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  • Don113


    #30039490 - 10 years ago

    Now, there was a recent announcement by LucasArts that they were working on a new Knights of the Old Republic game. I loved the KotOR series, and I'm very excited about the third installment. But then I thought, if LA is resurrecting KotOR, why not resurrect other good games? Like, for instance, Republic Commando?

    I've never played the XBOX version of SWRC; I only have the PC version. And I loved the game and the story, particularly since it was the first Star Wars game to feature blood and gore (who doesn't like blasting a Geonosian into small, fleshy bits?). However, there were a few issues with the game that irritated me, and I would like to list improvements on these if, hypothetically, they make SWRC2.

    1) Make the guns deadlier.
    It frustrated me to no end when I let loose at a Geonosian, only to find that I had to reload. And before I could even think of reloading, the bugger would be on top of me, wailing at me with his force pike until I died. And on higher difficulties, when facing Super Battle Droids, if you don't have grenade launcher rounds or a rocket launcher, you're boned. I've emptied all three hundred blaster rounds at a single SBD, only to see the hulking monstrosity launch a ball of exploding fire at my face ruining both my day and my complexion. Even spindly battle droids took a few hits before falling. Same thing for the Trando pirates, the small squat ones. How can they absorb a whole clip and still fight?
    2) Make the enemies weaker.
    This kind of ties in with the above paragraph. Whatever the reason, I highly doubt even a Magna Guard or a Trando Heavy Merc can take a grenade hit and not be fazed. Well, at least the Merc would say "Hurggha!" or something like that; it sounded like someone grabbed his balls in a vice-grip. Same thing goes for the small Trandos. Nothing in the universe can take thirty blaster bolts to the face and live.
    3) More weapon selection & more ammo.
    One of the main things that irritated me was that you only had a small selection of weapons. The Trando APC was a pile of ass and recoil. Every attachment of the DC-17 burned through ammo like a hot knife through butter. And you couldn't pick up the DC-15 rifles that the clone troopers had, nor the battle droids' rifle. I'd like to see a Republic PLEX rocket launcher, for starters; the books mention them by name, and I doubt the commandos relied on Wookiee tech for heavy weapons. And an increased ammo capacity, if you can't strengthen the weapons.
    4) Smarter Squad AI.
    Game Informer Online called SWRC's AI "the smartest ever seen". That meant either every game that year had atrocious AI, or GIO was staffed by a bunch of people who'd never played a game before. The Squad AI is good, but there were quite a few incidents that caught my ire. For example, in the RAS Prosecutor level, I was setting a trap for a few droidekas by placing a charge on a bunch of barrels that lined a hallway. I ordered my squad to do the same and when it was done I ordered everyone back so they wouldn't get caught in the explosion. But I guess the stress of combat finally got to Fixer, because when the droids appeared, he charged up the hall and was caught in the ensuing explosion. And then Scorch got all sarcastic on me. It was as irritating as it was fucking hilarious. The clone troopers are also as dumb as shit, preferring to stand in the open and get raped by blasters rather than stay in cover. They should be able to be more effective, and serve purposes better than being bullet sponges and being jealous of the commandos. And the commandos should be able to stay away from exploding barrels.

    Any more suggestions?

  • sg5591


    #30039491 - 10 years ago

    Well all of what you've mentioned would be pretty easy to fix, as long as you don't take in to account all the other crap that goes on in programing. they are most likely using infinate loops for the health meter. Like if x(being health) equals zero then death. now its gonna be alot more complicated than that but a simple change there could completly screw code eight or even eighty lines down.
    Now Im not saying improvments dont need to be made but at the same time give the guys a break.

  • Don113


    #30039492 - 10 years ago

    True, but LucasArts could have made it better. I'll admit, the Squad AI is much smarter than the Marine AI in Halo, as in, they do not throw grenades at your feet and run you over with a vehicle. Speaking of which, controllable vehicles in the next RC game would be totally effing sweet. But anyway, they should be able to dive away from explody things. The pre-release gameplay videos show them sidestepping blaster bolts. I'm pretty sure LucasArts can program them to dive away from grenades and exploding barrels.

