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  • cyberdork117

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    #33634238 - 1 year ago

    Nothing too special but none the less it needs said what type of etiquette is expected with in this community.

    1. No blatant offensive language and behavior directed maliciously towards another individual. We all cuss, its a fact of life but attacking people has no place in this community. We are all hear to be friendly and happy.

    2. No intentional misgendering of any individual. Accidents happen, we all do it even those who are transgender. Just try your best and it is appreciated! blush

    3. Ask Pronouns if you aren't sure! It's a common misconception that someone who is transgender is offended when asked their pronouns but most appreciate the thought and willingness to make sure they are comfortable!

    4. Be respectful to everyone to the best of your ability. 

    5. Allies are always welcome! This isn't just a community for those who are gender-queer anyone that is questioning or even just an ally has a place among us.

    (Subject to change and addition.)