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  • teh_p3t3r


    #1283015 - 14 years ago

    What a shame that such an underrated music game never got the attention it deserved. This game had everything it needed to make it big. A good story, great music, fun gameplay mechanics, and graphics that fit the game. Yet no one bought it because everyone is afraid to try something new.

    Post here if you've played/owned this awesome game.

    P.S. Here's an exapmle of the awesome music you'd find in Gitarro Man

  • Misfit584


    #1292001 - 14 years ago

    i played that game...crazy shit. i can't finish the last lvl on the hardest setting.

    also if you notice, the main riff in the very first song is also in the U2's "Vertigo" which i find....strange.

  • FoggedVisor


    #1301713 - 14 years ago

    Awww, you didn't give me a chance to reply dude, no fun.

    I did think about if it was a "vs. topic" title. Maybe I should have called the thread "Why do people prefer subtitled?" cause that is what I was really wondering. I would hope to get more feedback from people that like subs rather then people telling me if they like dubs or subs (which I really didn't care about).

    I say again, I posted that thread like 2 days after the anime forum was created. Was I really the 50th? I mean, seems like I was the first on this forum to make it. You must be grouping me in with every forum you visited or something....

    Do you like keeping track of how many times a thread topic is posted? Maybe I was beating myself up, maybe I do have a life and maybe you don't, I dunno. I plan to draw for a living, check out some of my art in my images for the hell of it. But the fact that I'm taking time out to talk to you might have been mistaken of having no life.... I just wanted to say it before you did.

  • Darkgamer923


    #1331148 - 14 years ago

    Gitaroo man is one of the Best music/rythem games that I have ever Played - trust me it got the attention it deserved...well at least from some of us - did you read my post? :)