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  • Bradley_S


    #32950725 - 3 years ago

    I saw Lazer Team could be coming to a theater in NC if enough people plan to go to a certain theater. I was thinking maybe we could all choose the same theater and see the movie together.

    We all need to agree to a theater and buy our tickets. The most expensive tickets I saw in NC were $12.50 and nothing is under $10.50 it seems.

    Hopefully enough people will buy their tickets to the same theater and we can all enjoy the movie together!

  • Ramundose

    Ramundose FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Reed Amundarain

    #32951709 - 3 years ago

    Just got six tickets to the Southpoint in Durham. 28 left to go!

  • ErinM


    #32952661 - 3 years ago

    I got tickets to the one in Charlotte (which is now sold out). It's actually very close to my apartment, and if anyone is interested, they can stop by beforehand or after if they're driving a long distance and need to relax or whatever. Or maybe we can grab dinner? (There are several restaurants in and outside the mall.) I'm looking forward to meeting more fans around here!

  • tyfunk5


    #33117583 - 3 years ago

    Hello everybody, my name is Tyler Farnes. I am 16 currently in high school. I've only become a sponsor recently but I love being one now that I am one. I know this may be a little late but I want to try and get a screening going of Lazer Team in Jacksonville NC. If anybody is interested in seeing the movie on February 18th at 7:30 here's the link:

    I didn't know about the screening in Wilmington Durham or Charlotte until after they were already done with but that was my fault because I just wasn't looking and didn't think there would be any in NC to be honest.

    This is my first time posting anything on any type of form because I've been a hermit all my life, I don't have any social media except for an Instagram account that I haven't posted on in 2 years and rarely even posted on but that is beside the point.

    Rooster Teeth has been a big part of my life making me laugh and smile in my darkest moments and just feeling like I have friends with all the personalities at Rooster Teeth like Gus, Bernie, Barbra, Gavin, Adam, James, Bruce, Joel, the other Joel, Matt Peake /\, Lindsey, Ashley, Blaine, there is honestly too much to list but these guys and this community have been a big part of my life every since my 7th grade year when I first discovered Rooster Teeth.

    The Rwby community and fanart and the show has also been a big part of me choosing my studies in highschool. I'm focusing on Graphic Design taking as many classes as I can to try and learn photoshop to create some awesome fanart. I want to try and create some good art using photoshop but unfortunately I can't ever work on anything I dream of because I'm always doing my assignments for my SciViz class and don't have a powerful enough PC at home (but I will be saving up for one once I get a job) and only a school laptop that the school has given me which is not powerful enough to run those type of programs. I'm not really good with pencil and paper type of stuff but I'm really good with tracing and shading in colors in photoshop, I would show you an example of it but all my work is saved on the school PC. Also Bumblebee and Arkos ftw (ง°ل͜°)ง

    I'm sorry if this is too long of a post and I probably rambled a bit too much but I sort of turned it into a little introduction of myself conjoined with the Lazer Team screening

    If you guys want to see the movie feel free to come the more the merrier, but if you don't then that is completely fine and love you all anyways :). This community is awesome and I wish to be a part of it forever.

  • ErinM


    #33117673 - 3 years ago

    In reply to tyfunk5

    Welcome! We're glad to have you here. =) I'm sorry you missed out on the screenings! To be honest, I was surprised they sold out so fast, but I suppose there are more fans that don't use the site, so therefore, we don't know about them.

    I'm afraid Jacksonville is a bit too far from me, but it's great you posted it here! Perhaps Chibi can tweet about it so it gets more traction. Good luck with Photoshop/school, and share some of your art here when you get access to it!