  • sg5591


    #30039493 - 10 years ago

    That would be sweet

  • freelancer92


    #30039494 - 10 years ago

    Very well said. I completely agree.
    In the books they speak of so many different weapons. Like the Verpine shatter rifle.

  • Shotgunchief


    #30039495 - 10 years ago

    That thing would be so sweet to use. It'd also be awesome to have the black Katarn armor at some point.

  • LinkMasta

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    #30039496 - 10 years ago

    Republic Commando did have its flaws where weapons came into play. However, few people seem to realize that the Clone Commandos were Stealth and Tactics Squads. They weren't built to take on hundreds of enemies at a time. They were bred to slip in, wreak havoc, and get out.

    But, eh, that's not what this thread is about.

    I would indeed like to see a semi-Rainbow 6 Vegas aspect to SWRC2. More Squad Intelligence and Actions, and a customizable weapon and equipment kit.

    Something else I would like to see. In the movies and shows, clones and other people are seen taking droid weapons and limbs and using them to great effect. I would rather enjoy being able to rip the limbs off like, SBD's for temporary weapons.

  • Shotgunchief


    #30039497 - 10 years ago

    As long as they don't make it like GRAW based commands I'm good. I could never get the hang of that game.

    It'd also be awesome to see a cameo of Omega. I mean, Darman was mentioned briefly in the first one, but it'd be cool to actually be able to see Omega in full.

  • spartan638


    #30039498 - 10 years ago

    The chapters have to be longer too, just like FEAR, it took me 2 days to finish 1 single chapter (plus dying and going to sleep)

  • Shotgunchief


    #30039499 - 10 years ago

    Yeah, definitely. RepCom was waaaay too short. To make it longer maybe add in some co-op missions, like up to four people but if you don't have enough the others become AI.

  • runningman08


    #30039500 - 10 years ago

    They should also make the ability to cary special ecuipment on the solders I mean come on not everybody has the same stuff as the other guy.

  • meleesoldier


    #30039501 - 10 years ago

    In reply to runningman08, #11:

    Like how Scorch was the demolition expert for the old RepCom Squad? It would be nice to see a set up like Squad Demo, Marksman, Rifleman, Medic, and Tank with each having their own special attributes as well.

  • SniperEye


    #30039502 - 10 years ago

    You'd have thought that LucasArts would make a second game, considering the popularity of the first. The books aren't story fillers for Delta, so their is a hell of a lot that could be done with those lads. Come on, the Clone Wars lasted for four years!
    I'd love to see even a longer first RepCom as that would be a definite improvement over the shortness of the game, and being able to interact with characters outside of the squad and the advisor would be nice too.
    But the main thing I want to see from a second RepCom is WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SEV?!!! He was a badass and they left the game in a cliffhanger! Not even damn RepCom Order 66 covered what happened to him, damn it.

  • SpartanD035


    #30039503 - 10 years ago

    What i think might be a good game line is Omega's Story you can add more to it add Kal Skrita end right as they bang out of corusant then put in a sequl to that to show what happens to sev darman and niner (they have a plot that lucas arts could develop on due to the empiral commando series) but yeah employ more wepons maybe custom made wepons? and custom armor? i would like to see Verpine shatter rifles and Null ARC's wouldn't you?

  • Shotgunchief


    #30039504 - 10 years ago

    In reply to SpartanD035, #14:

    They actually do have custom armor in multiplayer, though you don't have that many choices...

    It would be awesome to see Omega in a game, especially if they included others from the book like Skirata and Ordo.

    In reply to SniperEye, #13:

    I'm hoping the reason why Karen Traviss didn't include Sev's fate is because they actually DO plan on making a sequel. I can dream, can't I? smiley6.gif

  • SniperEye


    #30039505 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Shotgunchief, #15:

    Yeah. Fingers crossed and Mando'a dictionary on standby. A second RC game or the Imperial commando books, if they show what happens to Sev, Kandosii!

  • Don113


    #30039506 - 10 years ago

    More suggestions:

    Armor customization: Colors aren't enough. What I liked about Halo 3 was that you can totally customize your armor with different armor variants so that its unique. I'd like to be able to kit out my commando with, I dunno, ARC trooper gear, maybe? Having a Phase II Clone Trooper Armor set with kama would be so awesome that it would be better than everything forever. The visor that Commander Cody has would be cool. Also, armor upgrades, like increased ammo carrying capacity and blaster-resistance.

