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  • PaperGodzilla


    #33729964 - 6 days ago

    In reply to fallen_leader123 as long its not also a shot gun you should be fine but if your looking for  other weapons simlar to claws you may want to look at a Pata aka gauntlet swordGladiator Scissor,  Katar dagger,  or just some other type of Punching Dagger

    for the brass knuckles I might rcomend to other weapons a trench knife or Apache revolver

    In reply to FlameHaze001  its fine as I stated I was just putting stuff out for you to consider its your character best of luck.  also don't worry I also use ms paint for my weapon designs.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33729967 - 6 days ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    I would've hired an artist to draw fate's weapon but I can't afford it. If you're willing I could use help creating a semblance for fate.

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33729985 - 5 days ago

    In reply to FlameHaze001

    well i find that depending on how a character fight and in this case semblance will influential to the weapon like using an OC i have in the work's as a sample a semblance that make's 2 Mirag copy of the OC that can move around indepandantly but unable to touch any thing now at first it sound like a stupid power right? but if you add a hit and run stile of fighting that moves around a lot and also add a weapon that can come in different angels like a wip or a wip sword in my book that makes it powerful for it you lost track witch one is the real one well you can probably see why it a nasty combo.

  • fallen_leader123


    #33730014 - 5 days ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    That Apache revolver suggestion was a good one. Thanks!

  • RWBYDarkGenesis


    #33730058 - 5 days ago

    In reply to jVictor Thanks they should be fix now :)

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33730120 - 5 days ago

    In reply to user-5a98361f8663d  decoy can be very useful in combat.  

    In reply to fallen_leader123 with the folding weapons of RWBY you could have the the weapon extended a barrel to becoming a full revolver. You could do the same with blades for either claws or knifes.   Also are you think of going with a single weapon to free the other hand or  duel wielding so their is a weapon for each hand?

    In reply to FlameHaze001 sure the site is here to help you create your character. there is even a topic focused on  Original Semblances.

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33730122 - 5 days ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    i know decoy powers are useful in battle but if you also add  a weapon that can come at you from any direction like a whip or chain sword then it be down right nasty.

    pic this you fighting 3 but 2 are fakes and from the corner of you eye you see an attack coming at you and you try to block it but not only it just go's past you like a ghost but you but you also left your self open wide open on your other side. 

    that is why i stated the right combo's can become nasty as hell depending on each deterrent combos.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33730128 - 5 days ago

    I understood how you were using it, decoy was just the easiest way of saying it. 

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33730147 - 5 days ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    I've watched too much Haikyuu to hear the word 'decoy' and not instantly think of Hinata.

  • FeelingFeline


    #33730264 - 3 days ago

    All OCs are bad civilisation

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33730265 - 3 days ago

    In reply to FeelingFeline W-what-

    What does this mean?

  • Th3_R3n3g4d3


    #33730271 - 3 days ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    I have no idea.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33730274 - 3 days ago

    Does anyone know if rin is still actively making oc's or writing more chapters for chroma?

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    In reply to user-5a98361f8663d

    I'm gonna take some time too think it over and come up with a fitting semblance for fate. 

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33730285 - 3 days ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    My best guess is that it's suppose to be a joke about how OCs tend to get a bad rep.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33730304 - 3 days ago

    update on an old character changed several thing from the old draft

    Name: Daisy Tan


    Age:  26


    Sex: female


    Race: Fanus coyote (coyote feet)


    color: yellow & Tan


    character source: Coyote, Native American mythical figure who stole fire and gave it to humanity


    Symbol  several triangles that make an image of a sitting coyote hycog0Lt-jmKY1TfMEIDwJFiPRGdWp-iMjZjaONj

    Appearance: Daisy is average high has long curly brown hair a lean figure. She has long legs that end in a set of coyote feet with that dog leg bend of the back legs starting were the foot would be.  she dose not wear shoes. She usually wears knotted yellow blouse over a coyote tan military type tank top and tan shorts. With a gun belt and hip holster for her weapon.

