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What can we expect at Friday badge pickup?

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  • Jicori

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    #33628295 - 2 years ago

    Hi all! My BF and I are first-time RTX attendees, and we scheduled a later flight getting into Austin on Thursday in an effort to save money. Thus, we're going to have to wait until Friday morning for badge pickup. 

    For RTX Austin veterans, what can we expect in terms of how early we can get in line and how quickly the lines move? Also, will they mark our badges as being FIRST members on pickup, or is that something we'll have to do separately?

  • StryfeRyder


    #33628372 - 2 years ago

    The line moves pretty fast, but Friday morning there will still be a line. The good news is by the time you get through the badge line, the lines to get into the events will have cleared out. Basically dont expect to get to the first panel of the day on friday and you will be fine.