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Jacket from Scratch?

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  • Never_Thirdleft


    #33492048 - 2 years ago


    I just started planning my first cosplay design and I have a pretty good idea of how to go about it, but my main issue is the detail. Can anyone help me how exactly to make a jacket from fabric? Thanks!

  • aerisfelidae


    #33498918 - 2 years ago

    I've made a lot of jackets, including Lie Ren and Nora's as well as personal work, and the process for each is very very different. It depends a lot on exactly what kind of jacket you want to make, what it's being made out of, how professional you want it to be (eg// will it be lined and interfaced, even if nobodys gonna see it?) What kind of detail does it have? What's your budget? Etc etc etc

  • Never_Thirdleft


    #33502444 - 2 years ago

    In reply to AerisFelidae

    Ah thank you. The jacket I'm attempting to make is based off of the Japanese school uniform (doing a Josuke Higashikata Part 4 cosplay) with a kind of skirt like poof coat tails (I hope that makes sense). I want to make it out of a more solid fabric like suiting fabric and I do want to make it as professional and detailed as possible. I got time. I have a fairly flexible budget. What do you think. And thank you for your input ^.^