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Other Regions Signup Thread - 2016

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  • LoZelda

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    #33335864 - 2 years ago

    Welcome to the sign up board for any place not covered by the regions that have their own threads! If your preferred mailing address is in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or reasonably close to any of those, please go back to the forum index and choose the appropriate region. By signing for the RT Secret Santa 2016 gift exchange, you are agreeing to adhere to the guidelines and rules listed here. If you wish to withdraw from the exchange after signing up, you must do so by contacting your region admin no later than November 24.

    - To sign up, post in this thread that you would like to participate. This thread is only for signups! If you have questions please message an admin or post your question as a comment on a news post.

    - An admin for this region will contact you via PM to get your full name and address for shipping purposes. This info will be stored in a secured document which will be deleted upon completion of the exchange. Do not post this information here in the thread.

    - You will also be asked to provide a short list (up to 3 items each) of things you like and things you don't like to serve as a guide for the person who is assigned to be your Santa. If you have a wishlist for the RT Store, you may include that link as well.

    - Sign ups will close on November 24. Absolutely no late additions will be possible, as assignments will start being made immediately. You will get your assignment no later than November 30.

    - All gifts must be shipped by December 17. Please include a card (or something of that nature) that includes your username so the recipient knows who sent them the gift. You are required to provide a tracking number to your admin as proof you have completed your part of the exchange.

    - In an attempt to keep things fair, there is a minimum gift cost requirement. This amount is the equivalent of $8 USD, with a recommended price of $16 and recommended maximum of $32. You are free to hand-make a gift as well, as long as it still reasonably fits within these guidelines.

    Failure to complete the exchange as agreed may result in permanent expulsion from the group and participation in future events.

    As a reminder: this group is completely voluntary and runs on trust. The admins are here to facilitate the exchange, but cannot be held responsible for any member failing to follow through.

    SPECIAL NOTE: This thread is simultaneously a place to gauge interest for other areas as well as match people up from around the world. Please be aware that there are no guarantees for how many people may be
    able to participate outside of the aforementioned regions, as this options has not been previously utilized. Please bear with us while we try this out!

    Admin: @LoZelda

  • misakithecute


    #33341790 - 2 years ago

    ah...I'd like to sign up. I'm in South Africa. Guess I'm the only one? So far. 

  • LoZelda

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    #33342189 - 2 years ago

    In reply to misakithecute

    Are you one of the two people from South Africa who's participated in the past? Because if not, there have been others! If that doesn't happen, we'll come up with a solution for you :)

  • misakithecute


    #33342636 - 2 years ago

    In reply to LoZelda I'm not. This is my first time. I'll go try find the others now! xD Thank you!

  • dipitybiggs


    #33349454 - 2 years ago

    I would like to participate. I am in Japan. ☺