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  • snchider


    #30325336 - 10 years ago

    I am a lvl 87 member on runescape.I have played for 3 years but I had my membership for 7 days.I am on a quest called a soul's bane and I do not know how to get through. who ever beat this quest please give me some tips or meet me on runecape in world 15.

  • Lockheed


    #30325337 - 10 years ago

    I would help you their but can't get on till later tomorrow. Try looking at a quest guide on Sal's Realm or Tip it. Another thing you can do is ask ExDeathevn. He's our quest guy in this group.

  • ExDeathevn


    #30325338 - 10 years ago

    Happy to help.

    A souls' bane is largely a combat quest, with little requirements except armor, food, and (super) antipoison. Keep at least three inventory slots free (you'll lose the rope once you use it on the Rift at the start of the quest).

    If you need specific help on a certain floor of the Soul's Bane dungeon, let me know or use one of the above walkthrough's conveniently linked to by Lockheed.

  • snchider


    #30325339 - 10 years ago

    thank you both i finished the quest but not i have another one temple of ikov

  • Tricked16


    #30325340 - 10 years ago

    For Temple of Ikov, I suggest you take a look at the Quest Guides on Zybez .net, they provide the requirements, what they think you should use depending on your level, and they also tell you the rewards you'll get =P. Good luck with your questing.

    **Vettrol 90**