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whats next for metal gear solid

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  • Boden


    #1066319 - 14 years ago

    All I know is that MGS4 will be kickass, like all the others. Although I hope they have a character that matches, the, er, intensity of EVA. Anyone ever shot her with tranquiser darts and then dragged her around the jungle? It helped me get through the mission faster and was, uh, interesting. I knew there was something the Boss wasn't telling me.

  • appledude212


    #1071214 - 14 years ago

    In reply to chantez13, #48:

    yeah, the CQC was fucking awesome, but I want them to expand more CQC moves in MGS4

    Whose gonna be the Villian and Squad of Super Soldiers in MGS4, I hope Ocelot/Liquid Snake character comes back...or EVA

  • TheAlbacor


    #1071607 - 14 years ago

    I'm still a little confused about the Ocelot thing. How did he turn against Snake? Or, once Snake became Big Boss did the government turn against him? Now I'm just confusing myself.

  • lucid_fuse


    #1079235 - 14 years ago

    In reply to TheAlbacor, #53:

    Yes you are. You do realize that the Snake from MGS3 isn't the same Snake as in all the other games, right?

  • appledude212


    #1090509 - 14 years ago

    yeah, the "Snake" in MGS3 is actually Big Boss before he is given the title "Big Boss". Ocelot, I think, doesn't have any loyalty to anyone. He is an agent of the Patriots so its pretty jard to tell what side he's on

  • 7th_Son


    #1090738 - 14 years ago

    What's next for metal gear solid?

    one word...MONKEYS

  • cabose20


    #1094848 - 14 years ago

    thats a freaking awsome pic

  • RTawanshura


    #1104443 - 14 years ago

    I think in the new game Raiden will have a more major role and his character will be further explained

  • appledude212


    #1104464 - 14 years ago

    In reply to RTawanshura, #58:

    Raiden doesn't even have a freaking penis so why even bother?!

  • Master_Leaf


    #1109929 - 14 years ago

    What's next for MGS......


  • chantez13


    #1110556 - 14 years ago

    In reply to Master_Leaf, #60:

    In reply to chantez13, #22:

    I was just looking around Newgrounds for a bit and came across this...

    MGS 3: Crab Battle

    It found it really funny, even if it did make fun of Snake.

    Beat you to it! =P