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New to group and wanted to say "hey"!!

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    #33397843 - 2 years ago

    Hey y'all!!!

    Just wanted to say hey, and thanks for making this group. I haven't really checked the RT groups in close to a year, but I was always hoping for a cool cosplay group. I've been in and out of cosplay for a while now. But, I'm really goin all in now. Don't have a ton of finished cosplays, just about 5 different ones I'm working on simultaneously at the moment. Anyways. I also started doing a weekly cosplay podcast. Been loving doing it, and it's really awesome getting to know a ton of fantastic cosplayers. If you feel like checking it out, you can find it on iTunes and Stitcher as "Cracked Brain Podcast". Aside from that I look forward to sharing what I've been up to and seeing all of your great work.