    Weapon: infernal dash.  A large caliber automatic pistol.  With a large ring shaped spindle attached to the front.  The weapon changes into a Kyoketsu-shoge. The ring detached and unspools a rope it contains. Two blades extended out the back of pistol the barrel becomes the handle of the knife.  When the ring is held and the blade is swung or thrown the gun can be fired from the ring to assist the flight of the blade to to attack.

    Semblance:Hot Foot   it's a speed enhancing power that feeds on fire and heat.  it works like Nora's strength that increase with electricity.  when using it flames appear around her feet. With enough fire the character could match ruby and Mercury.  the weakness is that since her speed is externally fueled it can run down or even out of fuel. when hit with fire her speed increase but she loose speed when hit with ice or water.

    Personality:Daisy is creative and cunning she enjoys good jokes and the simple things in life. She is always trying to find something positive in any situation, it how she survives the worse thing in her life.   Daisy is someone who enjoy her freedom she is not comfortable in large crowds. There are times when she likes being alone enjoying her own company it helps her clear her head.

    History: Daisy grew up in the wilds of Vacuo her family ran a ranch raising livestock. It was a tough life fighting the elements, the grim and bandits to eek out a liveing despite this Daisy loved the ranch the open spaces and the independents. Her family did well the ranch was succeeding and it was a happy time for them.

    Things changed when representatives of the Schnee dust company found a large dust deposit on their land.  The representatives tricked her father into signing away the mineral rights of the land. The family tried to keep the ranch going but as the schnee dust company started mining it ruined the land and the ranch went under.  The family tried to fight it but there was no one in authority who would take their side. Having been the victim of powerful men and not having anyone to turn to Daisy saw becoming a huntress as a way to become someone others could turn to for help.

    Daisy enroll into Atlas academy she met her partner Rosa Eden and they became members of team ARTK.  Their team never really full bonded ARTK struggled through the academy but made it, like many atlas students they ended up working with the Atlas’s military.  The team leader got them a mission to keep order during a miners strike at a Schnee mine. The situation went bad and people got hurt Daisy realized this was not why she had become a huntress. Daisy found her partner Rosa felt the same way they both wanted to help people not be tools for Atlas and the rich.  Daisy found a new path and ending up join Jhett Vulcans jada usaki to become a group of wondering huntress and teachers focused on helping the people living in the wilderness the ones the kingdoms forget about.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33730320 - 3 days ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla Wait...what makes you group in Mercury with Ruby? Have they been shown to even be remotely similar in speed?

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33730338 - 3 days ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    There was that one time in season 3 where Mercury and Ruby had a very brief face off (right at the beginning of Pyhra's fight against Penny), and Ruby tried to use her semblance to get away, but Mercury just kicked her back. So maybe he's not as fast in terms of running, but maybe in terms of reaction time and agility?

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33730354 - 3 days ago

    Okay, I've been kicking some ideas around for a while and I think I've got enough figured out to start posting them. I've got the broad strokes of a four person team ready, but since they belong to an original group as well I'm going to post my background on the group first. I'm going to say right now: I can't draw a straight line with a ruler and I don't know anyone who I could ask to draw for me so at present there aren't going to be any drawings, sketches, etc.

    Nomad Huntsmen/Wanderers

    While “Huntsmen” in the modern sense was not an occupation until after the Great War, even before the war there were people who dedicated their lives to fighting the creatures of Grimm. Indeed, in the years before the war each kingdom could boast of several family lines, almost clans, that had dedicated themselves to fighting the Grimm for generations.

    Obviously, any person who could reliably hold their own against the Grimm was a skilled fighter, and when the war came all of the Kingdoms sought to have members of these “hunter clans”, as they were sometimes called, join their armies. While many readily answered their Kingdom’s call, many others refused, knowing that a war of this magnitude would draw the Grimm as never before and fearing that if they let themselves be drawn into the war their Kingdoms would suffer as the Grimm went unopposed.

    At first, the wishes of those that declined to fight were respected, for most clans were well-respected and held considerable influence, but as the war dragged on more and more pressure was brought to bear on the hold outs to join the fight, until one day they did the unexpected. They left.

