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  • Shotgunchief


    #30316492 - 10 years ago

    I kept forgetting to make this topic. Pretty much self-explanatory. A good place to get started in the group (or if you've been here), just put who you are, and some basic information. How did you get into Republic Commando in the first place? Simple stuff.

    How about I start?

    Hey everyone, my name's Amanda, more known as Shotgunchief across the interwebz (call me either Shotgun, Amanda, or Chief, I go by any of em). I'm only a few weeks away from graduating high school and will be attending the University of Iowa. I first got into Republic Commando when I heard about the game after E3 and picked it up the day it came out. I beat it in the first couple days and instantly fell in love with it. It was then I discovered the books and started reading those.

    Well, longer than I had planned on, but what about you guys?

  • Don113


    #30316493 - 10 years ago

    My name is Don, and mmy gamertag is Don113. I got into Republic Commando when I got it as part of a five-games-in-one deal, the "Best of Star Wars". Or at least the best at the time. Despite weapons and AI issues, the overall gameplay, the characters and especially the dialogue hooked me in. The only problem was that I could never find the XBOX version, and so I have to stick with PC. Still, it is a game that I'll never get tired of. I wish the same could be said for LucasArts.

  • SniperEye


    #30316494 - 10 years ago

    Name's [redacted] gamertag Star Daemon. Squadie in the territorials, but aspiring to ranks above my station ;).
    Got into Republic Commando after finding it on the shelves on day in one of my local game stores. Played it and was hooked right from the start. Read the books after that and I've been obsessed with the Rep Com boys and the mandos since.

  • Am41gama7er

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    #30316495 - 10 years ago

    Name's Kyle, Gt: xX Am41gama7er, refered to as Am41 on various other game sites. Got the game as a gift one xmas and really enjoyed playing it. Found the books while pokin around in the local book store and loved those too and have been really intrested in the commandos ever since.

  • xCruelAngelx


    #30316496 - 10 years ago

    Name is Michael, or CruelAngel. Used to work in a used bookstore that sold more than books, and that's where I tried (and liked) Republic Commando for the XBox and the novels. I actually play on a Star Wars MUD that goes through various eras semi-quickly and am looking forward to playing either a clone trooper or clone commando when the next era rolls around.

  • 14britw


    #30316497 - 10 years ago

    My name is Wesley and I'm not really much of a gamer anymore, but when Republic Commando came out, that's all I ever did. I was a lil' ticked when they decided to cancel the PS2 version, so I went the mile to get a brand new, shiny XBox. I played it, and it reminded me a lot of Medal of Honor: European Assault. I mean, come on, a guy for explosives, a guy for breaching security, a guy with amazing aim, and a tough-as-nails leader. When they left Sev for dead, I almost pulled out the Good Samaritan and blow 4 holes in my T.V.


  • paddymcgee


    #30316498 - 10 years ago

    Mornin' all, my name is paddy (big surprise) and my gamertag is purpleboomerang (yeah, laugh it up). I generally as a rule get star wars games when they come out and republic commando had me hooked as a game where you don't have to play as jedi for once (battlefront too). Since then i picked up the books and a total obsession soon followed.

  • omega14


    #30316499 - 10 years ago

    andrew here. just thought id let everyone know that i was captain_reth. i only created a new account cause that one was a year older than i really am. anyway, my gt isnt really important cause i dont have live, but if i ever do, ill let you all know. as with republic commando, i got the game just cause it was a star war one, really (big fan of the videogames. rouge squadron anyone?). i was really happy that it was backwards compatible (never had a regular xbox) and it was just awesome. then i found out about the books. unfortunately i havent read past true colors yet, but im hoping to catch up sometime soon.

  • Darth_Shizno


    #30316500 - 10 years ago

    Su'cuy gar everyone, I'm Patrick, and I have a problem. I can't stop using Mando'a in conversation. Ni mean the shabla oisk just flows in and out sometimes when I type. It's a very tough burden to jurir!

