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  • twinki3


    #30046131 - 10 years ago

    If the Alpha (chuch)was the first AI...then what about Cortana?.....and they should make it where Church(alpha) meet cortana....then...bow chicka wow wow...
    what do you think?

  • Da_villain47


    #30046132 - 10 years ago


  • twinki3


    #30046133 - 10 years ago

    got you stuck? try to keep things simple...but i like how the series ends with a "TwIsTs" ....

  • Roger___That


    #30046134 - 10 years ago


  • twinki3


    #30046135 - 10 years ago

    wow...camon guys...give me some of your input....

  • stripedpants


    #30046136 - 10 years ago sounds like good fan fiction! But when you think of his last girlfriend...Cortana might be too...tame for his taste. Not a bad idea though!

  • twinki3


    #30046137 - 10 years ago

    true....true...but they might be in a debate of love...since they both bitch alot.....

  • CaptainMARS


    #30046138 - 10 years ago

    In the epilog the Director talks about saving someone he couldn't save.
    Tex is the AI of that person.
    Thats why Wash said that she seemed to be their favorite.
    And Church is the Director, thats why Tex and Church always still like each other.

  • stripedpants


    #30046139 - 10 years ago

    Ok, but the Freelancer program could only get 1 AI; they couldn't have both Tex and Church for AIs. But do you think she was a fragment of him?

  • twinki3


    #30046140 - 10 years ago im lost....but i think its just his romance...

  • jman3276


    #30046141 - 10 years ago

    ok i agree with captain mars to a certain point. But they never mentioned cortana in the blood gulch chronicles or in reconstruction. It's true that master chief had a mentioning but cortana was never specified to actually be in the series.

  • twinki3


    #30046142 - 10 years ago

    i agree with jman...but i think on a side note that cortana is a blacksheep of the AI projects...but in the halo books, cortana is a self image of a doctor for the unsc...probably CHurch(no the AI) worked with cortana

  • jooge


    #30046143 - 10 years ago

    ok what im understanding is:
    The director is Church and he kicked his own ass to make the alpha which is the church we know
    Tex was the driectors girl freand i guessing
    and she got her ass kicked with him i guess

    But what will happen to all of the other AI?

  • twinki3


    #30046144 - 10 years ago

    what do u mean by ass kicked?.....and i think the tex that we know is an ai also...i think...cause in reconstuction...Wash said that how can you date an AI (tex)...i think

  • CaptainMARS


    #30046145 - 10 years ago

    Maybe the chairman got a license to make an AI (tex)

  • Darth_Shadow


    #30046146 - 10 years ago

    In reply to twinki3, #1:

    Cortana has nothing to do with Project Freelancer. Besides, she is but a "clone" of Dr. Cathrine Halsy.

  • KJISaint


    #30046147 - 10 years ago

    Tex couldn't be an AI because they were given only one AI(Alpha) which they spilt into other AI. Those AI have only one specific trait(like mean, or smart but not more than one) Tex has many traits unlike other AI, exept Alpha, so she cant be an AI

  • gamenoobster


    #30046148 - 10 years ago

    But Tex was inserted with the AI Omega!
    who called himself O`malley (omega+allison (tex real name) )
    how could Tex be an AI if she was inserted with the AI omega?
    can an AI live with another AI in it???

  • gamenoobster


    #30046149 - 10 years ago

    and as Church said when O`malley jumped over to his head in episode 99 or 100; he said he dident feel anything different.
    so if Tex is an AI, how come she did feel anything different when Omega was in her...?
    and when O`malley was in Caboose`s head, he dident take fully control over Caboose, as he did with Doc.

    I have a LOT of questions here ...

    And I am realy sorry for by SuckAssEnglish...

  • Kodiax


    #30046150 - 10 years ago

    Church is a AI based on the Director, so project freelancer may have made Church (Alpha). Tex could be an AI as Church did ask Wash about the freelancer program and one of those questions was "can more than one AI be inserted?" so the probability of that being part of the story line is High. so Tex can be the AI that was given to the freelancer project, specialy selected by the director of course, which would explain why she does not have a name that fits with the other freelancer AIs or fractions of Alpha. The meta is proof that more than one AI can be in a suit, one plays host while the others are implanted in to that controlling host. Lopez being taken over by Church after he is killed by shiela and caboose, shows that an AI can completely take over a robot soldier and act as if it were a person or primary consciousness or host (so an AI can be implanted, the same as a real person). Church didnt feel any different with Omega as Omega was already a part of him or a fraction of him that was already there, Tex would have had omega as a Foreign entity to her complete AI self so she would have felt the difference. Tex also takes over a robot body just as church does, so if church is an AI then so must Tex be. one question is why did caboose state that, when church's body fell out of the hog while they were excaping the freelancer base, "hes gonna need it!" to Simmons? That would imply that church is going to make a comeback and will need a body to do so. Also caboose showed that he is willing to have an AI implanted and Church has been in caboose's head before, makes possible that church may (if realizing his full AI power) have implanted himself into caboose's head and is keeping a low profile while instructing caboose what to do in the Relocated miniseries. The alpha that we saw in the final episode of reconstruction may have been a virus AI fabricated by Church to look like church but to disrupt the Meta, (a reach, but again if Church realized his full AI capabilities....). The thought of Epsilon updating the memory may also be true, computers do make backups, and if a backup is restored....

    On to Relocated, why would Caboose fix tex's robot body, as we know it was left at blue base from reconstruction, is he trying to move sheila or is Tex hiding within the shipwreck???

  • Choasreaper


    #30046151 - 10 years ago

    AIs always rule they were meantto solve our problems!

  • BVH1286


    #30046152 - 7 years ago

    In reply to stripedpants, #9:

    Tex was a byproduct of the Alpha, not a fragment. The difference between the two is that even those she is technically part of the Alpha A.I. she has her own complete personality, complete being the key word. It's basically saying that the other A.I.s (Gamma, Omega, Delta) were all defined by one trait alone (Rage, deceit, logic, etc.) and these traits are the only thing the A.I.s can be described as.