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The Mad Mod?

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    #5816282 - 12 years ago

    Anyone know anything about this "Mad Mod" deal.

    It seems that there's a mod going around and removing peoples mods and karma for little reason. I first noticed it when it happened to one of my friends when someone randomly modded him up a bunch and then the next moment a mod removed everything he had.
    But now when I go around I find comments about it happening to others as well, some people with no mods on their images or anything.

    Was wondering if anyone knew anything about this cause I would hate to have someone get mad at me, mod me up, then report me to this mod or something.

    [edit] My title says random but I'm not the random modder >.>

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    #5817092 - 12 years ago

    Only people who have modcheated or otherwise been naughty are being punished.

    In my opinion, they're getting off light.