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  • Sexypunk7


    #30703294 - 9 years ago

    you can watch the video for "Pussy" from the new Rammstein Album at
    please dont watch unless noone is around or if ur underage. it is very pornographic.
    greatly done tho.



    #30703295 - 9 years ago

    I loved it!

  • Sexypunk7


    #30703296 - 9 years ago

    me too! it was sweet. my boyfriend thought it was fabulous. he's going to buy me the album.

  • Bram1805

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    #30703297 - 9 years ago

    Of course your boyfriend thought it was great, wouldn't it be weird if he didn't like the naked ladies. anyway, great music i love it

    Just realized you made that post 7 months ago

  • Sexypunk7


    #30703298 - 9 years ago

    Lol even if it was 7 months ago, it's still great.
    And he isn't one for real porn.
    Weird right?