    Aside from that I'm a X-Box gamer who loves first person shooters, old school Sega like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Game, and anything Halo.

    I also have a dralshy'a passion for Star Wars, partically the Mandalorians and the Clones (not to mention the Commandos), and troch kar'taylir too much about Star Wars for my own jate

    Oh, and sometime I don't know when to k'uur, but that's another story...

  • SniperEye


    #30316501 - 10 years ago

    Easy, ner vod. Reign it in a bit.

    Nice to see you here. Enjoy yourself and get stuck in.

  • blue_comm


    #30316502 - 10 years ago

    yo. my name is blue_comm but my real name is kris. im 16. My favorite commando would have to be scourch. I want to see another commando game. My xbox broke (cant say why). I found this game when I went to my friends house. I "borrowed" it from him and got addicted to it. well thats it i guess.

  • MechWorrier


    #30316503 - 10 years ago

    Commando 114 Hydra from Beta here (the name is actualy ironic) eqiuped with plasma-H2O grenades, Replublic heavy reapeter (minigun), T-10 pistal, and a flamethower (all prototype weapons exept the T-10). Yea I think you can figure out for your self; well I came across it in a game advertising for it in an extras section. I have playing it ever since still do to. Like everyone else I wish theyed get off their butts and see the real picture; that a secual would be huge.

  • SniperEye


    #30316504 - 10 years ago

    Plasma-H2O grenades? WATER grenades?!

    Welcome in anyways, old boy.

  • MechWorrier


    #30316505 - 10 years ago

    In reply to SniperEye, #13:

    It's because I'm a pyro to the core thats why I said it was ironic. and thanks :)

  • SniperEye


    #30316506 - 10 years ago

    Surely the name would by Hydro then as Hydra was a many headed monster from Greek mythology.

    Just to nitpick like the bastard I am. ;)

  • MechWorrier


    #30316507 - 10 years ago

    In reply to SniperEye, #15:

    oh I didn't notice that sorry I ment to say hydro

  • SniperEye


    #30316508 - 10 years ago

    As I said, I'm a nitpicking bastard. I tend to notice things, expect in computer games where I'll more than likely miss the bugger off my vision and get killed. Just see my kill:death ratio to see what I mean! Luckily I'm much more observant in real life, Or I'd really be fucked up! Helps to notice the son of a bitch hanging out in the window with his gun barrel pointing at you! ;)

  • MechWorrier


    #30316509 - 10 years ago

    When I type things on this site I just don't care if it's mispelled cause everyone knows what you mean. but yea work on your hand eye cordination dude ;)

  • paddymcgee


    #30316510 - 9 years ago

    Who else finds it odd that in a group consisting of 280 members (currently), there are only 17 replies? Half of which are people posting further replies after introducing themselves...

  • Shotgunchief


    #30316511 - 9 years ago

    Good question. I guess some people just don't want to put themselves on the spot, I don't know.

    I'm sure laziness is a key factor as well. smiley8.gif

  • SniperEye


    #30316512 - 9 years ago

    Most definetly. I'd say the vast proportion of the world's population is lazy in one way or another.

  • paddymcgee


    #30316513 - 9 years ago

    I'm not lazy, I just don't like to do anything...

  • bluearmypvt


    #30316514 - 9 years ago

    Hello, my name is Chris. I got Republic Commando for my birthday and that started my love of all things clone related.

  • cyborg117


    #30316515 - 9 years ago

    Hi! I'm Sawyer and I borrowed this game by accident and I loved it, I really want a sequel for this game because it was that epic. I also think they left a lot of room for one seeming as though poor sev got left behind :( I'm a musician, a christian and I love to play video games for leisure (but not Halo 3, I hate that game)

  • paddymcgee


    #30316516 - 9 years ago

    Ahhhh! Heathen! You hate Halo 3?

    Welcome, anyways mate...