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    #33731712 - 6 months ago

    well with her backstory she is a weapon specialist who is more gifted with ranged weapons. So she is more professional personality wise. Her last name is Jade so her color scheme is green. Cyan should work well too.

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    #33731718 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    from what i bluntly got is that you want a something like a summoning power but with a twist.

    well i dont know this will help but why not have playing cards be part of it like it be like weiss knight but depending on the card with change it like the suit's with change the weapon or element and if you want to go further the numbers will be how strong it will be.

    but i can be wrong on what your asking but hay i don't mind if you diysect this idea to help you to make yours.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33731722 - 6 months ago

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    .....I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about right now.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33731726 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jwebb1115 hoods are currently in for archers right now kind of a Green arrow look but that might be to generic.   I would look archery equipment  and incorporate them into your design there are traditional outfits as well like English long bowmen or Japanese Kyūdō the martial art of archery.  I would incorporate archers chest guard into the outfit  its a type of protective equipment unique to archery.

    now for my own stuff. I am working on my team of villains right now here is the initial idea with names and character inspirations.

    Lady Alice Bloom.  Lady Alice is a type of apple so its a references to apple blossom color pink and red. The apple is a references to  the serpent and the fruit of knowledge.

    Snow Lilly is just a Snow Lilly for  the flower and white for the color. The character references is to milady de winter the spy and  antagonist from 3 musketeers. The lilly  is a reference to the fleur-de-lie of France.

    Arum Titan   The corps flower and the color purple.  The Character references is  for Cronus the head of the titans  over thrown by his children and trapped in Tartarus till he frees himself.

    Freya Bell  the Freya bell flower color blue.  the character references is to Freya the head of the Valkyries a goddess of  gold, war, love, death and fertility 

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    #33731727 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    In reply to user-5a98361f8663d I think that was for me. In response, I was trying to keep the theme of summoning something more human, without getting into the whole issue of souls and the afterlife and how Dust ties in. I actually half considered that the cards were just a prop the person used to make people think they couldn't just summon on the spot. Playing cards are an interesting idea, but there's a lot more flavor in tarot, plus two of us recently posted weapons that either were or were based on playing cards, so a third set would get a bit stale.

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    #33731729 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jwebb1115 If she's a professional, no-nonsense business type you might want to take a look at what Winter is wearing during Volume 3 and see if that gives you any ideas, or what people are wearing at the art reception in Volume 4. One important factor is how much emphasis does she place on mobility? If she needs to be quick and agile, she's going to either need pants or a short skirt. Otherwise you have a lot of creative room. If she's a professional and serious person, I'd avoid bright colors in her clothes, but maybe give her a jade accessory or two.

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  • PaperGodzilla


    #33731869 - 6 months ago

    Name: Rosa Eden

    Age: 26

    Color: pink

    Character inspiration: the angel who defends the garden of eden with a flaming sword

    job: Huntress and Teacher

    Symbol:  a blooming rose with thorns behind it. made up of a series of pentagon and bud at center


    Appearances: green eyes blond hair kept up with a ribbon. Combat outfit is a traditional kendo outfit dark pink Hakama pants and a lighter pink kendo gi.

    Weapon: Kasai toge (fire thron) a short jo Staff. Seemingly made of wood with a few joints that are locked in place in staff form.  The weapon folds into a rolling block rifle. The metal barrel extends from one end of the staff and the other end folds and shifts down to become the butt of the rifle. The jo staff offers many options in combat being able to be used like a sword or a short staff.

    The rifle its based on is a breech loading single shot rifle. She loads each shot individually the weapon either takes single rifle bullets for distant shooting and ease of use in combat or it can take dust packs, like Wieses weapon, giving it more versatility and shots for one round but at the cost of range and accuracy.  In staff form the beach mechanism is move to the center of the staff the gun can still be fired and with the nature of the staff she can strike gun barrel end and fire on impact like a boom stick or strike with the other end use the gun to add force to the strike by firing out the bottom.