    While the Kingdoms had known that the various clans were aware of each other’s existence, even across the four Kingdoms, none of them had realized that the clans had remained in contact, even during the war. The factions of each clan that had refused to join the war had been corresponding for some time, and they had begun to fear that no matter the outcome of the war, the Kingdoms would still seek to use them as elite soldiers against any enemy they wished, not just the Grimm they had sworn to fight. And so, as one, they left their Kingdoms, swearing to dedicate their lives solely to battling the Grimm, not to the petty political squabbling of the Kingdoms.

    At the time many scoffed at the idea, believing that the “deserters” would soon perish in the wilds, but as the war raged on reports continued to come in of mysterious figures who would appear at a battlefield or town the Grimm were beginning to swarm, slaying the beasts and then departing as quickly as they had come. Even after the King of Vale brought an end to the war and the new peace accords had been signed at Vytal, these “renegade hunters” still refused to return to the fold, stating that from now on they would protect the people of Remnant as a whole and that they would not be bound to a particular Kingdom and its politics.

    As the years passed the “Nomads”, as they began to call themselves, continued to evolve and grow. Shortly after their exodus an organizational structure of sorts was formed, with all the clans of a given Kingdom merging into a sort of “tribe”. Each tribe was headed up by a council, chosen by its members, that oversaw the clan and met with the councils of the other three tribes to discuss issues of overall policy. Despite being so divided, the Nomads have remained at their core a single entity, sharing the same goals and policies.

    As their numbers grew, some members of the various tribes eventually moved back into the Kingdoms, starting businesses that allowed them to purchase the supplies their tribes needed. By now each Kingdom has several well-established businesses that are actually run by Nomads, covertly funneling supplies and information to their comrades out in the field. Currently, families with young children tend to live in the Kingdoms, working for or running the businesses while their kids grow up, while most active Hunters live in small roving communities that move throughout the Kingdoms, tracking the movements of the Grimm and attempting to keep watch on as many of the small settlements as they can.

    While the Nomads’ community remains very insular, they are not completely closed off from the world. They frequently interact with the small settlements scattered throughout the Kingdoms and will sometimes take a prospective recruit for training if they volunteer. Most official Huntsmen are aware of their existence, although not all of them like the idea of “wandering huntsmen”. The two current mandates of the Nomads are “protect the people of Remnant” and “stay out of the political affairs of the Kingdoms”, and in accordance with this Nomads will also sometimes hunt down a particularly vicious bandit gang or a rogue Huntsman who has begun using his skills for criminal purposes addition to fighting Grimm. This has given the tribes a mixed reputation among official Huntsmen, although no one has ever been able to prove the tribes were behind one of these “disappearances”. 

    A strongly debated topic among the Nomads is what, if anything, should be done about the White Fang. Many argue that the White Fang is, at its core, a political movement and thus involvement is prohibited by their mandate, but many others point to the increasing trend of violence as proof that the White Fang is becoming a threat to the people of Remnant. As of yet nothing has been decided on the issue, and Hunter teams have been ordered to not interfere with the White Fang unless they pose an immediate threat to civilians.

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33730356 - 3 days ago

    And here's my first character. Feedback would be very much appreciated, just keep any criticism constructive, there's a button if you just want to say I suck.

    Team Leader

    Name: Bennu Huma (Two early names for a phoenix)

    Codename: Firebrand

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Hair Color: Bright red

    Eye Color: Yellow, sometimes compared with the eyes of a hawk

    Race: Faunus

     -Faunus traits: Bright red and yellow feathers in his hair and down his arms; pupils become vertical slits in bright light

    Weapon: Talons of the Phoenix; Two one-handed khopesh (sickle) swords. Each sword can be infused with Fire Dust, causing the blades to burst into flames and allowing the wielder to send out short bursts of fire with a cut or thrust. The sickle portions of the blades can be launched forward and then retracted like grappling hooks, allowing the wielder to cover ground quickly or snag and draw in an opponent.

