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  • ODST23


    #15596656 - 6 years ago

    In the mission Shutdown in Halo 4, there is an Audio Recording playback console in the first room you enter before leaving the Infinity (the one with the confused saluting Marine). When you access the log on the console enough times, it says "Stay tuned for more War Games Red versus Blue Carnage!".Coincidentally, from Season 8 to 10 of RvB, its mentioned on numerous occasions that most of the events in the series take place during combat simulations. Even though this could be just an easter egg. Could this subtle nod actually mean that the events of the Blood Gulch Chronicles were actually part of the same combat simulations as the War Games? Also, on another note, in the RT podcast (I think back when it was still the Drunk Tank), Burnie mentioned that the Bungie/343 guys had interests in making RvB part of the actual Halo universe at a Halo panel (a previous RTX or Comic Con I don't remember). I just thought this was a bit interesting to bring up for discussion.

  • BatJeff


    #15596997 - 6 years ago

    In reply to ODST23, #1:

    I'd say it's just a subtle nod. I don't think they would specifically say that the events of BGC happen in the same timeline and universe as the Halo games. That's speaking from a continuity standpoint.

    The other thing, is that the default team colours for games have always been red and blue, so in essence, it may have absolutely nothing to do with RvB at all.