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  • Warpek

    Warpek RTX Guardian

    #32719707 - 4 years ago

    Hey all!

    Welcome to the Rooster Speak Wellness Group! First of all, I'd like to thank you for your interest in either getting healthier, more fit, stronger, or whatever your motivation is! This is the first step. Luckily, with your fellow members here, the next few steps won't have to be alone!

    This forum will be utilized in a number of ways:
    smiley9.gif Post exercise tips with fellow members
    smiley9.gif Post healthy recipes that you've tried and enjoyed
    smiley9.gif Chat about any challenges you're facing
    smiley9.gif Share both Scale Victories (ex: lost 5 lbs, hit your goal weight) and Non-Scale Victories (ex: went down a shirt size, someone said you looked like you've lost weight)
    smiley9.gif Support your fellow members!

    Other apps/websites we'll be using are:
    My Fitness Pal App Group called "Rooster Speak"
    This group is private, so if I don't add you immediately, just send me a PM, please!

    Share your progress and keep up with others with this Google Doc! We'll be able to track your progress with optional weekly check-ins.

    Now, since weight loss/gain is often a sensitive subject with some people, I will be strictly enforcing the "don't be a dick" rule of Rooster Speak. If someone feels as though you are not being supportive, are personally attacking them, or anything of the like, I will remove you from any associated groups and you will be unable to participate. I know for me, personally, I get enough shit from myself, I don't need any more from outside sources. smiley12.gif

    Please feel free to start a conversation, ask questions, and strive to improve yourself!

    To quote Home Depot for a second: "You can do it. We can help." smiley13.gif

  • dereckc1

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    #32719708 - 4 years ago

    Another good app if you are doing a lot of cardio is Zombies, Run!

    Works basically as you'd think from the name, there is a narrative that plays along with a playlist on your phone where you're in the post-Zombie apocalypse and are running to aid a group of survivors. First "season" is free when you get the app, additional ones cost extra but it is a fun story to listen to while running. Helps most if you're not running on a treadmill, as uses GPS to track your progress your speed at various points and lets you see where you start slowing down and speeding up.

  • Warpek

    Warpek RTX Guardian

    #32719709 - 4 years ago

    In reply to dereckc1, #2:

    That sounds like a fun idea! I'm wondering how we could incorporate a group challenge or something into this. Like see who could survive the longest or try to have a few "survivors" groups to see who goes the farthest.

  • lttlecaboose


    #32719710 - 4 years ago

    Heya! I was thinking about starting a monthly challenge group (kinda like Nobles idea) but catered towards fitness instead. My first idea was for those who are serious about losing weight and have a competitive nature. There's a site called diet bet, where you can set up a challenge that lasts for 28 days and you have to lose 4% of your body weight. The kicker is that you chip a little into the pot and if you lose you forfeit your bet, if you win you split the pot with anyone else that also won (minus the sites fee, although they do guarantee if you win that you at the very least will not lose any money if everyone wins or something) Anyway you can check out more at Do you think anyone would be interested in this, I'm probably going to do one in the month of March either way but I thought it might be funner with friends! (and the pot could be pretty low 5$ or something)

    My second idea was to start a Better Health Achievement club. This would be more focused on overall health and well being and less on losing weight.You submit three goals for the month.

    Get Up Goal - a goal focused on improving your health in one small way. Eating more fruit, adding in an extra walk around the block at lunch, parking further away from work and walking the differance. It should be something small and easy to incorporate into your life. This can also be positive thoughts, such as keeping a good thoughts diary or working on mental health.

    Give up Goal - give up something. Give up one thing for the month, or strive for moderation. Think foods, limit yourself to half your normal intake of soda/candy/chips or none at all.

    Main Goal - this is an overarching goal, and it can be pretty much anything that helps you feel better emotionally or physically. This is meant to be a long term goal (3+) months and may not be achieved but is meant to inspire you to be moving in that direction.

    You wouldn't have to share your goals with anyone, its just to get people thinking and working on little steps. I suppose you could make into some sort of actual point system where each person does a self judgement on whether they did their goal or not and I would be happy to put up some money towards a tshirt prize.

    Anyway thoughts?

  • Warpek

    Warpek RTX Guardian

    #32719711 - 4 years ago

    In reply to lttlecaboose, #4:

    I am very interested in something like this! I just didn't want to start the group based on a competition, but rather wanted to implement support for weight-loss ventures. I'll join you in March if you'd like to set something like that up! Haha, sorry, I started this shiz and then got busy with other endeavors.

    What can I do to help?

  • lttlecaboose


    #32719712 - 4 years ago

    I was hoping with the two different approaches that we could appeal to a wider audience, some people are competitive and some aren't and I understand that but wanted to give both types an opportunity to get support and participate at levels they feel most comfortable?

    Perhaps we could get together some time and talk about the best way to set this up and let people know about it! (I've never really ran/headed anything for RS so I don't want to step on yours or anyones toes !)

    And no worries about the getting busy, sometimes life just gets in the way!

  • Warpek

    Warpek RTX Guardian

    #32719713 - 4 years ago

    In reply to lttlecaboose, #6:

    Don't worry about stepping on toes! I'd love to talk about this with you and @Eoin, I think we all would have some good ideas together about making a kick-ass group thing. smiley13.gif

  • lttlecaboose


    #32719714 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Warpek, #7:

    That would be awesome!


    I think we could put together something super awesome :)

  • Retalora

    Retalora Probably Cold

    #32881768 - 3 years ago

    So this place is like a ghost town, but I'm totally planning on going to the gym at my apartment tonight :p