    Semblance: “Rebirth” Originally this Semblance was seen as a handicap, as Bennu was unable to manifest a defensive Aura. However, after a particularly intense training session led to Bennu getting a deep cut, it was discovered that his healing Aura was far stronger than normal, as the cut healed in seconds and seemed to have no ill effect. Additionally, he found that after healing from a significant wound, he became faster, stronger, and more agile for a time, although he became exhausted after the effect wore off. While little deliberate testing has been done on the upper limits of this ability, due to the fact Bennu must be wounded to trigger it, the broad strokes of its power and limits have been worked out through observation. Bennu’s Aura, while incapable of manifesting as a defensive shield, is far more effective at healing than that of even an exceptionally strong Huntsman. It has actually been speculated that it is always active to some degree, as a blow that would stagger or stun an ordinary person has little effect. Once wounded, Bennu experiences a brief surge of Aura that quickly heals even serious injuries, and then exhibits greatly increased physical attributes. The more grievous the injury, the stronger he can become, although this also causes the effect to wear off sooner and leaves him in a much more exhausted state. Thus, while a shallow wound will only give him a slight boost, that boost can last up to 10 minutes without significantly impairing him afterwards; while receiving a deep wound to the abdomen will result in a massive boost that will last for roughly a minute and leave Bennu exhausted, possibly to the point of fainting. It is unlikely this semblance would allow Bennu to regenerate a severed limb or survive an immediately fatal wound (heart, head, neck).

    Symbol: A phoenix rising from flames

    Fighting Style: Skirmisher; With close-combat weapons and no defensive Aura, Bennu relies on quickly finishing a fight while being quick and agile, dodging around attacks and using his Talons to deflect what he can’t dodge or to pull him out of trouble with the grappling hooks. Unlike many Huntsmen, Bennu uses light armor: a leather cuirass, bracers, and greaves. The armor pieces are not actually meant to stop a direct attack, instead they are meant to deflect a glancing blow and take most of the damage from a direct hit, causing only a shallow wound that will quickly heal and trigger Bennu’s Semblance. Despite the benefits of deliberately taking a deep wound to strongly activate his Semblance, Bennu avoids doing this unless he is certain he can then immediately bring the fight to a close in response. While Bennu can generally overwhelm an opponent quickly, particular after his Semblance has triggered, if an opponent can withstand his onslaught they will likely gain an advantage once his Semblance wears off. One interesting characteristic of Bennu’s Semblance is that his feathers glow red once it triggers and the glow grows stronger as he receives a larger boost and then wanes as the boost wears off.

    Personality: Good-natured, outgoing, upbeat, and strong willed, Bennu has steadfastly refused to be ashamed of the fact that he is a Faunus. Knowing that there would be people who would look down on him and expect little from him, Bennu strives to be able to meet and exceed any challenge or obstacle put before him. While this has made him strong and smart, as he spent most of his youth training and studying, it also means he can be reckless at times. While not impulsive or easily goaded, once Bennu has committed to something he does not back down easily, even if he is in over his head.

    History: Bennu was not born into the Nomads but was instead born in a small settlement of Faunus that had settled in Atlas, hoping to start a Dust company that would allow them to provide Menagerie with a source of ethically produced Dust. Unfortunately, Jacques Schnee worked hard to block this, creating a great deal of bad feeling on both sides. Eventually, inevitably, the enmity between the settlement and the people Jacques sent to block their operations drew the Grimm. A patrol of Nomad Hunters were the closest ones to the attack and the first to respond, but by the time they arrived nearly everyone was dead or scattered. After destroying the Grimm, they searched the ruins for survivors and found one, a young Faunus boy. Bennu. With all of the other settlers either dead or scattered, a couple from the patrol about to retire from active service took the boy in. The couple retired from hunting and took over a successful shipping company the Nomads had been running for years, adopting Bennu as their son.

    While his home life was comfortable and happy, he was ostracized by his peers, most of whom were the children of other successful business owners. The parents of those children had little use for Faunus besides as a source of cheap labor, and this attitude typically carried over to their children. Despite the fact that most people treated him with attitudes from dismissive on down, Bennu maintained a positive outlook and a determination to be a great Hunter like his adoptive parents. Ignoring the slurs directed at him, Bennu dedicated himself to being the best he could be, to proving that those who looked down on him were wrong. Despite having no defensive Aura, he trained hard and overcame this weakness to become one of the brightest Hunters in training among the Atlas Nomads, eventually being nominated team leader of his training team.

