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MLK Day and The Anti Gay Preacher

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  • Dwarf_Ninjas


    #30110385 - 10 years ago

    Anyone else pissed off that on MLK day, a black preacher will give a speech about anti homosexual propaganda in the birth place of civil rights, Martian Luther King's Chruch?

  • Sukhoi_27


    #30110386 - 10 years ago

    In reply to Dwarf_Ninjas, #1:

    I am happy that someone is taking a stand against what is wrong in this world.

  • stringpuller


    #30110387 - 10 years ago

    so essentially they are taking a stance against homophobic propaganda, whats wrong about this, unless ive misunderstood you

  • Dwarf_Ninjas


    #30110388 - 10 years ago

    In reply to stringpuller, #3:

    No, he was putting wrongful gay information.

  • akwila


    #30110389 - 10 years ago


    I think I'm still confused. If he is against anti-homopobia that technically makes him against us... since that is three nagatives...

    But yeah. It would be kinda fucked up for a person to preach discrimination when the country still discriminates them.