i am so addicted. The ps1 games are also worth a play.

  • eggward


    #3644303 - 13 years ago

    i am goin to go out and buy tenkaichi this weekend i have the money and i am not changing my mind in what game to get you guys seem to have persuaded me to buy it so iam goin to get it no matter what my friends say the stupid DBZ haters.