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WWE Smackdown Vs. RAW

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  • ConglomO


    #2333158 - 13 years ago

    Oh yeah my characters are the only ones I play in the season

  • Chachinator


    #2619988 - 13 years ago

    yea same here...i only use my created ppl and this yr. its gonna be great cuz they will have their own voices! kik ass and to FR0Z3N....F-U!!!

  • Specky


    #2633476 - 13 years ago

    Wrestling games suck.

  • Chachinator


    #2674864 - 13 years ago

    u kno wut.....homosexuals suck......and ur mom sucks (my dick) u STFU

  • ConglomO


    #2675703 - 13 years ago

    hey at least hes not negga moddin you, so hes takin it lightly..i think

  • ConglomO


    #2750099 - 13 years ago

    WWE's Great Loss

  • MikeStampede


    #2759905 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Marsh, #141:

    Actually, they put it in without many faults this time round. It's pretty cool, although like some will say, GM Mode is very text driven. Might discourage a few players from it. Still fun, though. But right now, Season Mode looks cool and so do the new matches. But, I was happy about one thing...

    They finally put 60-Minute Ironman in. I've been waiting ages for it.

  • ConglomO


    #2760204 - 13 years ago

    60 min. Ironmans gotta be set right so you can just squeeze out a win, its fun if you wanna beat the piss outta someone for an hour but a see-saw match can really throw some desperate actions in.

  • Chachinator


    #2800613 - 13 years ago

    i got the game and damn is it favorite thing is the buried alive and create an entrance tho

  • ConglomO


    #2803045 - 13 years ago

    nice! im gonna get it tomorrow

  • bryan_too


    #2831923 - 13 years ago

    the manager mode isn't that bad after all,but it's kinda tough........played it,and it was the best WWE game on the ps2!!!

  • ConglomO


    #2832996 - 13 years ago

    The only bug I found was that the videos freeze up time to time went your entering the ring....has this happened to anyone else??

  • DarthSOup


    #2842996 - 13 years ago

    Go back to your trailer park, basement apartment, or wherever you live that has influenced you to believe that "professional wrestling," or as I like to call it: Just Another Form of Rehearsed Entertainment Involving People Doing Physical Damage to Other People.


    Joking. I'm not a wrestling fan. That's cool. I have had a chance to play the game at a friend's residence. Pretty fun just from a gameplay stance.

    - SOup

  • DarthSOup


    #2843008 - 13 years ago

    In reply to DarthSOup, #151:

    Edit to above...after my name for "professional wrestling." cool.

  • blackamore


    #3923643 - 13 years ago

    Well the game was better than some wrestling games that were made but story mode was to short for me and create a belt mode was really bad.And yes CAW mode was good. I think the story mode should be like smackdown 2 were you can have all different players like friends who you know could join in.

  • oDGuardian


    #4032831 - 13 years ago

    The game is ok but the story modes to wrestling ames will never be good. Too repetitave and short. Personally...I kind of like the old smackdown where they would just put you in matches until you get a title shot. How you did determined it. They just needed to improve on that and I think it would be good.

  • blackamore


    #4035213 - 13 years ago

    yeah i think women should be able to bleed like the men do in the wrestling games made who agrees.

  • mr_murisaki


    #4035246 - 13 years ago

    In reply to blackamore, #155:

    Realistically, it won't happen. And for two reasons. First, I don't think I've ever seen anymore then a cut lip during a diva match, and adding blood just wouldn't make too much sense. It would be cool, but it won't happen.

    Besides, with good use of Cheat Devices, you can technically make women bleed, but you don't see blood, they just react accordingly.

    But yeah, some countries also have laws against women and violence, especially when it comes to simulation games like this, so that's another reason why it won't happen.

  • Hardway


    #4852019 - 13 years ago

    I didn't like the game that much too be honest after Here Comes The Pain I have just been losing interest in the WWE games.