    Semblance:  sword clone:  Her aura records the movement of other fighters aura so every blow and attack directed at her is learned.  Then she is able to a summon a clones of people she has fought. The clones can only use the moves and attacks that were learned when they fought against the summoner.  The clone is not controlled by Summoner it run a program of memorized moves fighting like the person it was cloned from so the summoner can continue to fight on their own they just designated a target for the clone.  Each summons is temporary they can only exist as long as the as the aura can stay together, they can be struck down. The clones can copy moves and attacks but not semblances or use dust. they can only do physical attacks so if the attacker had used a fireball the clone shoots a blast that looks like a fireball but only has physical impact. Each summons is a one time thing once they have been used they can not be created again unless they are recorded again.  Example if she fought ruby she could then summon a ruby clone but to summon another one she would have to fight ruby again to learn the moves to clone her again. Also the act of summoning takes time and energy.

    For a visual effect I'm picturing a large flower appears then blooms open revealing the clone as it fights the clone sheds energy like flower petals drifting away till it fades to nothing, if given a serious blow it explodes in a shower of petals


    Fighting style:  Rosa treats combat like a dance she  moves gracefully and swiftly, fighting with grace and poise. She stays calm and collected during battles.  Rosa fights defensively in melee combat she relies on her skill to frustrate her opponent's attacks, then take advantage of any opening they give her. In range combat she is more tactical preferring precision shooting or using dust magic to throw off the enemy.

    Personality:Rosa is like the flower she is named for at first glances she pretty and soft but this mask the thorn. Rosa personality is a defense mechanism she developed over time to protect herself. On first meeting she seem very feminine and soft enjoying pretty things and pampering.  She prefers to hide her intelligences and abilities so people underestimate her. Rosa doesn't let many people get close to her she prefers they see the soft exterior and not the strength underneath.

    History:  Rosa is the illegitimate child  her father is head of a powerful Atlas family and her mother ther head gardener Lily Eden.  This fact was kept secret from Rosa and the world for many years. She was told her father was a soldier who died fighting the grim. Rosa was raised in the servants quarters and the hydroponic gardens of the estate. As a young child she played with the legitimate heiress of the family neither of the girls knew they were half sisters. As they got older the similarity in their appearances started to show they were nearly identical excepts for their hair one blond the other red.  To keep the secret Rosa was sent away to a combat boarding school in Vale and not allowed to come home.

    This was a rough time for rosa sent away from the only life and family she had know to live in a new place, she was told she couldn’t go back, she felt betrayed by everyone she thought would’ve protector her.  Rosa took this experience and internalized she would rely on herself from this point on. Rosa took the time at the school to reshape herself. She focused on training, becoming as technically proficient a fighter as she could,  Rosa developed personal barriers and mask to prevent people from getting to close. When she was old enough and it came time to decide what academy she wanted to go to Rosa decide it was time to go back home so she applied and got into Atlas academy.

    Returning to atlas was not the  homecoming she had expected many things had changed.  Upon arriving she ran into he half sister even ending up one the same team, team Arctic ARTC  under her sisters leadership. At first rosa thought this would be a good thing but her friend had grown cold over the years apart and now looked down on Rosa as someone reaching above her station. As team leader she made Rosa life at atlas as hard as she could but instead of driving Rosa away it strengthened her resolve. Rosa did everything she could to show up her sister, studying and training hard to prove herself.  Rosa did find one allie at Atlas her partner Daisy Tan another outsider. Although their team ARTK never developed good team dynamic Rosa and Daisy developed a great partnership Rosas exacting precision and Daisy wild unpredictability made them an odd pair to fight against. They made through the years at Atlas but on their last mission things went wrong their team leader made several mistakes that lead to the death of many civilians and one of the huntresses sent to watch over them. Their team leader went mad from this incident, instead of taking responsibility she blamed rosa for the screw up and claimed she was a curse and in her madness she revealed to Rosa the truth of their relationship as half sisters. After the incident Rosa need to get away from it all. She joined her partner Daisy Tan and another survivor of the battle Jada Usagi and went out into the wilderness. Eventually they joined up with older hunter Jhett Vulcan and join his mission of teaching and defending the people outside the kingdoms. They would become known as team JJET.

    Notes: so Rosa is based on the bible story of the angel who guards eden with a flaming sword.

    - Rosa is pink in Spanish and Eden is a direct references to garden of eden

    -rosa eden is also a type of climbing pink and white rose usually cultivated to grow and conceal garden fences. So fits with the garding a garden.

    -I keep changing the sisters name in my head so I tried to leave the sisters name out of the background..

