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  • Dman82


    #3464288 - 13 years ago

    This ones for all you fans of the Gundam Series. Bandai is preparing to go next-gen with Gundam World for the PS3. The date is still To Be Announced.

    Heres the 411 from :

    What kind of next-gen demo reel would it be without giant robots? Not much of one, in our opinion. In this regard, Sony's PlayStation 3 game reel didn't disappoint, as Bandai's Gundam World was debuted to the world during the conference. So, what did the video show? Why, gigantic robots laying waste to one another and a major city, of course!

    The video opens of a shot within a burned-out building. Through the glassless, damaged windows, you can see a trio of massive Zakus wandering through the streets of a devastated city, seemingly on the hunt for something. Suddenly, a GM mobile suit appears, with what appears to be a semiautomatic rifle, and pumps the other robots full of lead. Cut to a Gun Tank travelling through the streets. This one starts blasting away at the Zakus, one of whose arm is promptly severed, sending him falling to the ground with a tremendous thud. The video then cuts to a Gouf Custom and this one has a massive Gatling gun. He fires off a few shots at another opposing robot. Finally, the video cuts back to the burned-out building, and again we're looking out at the action on the streets. You see a Gundam go from the kneeling position to standing up, and then we quickly zoom in and freeze-frame on Gundam RX 78-2, complete with a big, honking bazooka in its right hand.

    So, is any of this in-game footage? Is it all just one big, pretty CG cutscene? We're afraid that we just don't know. One way or another, it's a hell of an entertaining sequence, and we're incredibly curious to see more. We'll bring you more on Gundam World as it becomes available. Thanks go out to Lancer_McCloud for the correct names for all the Gundams.

    By Alex Navarro
    Posted May 16, 2005 8:12 pm PT

    Click Here to find out more at

    Click Here to see the demonstration video from E3 2005.

    Here's a few pics from the game:




  • whitefroguy


    #3465252 - 13 years ago

    why do the gundams have fingers
    thats a whole lot of un nessacary mechenization for a huge robot
    intergrated the weapon in to the arm would make it more efficent

  • minchkin77


    #3465562 - 13 years ago

    that looks like it is going to rock, sweet!!!!!

  • One_Rifle

    One_Rifle FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Nick J.

    #3465812 - 13 years ago

    ah, so they changed the name?, at E3 and Tokyo game shoe it was just called Mobile Suit Gundam

  • agent_z


    #3468884 - 13 years ago

    dude that looks awsome

  • K4zu70


    #3470339 - 13 years ago

    flipping sweet

  • properbullet


    #3470569 - 13 years ago

    Holey shit!!!! that looks so crazy I'm gonna buy 2!!!!

  • cydial4xdude


    #3471921 - 13 years ago

    ...... i havn't bought a 360 yet but, just seeing this game has changed my mind... now to me the equation is PS3>xbox360

  • DarthRevan


    #3489687 - 13 years ago

    In reply to whitefroguy, #2:
    they have figers so that the can switch weapons with ease, and also for the close combat weapons, and also cuz the mobile suits can pick up said weapon instead of having something else pick up up and attach it to the mobile suit. trust me, the way the suits were designed for the show was to have units ready as fast as possible, as the main events of the original story needed quick actions in a war-time atmosphere

  • bob11


    #3491713 - 13 years ago

    gosh i love the looks of it

  • kempy


    #3539572 - 13 years ago

    Man that game is going to be sweet.I must get it when it comes out.

  • thompson10


    #3541839 - 13 years ago

    in reply to whitefroguy
    it also just looks cooler!

  • Vergil78


    #3542886 - 13 years ago

    dude that is gonna fucknig kick ass im for sure gonna get my ps3 and get that and devil may cry 3.....* adds gundam world to wishlist*

  • FocusOnMe


    #3561271 - 13 years ago

    looks great but i wonder if it's just part of a movie in the game and not actual game play photos. ps2 can do the same graphics in a movie.

  • Exile650


    #3571761 - 13 years ago

    This is probably the only reason I want a PS3 now.

  • Vergil78


    #3587078 - 13 years ago

    lol only..... same here............. plus devil may cry 4.........

  • S1apSh0es


    #3682134 - 13 years ago

    In reply to Dman82, #1:

    the only reason why I would buy a PS3

  • ravenmm117


    #3683199 - 13 years ago

    thats pritty cool heres a gundom pic

    damn it the pic wont go in this space

  • gogetaman


    #4824091 - 13 years ago

    I am now the squadron leader of The Hitokiri Battousai Clan - Gundam Squad, if you would like to join please pick a character from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and send me a message with the information smiley0.gif