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Kingdom Hearts 2 secret Ending

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  • Cyclone42206


    #4484038 - 13 years ago

    I've seen a video clip on youtube but I dont understand it. Has anyone beaten the game and received the secret ending if you have no clue what I'm talking about heres some images

    And I'm having trouble getting the video link but just go to and type in Kingdom Hearts 2 secret Ending.

    now after watching that if you look closely one of them picks up the kingdom key because when he lifts it, it has mickeys head. So that one is Sora because hes the chosen one. I think the other two are Riku and Kairi.

  • NeoSarge117


    #4484294 - 13 years ago

    Random question why did make two threads?And if you accidently doubled posted.I'm sorry for asking you that question.

  • Cyclone42206


    #4484305 - 13 years ago

    must have accidently double posted!

  • usaokay123


    #4484348 - 13 years ago

    This is 33 min ago. The other is 39 min. ago