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The Legend of Dragoon Revisited

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  • foehammer27


    #2194900 - 13 years ago

    i was going through my attic, looking for crap, and came across some PSX games. this reminded me of my favorite game of all time. so after looking for it for a while, i called my gamestop. andy gave it to me for like 5 bucks. ever since then, i havent played anything else. not even halo 2. i dont know why, but this 5 year old game is still my favorite.

  • RichMeisterM


    #2195831 - 13 years ago

    TheDon.gif IT'S A SNOOZE CRUISE!

  • MetalDragon1


    #2198679 - 13 years ago

    I was in the middle of that game and bought something new. In the middle of the absence I let someone borrow it. Dumbest thing I've ever done. They screwed up the discs and I never got to play it again so i've been searching for a new copy. What I played of it was good.

  • tasagi


    #2200087 - 13 years ago

    the intro of the additions to the combat system in that game was the best...I have the game as well, and i loved it...i was the first one out of my friends to master the "gust of wind dance." that addition was a bitch.

  • foehammer27


    #2200994 - 13 years ago

    i own additions. they are a big part of why i like it so much.

  • tasagi


    #2201078 - 13 years ago

    my favorites are lavitz / alberts additions.

  • tasagi


    #2205885 - 13 years ago

    albert was just as good. and had all of lavitz's additions too.

  • lessthanjeff


    #2211554 - 13 years ago

    Legend of Dragoon was an incredible game, I only wish they would do a sequel or a remake. I just posted on the hardest game thread how I always got my ass handed to me by the emperor dragon, I don't know what it was about him but it always took me a lot of retries to beat him.

  • tasagi


    #2213355 - 13 years ago

    I heard they're making a sequel.

  • MattIsGood


    #2218239 - 13 years ago

    I heard they're making a sequel.

    That rumor started, maybe a month after the original release of the game, so I wouldn't put too much stock in it unless the developer actually says something.

  • Hoobie_Legal


    #2238034 - 13 years ago

    They must do a remake. That game is why I'm a gamer.

  • tasagi


    #2238045 - 13 years ago

    well i think that the legend of zelda is why i'm a gamer...but yea legend of dragoon is definately on the top of my list.

  • lessthanjeff


    #2245516 - 13 years ago

    PSM magazine had an article recently that said there was absolutely no way there would be a sequel to the game because they'd been asking and begging for years to no avail.

  • foehammer27


    #2254727 - 13 years ago

    i dont think it needs a sequel. it was an amazing game on its own. you can go back and play it many times. every time, you find something new. also, you can have an entire file dedicated to finding stardust. but with the ending, i dont know where they would start with a sequel. but then again, ffx2 exists.

  • RoninGunner


    #2278224 - 13 years ago

    That's one of my all-time favorites. My favorite additions were Dart's like the chaos hero. A sequel would be wicked.

  • turdmonkey56


    #2324294 - 13 years ago

    i dont noe a sequel mite make us unhappy if they stuff it up
    but then we will look back at the 1st one and go WOW that was a killer game

    my other problem wwas that wile i loved FF7 (best RPG ever. Best story line.) too many ppl said that LOD was just a rip-off of final fantasy 7. i disagree. but back then RPGs wernt a popular.

  • Plazma


    #2411744 - 13 years ago

    I remember this game in fact i still have it.. god i loved it.. such a good story line.. right up there with my favorites ..

  • Kraynor


    #2411764 - 13 years ago

    gah i need to get that game
    i have a demo of it and it ROCKS

  • Aleema


    #2420243 - 13 years ago

    It was fairly entertaining, the Dragoons and weapon additions are what really kept me going. A few things pissed me off, like some of the characters were annoying as hell, Albert makes Lavitz's combos so much harder, and the 30-items-only inventory had me swearing up a wall.

  • LinkofHyrule


    #2424065 - 13 years ago

    Ahhh good times rip off of FF7 my arse this game was one of the few that had some actual quality replay value which is pretty hard to find in games now.

  • foehammer27


    #2429727 - 13 years ago

    i think this is easily the best rpg of all time. the active combat system is what put it abve ff7 for me. additions are more fun than a simple slash. it was in no way a rip-off of ff7, unless you count all good rpg's as rip-offs.

  • Darkhawkdown


    #2790653 - 13 years ago

    me and my bro found it a week ago and my bro on 3rd disc and im on 2nd disk in 3 days. so i can say its the tights game in the world. Rpg games i rock at.... I love legend of dragoons story. and the best part is that u can be a dragoon. i hope theres a squal or remake that would be tight

  • Darkhawkdown


    #2790688 - 13 years ago

    yeah l like lavitz's too but when i sole albert dam he kicks butt. my favorite team dart rose and albert!
    and maybe haceal or shanna!

  • Darkhawkdown


    #2790707 - 13 years ago

    Its werid how far i get in RPGs in like two or three days but still.. i love dragoon its tight game!!!!
    Dart is the best i think. my bro likes lavitz's. but the only thing my bro hates it that u cant pick from rose or shanna.
    i sort of think so too but still tight game.

  • Grif_is_god


    #2796606 - 13 years ago

    y are there 3 legend of dragoon topics