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  • DaKillaKing


    #31667566 - 7 years ago

    Year is 2302. Caesar's Leigon, having lost Hoover Damn, moved east instead, and eventually into Louisiana. They are currently under the command of a Ghoul, and once Centurion, Gaius Magnus, now called Gaius Caesar. They are very strong once more and have begun encroaching on New Orleans.

    The Dwellers of Vault 23, under the Superdome. This vault was filled with highly intelligent, physically fit people who are an average of 6 foot high and have blond hair and blue eyes. Aryans. They are subjected to propaganda hidden beneath standard vault films, PA notices and music which makes them Xenophobic, violent and obsessed with genetic purity. The Vault was also equipped with a firing range and large weapons and ammo stockpiles. Even their school books had propaganda. This has produced a xenophobic and militristic society that, when they left the vault, decided to wipe the wastes clean of all impurity and start again. They currently have a large power base with Superdome as their capitol, and several small towns in the surrounding area.

    The Enclave has long since driven out the Brotherhood, save three small, secret bunkers, and are the major power in New Orleans. They opperate out of the University of New Orleans and control the majority of the towns in the New Orleans ruins and surrounding swamps.

    Eastwood is a small free town on the outskirts of the city and is mostly inhabited by the dwellers of Vault 83. This vault was provided a large gym and obstical course, and a large number of adventure books and films as entertainment. Their education system was also developpd to encourage a helpful, curious, industrious and adventurous nature. When the vault opened the people immidiatly began exprloring the wastes, welcoming all as freinds. They built a town outside the vault and are fast becomming a trade center in old chicago. The town was named after one of the favorite film starts of the Vault, and is called Eastwood.