    Traveling with his team to watch the Vytal Tournament at Vale, Bennu witnessed the Fall of Beacon firsthand. As the Grimm and White Fang began to flood the city, he ordered his team to spread out and protect the people of Vale. As he worked to evacuate citizens, he encountered a group of White Fang led by Adam Taurus. Adam was disgusted to see a Faunus defending humans, just as Bennu was disgusted to see Faunus involved in an atrocity like this. They fought, and while Bennu’s Semblance let him hold his own he knew he couldn’t beat Adam. Refusing to surrender, Bennu fought Adam for as long as he could before, reaching farther with his semblance than he ever had before. Finally, his strength at its peak but draining quickly, Bennu collapsed a damaged building between him and Adam, preventing Adam from pursuing the fleeing citizens. Barely conscious, Bennu managed to get an SOS signal out to his team before collapsing. After spending two weeks recovering his strength, he learned that the Nomad councils were still split on the issue of the White Fang, despite their involvement in the Fall. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he split his team in two, with him and one other tracking evidence of White Fang activities on Menagerie while the other two attempt to gather more information on Adam’s allies, hoping that at least one team can find enough evidence about the White Fang’s activities to convince the councils to take action.

    Appearance: On first seeing Bennu, a person will notice one of two things: either his feathers or how well-dressed he is. Bennu dresses casually but well, with a button-up collared shirt in a color that accents his feathers, typically red, and pressed khakis. His hair is well kept and cut to accent his feathered crest.

    Quote: "Go ahead. Tell me I can't succeed. Tell me I will never be good enough. Tell me all the things I can never be, all the dreams I can never achieve. That's all just fuel for the fire. The more you try to tear me down, the more determined I become to prove you wrong."

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33730360 - 3 days ago

    In reply to FlameHaze001 If you don't mind the new guy butting in, one thing I'd consider for the semblance is some ability to predict the future, see probabilities, or assess options, particularly with a name like "Fate". You said she's a bit manipulative and her weapon is a sniper rifle, so a semblance that helps her plan or prepare would help her figure out what to do or say, or how to get that long shot just right.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33730364 - 3 days ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    I don't consider myself a formal OC reviewer, but I'll give this a read through and see what advice I can give.

    Name: Fits the color rule, no complaints here.

    Hair and eye color: Why not just list his eye and hair color with his 'Appearance' section?

    Faunas Trait: Faunas can only have one animal trait. Either his pupils dilate, or he has feathers. It can't be both. Also, I assume he's a cardinal faunas? It's helpful to list what kind of faunas he is. And he's can't be a phoenix faunas because as far as we know, mythical creature faunas aren't a thing. And before you say "Brother Uma from the White Fang had dragon wings", those could have been bat wings.

    Weapon: The name's a bit of a mouthful, but other than that it seems ok.

    Semblance: I'm not so sure about the idea of him just NOT having a defensive aura. That's kind of it's primary function, and while we've seen plenty of evidence that different people have different amounts of aura, there has been NO evidence that someone who's trained with their aura could ever be incapable of generating a defensive aura. Can they struggle to get use to generating a defensive aura? Yes. We see that during the season 5 training scene between Oscar/Ozpin and Ruby. But that very same episode implied that unlocking a semblance specifically comes AFTER the person can generate a defensive aura. It's like comparing a level 1 spell to a level 2 spell. You can't learn 'Use Semblance' until after you've learned 'Generate Defensive Aura'.

    Fighting style: Why not list the stuff about the armor in the 'Appearance' section?

    History: Nothing about how the death of his original family affected him?! A small child isn't go to instantly be happy-go-lucky immediately after his original parents were killed! I'm not saying to make him a 2edgy4u character, that's one of the biggest no-no's of character creation, but there should be SOME negative reaction! Even if his original parents were abusive and he won't miss them, there should have at least been a phase of shock! And how is it that a little kid was the only survivor of the grimm attack? Were there seriously NO huntsmen on site to defend against potential grimm attacks? Were there no adults that had even a tiny bit of combat training that fared a bit better?! I know cannon had two kids (Ren and Nora) be the only known survivors of a massive grimm attack, but 1. Key word there is KNOWN. Other people might have managed to run away or hide or SOMETHING and we just don't know there were other survivors because Ren and Nora were the only survivors the plot cared about. and 2. Even if Ren and Nora were the ONLY survivors, it's explained HOW. Ren's semblance kept them hidden from the grimm until the attack had passed. If a little kid is going to be the ONLY survivor of a grimm attack that killed adults, who would logically be better able to defend themselves, there has to be a very good reason WHY.

