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Are you out?

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  • Kodakwhack


    #30906734 - 9 years ago

    I'm extremely comfortable with my sexuality (i'm bisexual) however i'm still in the closet apart from a few friends i've told. Can anyone give some advice about coming out? Or is there anyone else still in the closet? I'd be interesting to hearing how you're dealing with your sexuality and any doubts or advice you have about life as an LGBT person =)

  • Vrakanas


    #30906735 - 9 years ago

    well, I can't tell you much as far as getting out, but it wasn't that hard. if you leave a trail of buiscuit sized breadcrumbs, most people are not so dense as to not see it.
    I love being out, the only people who give me trouble are ould people.
    don't sweat, just be yourself and damn all the rest.