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  • FerrariF50


    #1181952 - 14 years ago

    Ok I just beat Area-51 and I think its a really good game.

    What do you guys think?

  • Whitetiger36


    #1190824 - 14 years ago

    good game play and online is good but they need more guns to use online

  • FerrariF50


    #1209561 - 14 years ago

    Yeah they do but i like the nades.

  • miertje86


    #1225126 - 14 years ago

    It's a good game, i just recently got it, so i haven't played much online yet, only the story (am at a lvl the last exit, and there's a very very very hard boss)

  • Taiko


    #1225309 - 14 years ago

    havent played it yet, but it looked kinda unrealistic dual wireding m16s

  • miertje86


    #1232173 - 14 years ago

    Well there aliens in the game so how releastic do you want it? btw I now cleared the game too, so i can try the hard difficutly :)

  • The_hunter89


    #1234145 - 14 years ago

    the game is awsome the theta is proably the hardest/easyiest battle ive ever fought (before the super theta though)

  • FerrariF50


    #1249918 - 14 years ago

    I thought the story was sad in a way because everyone you come in contact with dies. And the story was easy as fuck im sorry but it only took me 3 days to beat it.

  • meatball1209


    #1250080 - 14 years ago

    Just rented it a few hours ago and I'm at the part where you mutate. Fucking awesome game, but it's wierd as hell though.

  • miertje86


    #1250807 - 14 years ago

    In reply to FerrariF50, #8:

    yeah it took me 4 days, kinda dissapointing, but other than that the online play is cool too!!! :)

  • Burning_Man


    #1341334 - 14 years ago

    It looks really good and I've only played a demo of it and I couldn' t beat it cause I would try and rush it so I died