    Appearance: What about his height? His build? Skin tone? Does he have any distinguishing marks like a scar or freckles? Are there any accessories he always keeps on him at all times, like a memento or good luck charm of sorts? What about his shoes? Does he where dress shoes? Sandals? Hiking boots? Combat boots? Sneakers? Elaborate!

    Overall, not bad. Needs work in a few areas, and the personality is fairly one-note, but a little extra detail and a few re-works here and there and it should be fine. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta try to figure out how to make a rope-dart/knife weapon that isn't going to seem too similar to the one we see in season 3 episode 1 (for about a half second).

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33730375 - 3 days ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety Thanks for the feedback. I'm definitely going to rework and expand this profile. Part of the weirdness comes from the fact that at first I tried to write it like a dossier on him, but I think I'm going to scrap that. I'm sticking with Semblance because my concept for the team is they all had some disadvantage that made people think they couldn't be Hunters and they all pulled through anyways. I'll give some more details there once I have all their names figured out and can make a team name. Plus, I felt the Semblance played well with the phoenix theme, as in most lore I've seen a phoenix does die before it comes back, and I also drew some inspiration from Rock Lee of the Naruto anime, the ninja who can't do ninjutsu. Is there an upper limit to what's an acceptable post size, because writing both posts out took the better part of 5 Word pages, and I don't want to make people read through a novel every time I post. 

    Also, for your rope dart, maybe combine a rope dart with a grappling gun, so they can load the dart into the gun to hit a distant target, then eject the cord so they can better manipulate it?

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33730376 - 3 days ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety PS Thoughts on the Nomad concept? If it has any big areas that need polished, I want to know early so I can fix it before all my character get tangled up in there too.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33730382 - 3 days ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    I specifically try to stay away from guns as much as possible, for three reasons. 1. I know it's a running gag that "Every weapon in RWBY is also a gun", so I feel the need to exclude guns from my OC weapons so it's not just another gun to the insane pile that cannon alone has made. 2. I know nothing about guns and therefor could not explain any weapon that is part gun. And believe me, I've tried to research guns before, but every source I found when I searched "different types of guns" or something like that just ended up confusing me more because it kept using terminology that I didn't understand (for crying out loud, is a "barrel" the part where the bullets are stored before they're fired, or the part the bullet travels through when the trigger is pulled before leaving the gun!?). And 3. (and this is a massive factor with the OC I'm currently working on) I prefer weapons to be elegant, and guns, in my opinion, are not elegant. I like the combat in RWBY because the combat looks like dancing (the white trailer is my favorite out of the original trailers for this exact reason), but with guns, zero movement is required for use. Sun's weapon is an exception because he fires off the gun as part of the swinging movement for his nun-chucks. Rope darts on the other hand are extremely good for the fighting styles I prefer: Long flowing movements, and a lot of versatility. The dart alone allows for stabbing, and if it's also a knife it could be used for typical knife fighting, but the rope also allows for entangling opponents, strangle-hold tactics, or utilizing surroundings (example: throwing the rope over a tree branch and grabbing the other end so the user can lift themself off the ground for a moment to kick their opponent).

    As for the nomad concept as a whole, that's something I can't really see any problems with. It's a little speculative, so you'd probably have to classify it as an AU thing rather than an Elsewhere story, but I read the whole thing, and it makes sense. I especially like how you addressed that they're conflicted on how to handle the White Fang. That's provided an answer to a question I hadn't even thought to ask.

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33730385 - 3 days ago

    well the way how i think up an oc for rwby is first i of a fight with a fighting stile to get the feel of the base of the oc let use Blade & Soul's Kung Fu Master to make it easy.

    then i try adding a personalty to the siloet of the OC and then add fetchers that clicks well with it gender/hair color what ever and after that well it rilly up in the air at this point.

    all and all there a ton of way to "think up" a OC this is just my way of make one fast and easy.