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MGS - 3 games in the works right now

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  • jaymo190


    #1221359 - 14 years ago

    both systems are gonna have extremely hardcore graphics PS3 could get the notch i just hope xbox will more mgs games like they did with substance

  • dude_stud


    #1221625 - 14 years ago

    the xbox will probly not get MGS3Sub beacuse they payed to much to get MGS2Sub which had dismail sales on the xbox

  • chantez13


    #1222788 - 14 years ago

    In reply to jaymo190, #22:

    the series is far from over even after kojima they will continue with the series

    See, that's not the problem though. Kojima is a pure genius with the story in the game. But that's my point.

    When Kojima quits, how well will the game fare?

    That is what worries me the most. The game is fun to play and all, but the story is what makes the series.

    Maybe I should just stop thinking about it...

  • dude_stud


    #1222978 - 14 years ago

    In reply to chantez13, #28:

    Kojima will not quit he will die before he quits b/c its his baby unless he was a abusive father