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Makai Kingdom, anyone played i?

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  • auron5555


    #2228275 - 13 years ago

    I rented Makai Kingdom last week cause it looked cool and I liked Disgaea and it turns out that so far this game is awesome. So anyone else played this game besides me? All my friends seem to never have heard of it.

  • auron5555


    #2228278 - 13 years ago

    oops the title should say anyone played it^_^ i just woke up

  • Drizztd44

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    #2228349 - 13 years ago

    just picked it up and its great.

  • blkhawk


    #2228575 - 13 years ago

    WHat platform is it for? What kind of game? Never heard of it:( Have I become that old to loose touch with the gaming world?

  • auron5555


    #2228589 - 13 years ago

    its for ps2 and its like a strategy rpg. really good

  • Harman_Smith


    #2234534 - 13 years ago

    I'm digging it. It's like taking the good from Disgaea and Phantom Brave and sticking them together with a fresh story. Addictive too.