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  • Matters-From-Ashes


    #32953722 - 3 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    My name is John, and I've been a fan of Rooster Teeth since about 2010. But I never really visited the site that often. And when I did, I never started an account. I just watched some videos and that was it. But I recently decided to try it out. I actually did it because most of my friends aren't really into Rooster Teeth and I needed to find some people that were in on the stupid jokes I made. But yeah. I'm here now and it would be cool of some of you guys would shoot me a message.



  • NickM_H_M


    #33096025 - 3 years ago

    In reply to Matters-From-Ashes

    That makes two of us, need to give my social skills some exercise

  • MatheusBlu


    #33113125 - 3 years ago

    Hey there!

    I'm also on the same boat, I've been seeing RT videos since 2009 but never really used the forum or groups in the site...

    I've noticed that Brazil unfortunately doesn't have a strong community here in RT...

    So, i'm doing my part to change that ;D

    I've been doing portuguese subtitles on RT videos (mostly RTAA because they're short and I can do them at work).

    Here is a link os the RTAA's approved with my subtitles:

    Well, just wanted to share my work ;D

    If you guys have any suggestions on what to translate next, it'd be my honor to do it.