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  • shadow_33


    #2230500 - 13 years ago

    Do u like this game or not
    I do
    I hope this does not get locked
    by the way write what u like or dislike about this game

  • Lorrry

    Lorrry Rawrie

    #2231551 - 13 years ago

    damnit caboose shadow_33! I told you not to do anything or go anywhere when i was gone smiley11.gif

  • bryan_too


    #2235170 - 13 years ago

    Lol,good one rivadah. The game rocks on the ps2 especially the two player mode.And all the stuff they got in the game is well improved beyond both vice city and gta3

  • BlueBobcat


    #2236234 - 13 years ago

    It's good, but it'll be a matter of time before the next GTA comes out. I hope this one's set in London. If ya haven't noticed, they've been making 3D versions of every city from GTA. Now that they're done with the first one, they may move on to the "Expansion Pack" known as GTA London: 1969, they may make 3D versions of GTA2, they may stop while they're ahead with the Hot Coffee crap that just happened, or they go in a whole new direction.

  • macdawg


    #2236626 - 13 years ago

    In reply to shadow_33, #1:


  • turdmonkey56


    #2324308 - 13 years ago

    GTA san andreas was a great game

  • ironzombie79


    #2384140 - 13 years ago

    It was good but id did have a lot of glichs. Heck half the time you can't see were you are going because the graphics just wont show up.

  • opiea


    #2385540 - 13 years ago

    I love San Andreas just for the engine and open endness of it all. I am lucky I got it right before the ESRB went postal. San Andreas is selling for $60 or $70 on ebay right now. smiley5.gif

  • Spooke


    #2390339 - 13 years ago

    In reply to ironzombie79, #8:

    Im not sure what platform your playing it on, but maybe you should think of upgrading.
    If you have to old HUGE ps2, then get the smaller one. This little beauty is worth every penny. (unless your gonna wait for the ps3, then fair enough for not upgrading)
    If you have it on PC, then upgrade that sorry graphics card so you can put the old in a museum! or just buy more RAM...whatever is your pleasure.

  • red_devil52


    #2412967 - 13 years ago

    SA is a good game but in my opinion, it's just not as good as VC. After playing SA for a few hours it gets boring. It doesn't even come close to its predecessors.

  • opiea


    #2424968 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Spooke, #10:
    The "HUGE ps2" is better becuase it can support a HDD without having to sodder and hack. smiley6.gif

  • redvsblue444


    #2426120 - 13 years ago

    this game is awsome u guys know why it a o now? because u cna have sex! im not kidding!

  • Spooke


    #2434308 - 13 years ago

    In reply to opiea

    dont have a HDD wouldn't know

  • opiea


    #2435689 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Spooke, #14:

    The HDD is sweet. I play Final Fantasy XI Online with it and then have 30GB for save storage.