    Weapon customization: The DC-17 was an awesome weapon because it was a 3-in-one system, and it is an integral part of the RC series, so obviously it should be kept. Other weapons that should be available (like the DC-15 variants) should also be customizable like in CoD4. However, unlike CoD4, I'd like to be able to upgrade my weapons in single-player as well, like upgrading them between chapters.

    Longer story and enhanced interaction with allied units: I'm guessing that, if everyone is right and RC2 has to cover what happens to Sev, according to the books Vau has to be in the next game too. Of course, since that happens after SWRC: Order 66, the Empire is risen, and the commandos are now Imperial Commandos, which would probably mean a whole new name for the game. I'm hoping Vau makes an appearance. Since this is the new Empire, Darth Vader is still hunting for Jedi, so I'd love to see a mission where Delta is fighting a Jedi (maybe a Dark Jedi, so we feel good about ourselves for not killing a good guy). I'd also like to see missions tied to the birth of the Rebellion, maybe a cameo appearance (in a cinematic, since he'd probably kill Delta Squad if he saw them) of Darth Vader's Apprentice from The Force Unleashed (In the TFU demo of the PS3). A GRAW or CoD4-like ability to use and call in support units would be nice (what would an ARC-170 bombing run look like?). I'm also going to assume that since the books focus mainly on Omega, the games will continue to focus on Delta, but I'd also like Omega to appear in-game, as an allied unit that you can issue orders to.

    Any thoughts? Also, in totally unrelated news,
    Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare 2
    Modern Warfare 2

  • SniperEye


    #30039507 - 10 years ago

    I'd like to see more weapon options as well. Verpine shatter gun anyone? Or prehaps some of the sniper varients that Skirata loves so much?
    Jet packs maybe.
    I'd like to see some variation on mission types. Not very commando when you look at the way they go, but yet they were still awesome and I'd like to see them with even greater depth.

    And yeah. Modern Warfare 2. Remember, no Russian.

  • Don113


    #30039508 - 10 years ago

    Jet packs? Maybe in campaign, but not in multiplayer; it would ruin gameplay balance. I'd love to see Verpine weapons. Also I agree that the missions weren't very commando-like, except maybe for the RAS Prosecutor level. If LucasArts could pull off something like CoD4's "Ghillies in the Mist" mission, or even make it better than that, I'd buy the game just for that.

    No Russian, comrades.

  • Vanguard1


    #30039509 - 10 years ago

    Cuy'Val Dar cameos. 'Nuff said.

    Seriously, though, open the game with a trek through the jungles of Kashyyyk, rounding up Delta Squad, searching for Sev and getting chased the fuck out by an overwhelming force of battle droids.

    Also, destructible environment.

  • Chip_


    #30039510 - 10 years ago

    Tying in existing cannon would be nice. Seeing the Apprentice blow by some other squads, or maybe inspire the young nephew of a moisture farmer on Tatooine to go off to the Empirical Academy, or something similar.

    Also, less bullshit moments with those SBD dispensers that are almost impossible to get to and blow up.

  • Don113


    #30039511 - 10 years ago

    Oh man, you have no idea about those dispensers. Every time one landed, I said "I call shenanigans!"

    Then they shot me. It was awful.

  • Shotgunchief


    #30039512 - 10 years ago

    That was the worst part was trying to cross that bridge on Kashyyyk. There was a droid dispenser, then another one, then another, oh hey, an SBD dispenser! And another one! smiley4.gif

  • Don113


    #30039513 - 10 years ago

    lol, the strategy I used most often is to direct one of the commandos to destroy the SBD dispenser while I rushed in and vibrobladed the nearest SBD, circling it constantly so that I was always behind it. It took almost three minutes to kill just one, but the lols I got out of it were worth it...until one of them cracked my skull.

  • meleesoldier


    #30039514 - 10 years ago

    I can't remember what level it was but there was a droidika and an SBD dispensor followed by about half of a whole armies worth of droids, thank god for the rocket launcher(or was it the grenade launcher?) and sniper cover tactic.