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  • darksora


    #1188228 - 14 years ago

    I have a new mod contest, i'd like everyone to check it out. ( i know this forum will probably be blocked, but i don't care)

  • darksora


    #1188240 - 14 years ago

    If you would like to advertise your mod contests, here is the place to do it.

  • EvilSandwich


    #1192143 - 14 years ago

    Why in the Playstation Forum, though? Surely there are better places?

  • darksora


    #1196224 - 14 years ago

    yea, but i put most of my forums here.

  • viruszero0


    #1198312 - 14 years ago

    How do i put pics on my posts?

  • darksora


    #1198695 - 14 years ago

    first, you need to get your pictures on the internet.

    I suggest using which is a fast way to do this, but it resizes pictures of 250 kb or higher.

    Next under the photo there should be a website adress or something. copy that, then paste it here

    next highlight the whole thing and click the img button on the toolbar. After that the website address should have File does not exist. around it. Then click preview and you should have a picture if you did it right, if not, just try again or send me a message.

  • darksora


    #1198729 - 14 years ago

    Also does anyone know how to make a hyper link have words but takes you to some other website? Like you would see at some peoples profiles and it says "Click here!!" or something like that.

  • Lifesucks963


    #1200567 - 14 years ago

    In reply to darksora, #1:

    read the rules stupid, no making contests like that

  • darksora


    #1200734 - 14 years ago

    people do it all the time.