    The Original character idea was going to have a flaming sword like the bible story but I like that a jo staff can be used like a sword and with a gun within it can fire into its target with a trust.  I also changed the semblances and the looks of the character as well. I tried to fixs something in the background but their still issues. I either try to put into much or to little and my writing skills are not up to either options.

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  • Monodramatic


    #33732103 - 6 months ago

    In reply to jVictor

    Gawain is Gawinning

    Praise my peerless wit mortals

  • PandaBrady


    #33732134 - 6 months ago

    So, since I cant find my old DUST team, I reworked them. I am not in front of a computer to add them though.

    Team DHST

    Dusty Moon (Coyote Faunus. Uses a Falchion-Lever Action Shot Gun)

    Sherry Hezard (Jackal Faunus. Uses dual Khopesh Guns that merge into a Fan Axe Sniper)

    Svana Lach (Swan Faunus that lost her wings. Uses a Pata Arm Dust Caster)

    Tallis Kindlewood (a quiet girl that can never seem to stay warm. Uses an Axe Flamethrower.)

    Dusty Moon is based on an old Indian legend I heard when I was young. The Coyote calls to the moon because they were once lovers, but now the moon must remain in the sky to illuminate the night, and until they see each other again, the Coyote sings its song to her. (Paraphrased)

    Sherry Hezard is kinda obvious. Scherezade, a clever woman that was known for telling 1001 nights worth of stories to a king. The full story is a little more... odd.

    Svana Lach is based on Swan Lake. Cursed by an evil sorcerer to become a swan except in the moon's reflection of a lake.

    Tallis Kindlewood is based on the Little Match Stick Girl. A very sad tale of a girl that hallucinates and dies in the cold winter.

    Any suggestions? Changes? As of right now anyways. I'll do the full version later. Also need to think of some good Semblances for them.

  • Monodramatic


    #33732185 - 6 months ago

    In reply to PandaBrady

    Besides Dusty Moon not sounding like a name even in the context of the RWBY-verse, nothing is offensively bad here.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33732188 - 6 months ago

    In reply to PandaBrady, Monodramatic  has a point I would look for a name that means moon. here are some names that mean moon

  • PandaBrady


    #33732190 - 6 months ago

    In reply to PaperGodzilla

    So, Dusty Jace? How's that sound? Jace is Native American for Moon according to your list.

    Oh, or Dusty Muraco.

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33732194 - 6 months ago

    I like Dusty Muraco personally.  Jace seems more like a first name but go with what you like.  I use a lot of google searches when looking for names  search by names that mean, colors, plant, gems and thing like that.    baby name sites are also very useful because the will usually have list of names that sound like or are similar too. 

  • PandaBrady


    #33732205 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Monodramatic

    Sky Lark is though? I'm joking. 

  • Ace-of-Rogues

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    #33732210 - 6 months ago

    In reply to PandaBrady I really don't see a problem with "Dusty Moon". It's a little out there, but so are most RWBY names. Also, it just flows better than "Dusty Muraco".

  • Monodramatic


    #33732214 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    "Dusty Moon" sounds silly because the name is a combination of an adjective and a noun, thus it forms a phrase. "A Dusty Moon". It doesn't sound natural - if anything, more like some kind of codename - and the only name that does this in the show is Weiss Schnee, "White snow". Weiss Schnee works because it's in another language, so to a vast majority of the audience that doesn't speak German as a first language, it doesn't sound like a phrase. 

    TL;DR: I'm a nitpicking loser, but it sounds like a silly name to me. Try to imagine that name being vocally announced in a tournament or something.

    Also, because you mentioned "most names in RWBY are out there", keep in mind that my argument is that the name sounds out of place compared to RWBY names, not real life names.

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    #33732217 - 6 months ago

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    I do, in fact, still live. Who are you, though?

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    #33732258 - 6 months ago

    In reply to c4ble Yeah, but it could be a while. I've got 4 characters roughed up already (I've posted profiles for two but they're being reworked), and I've got the starting concepts of 4 more, and that Semblance currently doesn't fit any of them. Still, I definitely want to do something with that.

  • PandaBrady


    #33732268 - 6 months ago

    In reply to c4ble

    It is a very interesting idea. I do like it. But I'm not sure how to implement it properly. I'll explain fully later down the line.

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    #33732286 - 6 months ago

    I'm back from a week-long vacation. What'd I miss?

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    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    Perhaps "Dusty" can just be a nickname for "Dustin".