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The Resident Evil Thread

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  • Noodle229


    #3492419 - 13 years ago

    This was created by me.

    RE V1

    (feel free to improve upon)
    This thread is devoted to Resident Evil.
    <Question Order>
    1)Your favorite RE game
    2)Your favorite Characters
    3)Your favorite setting in the game
    4)your opinion on the toughest opponent.
    5)Your favorite weapon
    6)Your opinion of the whole series.
    7)What should Capcom improve on for the next Resident evil?
    8)Any questions that should be added.

  • doll13ill


    #3493326 - 13 years ago

    sorry but there are all kinds of resident evil threads use this one here

    also dont make a thread that just asked people questions do that kind of stuff in a journal

  • Noodle229


    #3498865 - 13 years ago

    fuck, fine i'll go use a different one.