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  • FlameHaze001


    #33737692 - 1 month ago

  • FlameHaze001


    #33737693 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Malochroma

    My ocs are still a work in progress.


    Name: Slifer Mikado.

    Color: Mikado yellow.

    Allusions: The many-banded krait.

    Team: Team SLFR (Note: pronounced as sulfur)

    Organization: None.

    School: Haven.

    Race: Faunus.

    Age: 19.

    Height: 185.42 cm.

    Weight: 145 Ibs.

    Symbol: a snake constricting the sun while devouring it's own tail (the image is located on my profile and can found in the images section)

    Appearance: Slifer is a slender young man with short, wild turquoise hair and emerald eyes.

    he wears a vibrant mikado yellow sleeveless jacket with two long thin tails hanging from the back,

    With a pair of ebony black trousers held up by three cyan belts. He refuses to wear a shirt

    he also wears a pair of cyan boots and two marigold gun holsters attached to the his second belt. He doesn't appear to be a faunus due to having retractable fangs.

    Personality: Slifer is quite cynical and nihilistic, He has no qualms with killing innocent people if the situation calls for it. He is known to be lazy and laid back lacking any sense of justice, but he is at the same time devoted and protective of those he deems worthy of his attention. Even a little childish to the point that it makes him hard to hate. He doesn't lie or tell half truths unless he deems it necessary. He is capable of being nice or showing kindness, but often ends up being sarcastic especially when he gives advice or tries to lighten the mood.

    History: Still a work in progress.

    Weapon: His weapons are krait and mamba a twin pair of apache revolvers combined with karambit knives.

    Semblance: He can secrete the sweat from his body as a toxic miasma to disorient or even kill his opponents if he isn't careful.

    Combat Skills/Fighting Style: Hwa Rang Do mixed with vovinam and krav maga.

    Trivia: His first name slifer is only temporary until I can find something more suiting.

    Likes: He enjoys pissing off his teammate lilith.

    Dislikes: He's not to fond of being punched by lilith's gauntlets. 


    Name: Lilith Venetian

    Color: Venetian red.

    Allusions: Saphir Himinn.

    Team: Team SLFR (Note: pronounced as sulfur)

    Organization: The nemesis foundation.

    School: Haven.

    Race: Faunus.

    Age: 19.

    Height: 164 cm.

    Weight: 40 kg.

    Symbol: A wrench and two cogs (the image is located on my profile in the images section)

    Appearance: Lilith has waist length bubblegum pink hair with two black hairpieces on opposite sides of her head and green eyes resembling a crows. she wears a pair of spectacles and a venetian red high-neck sports bra underneath her hooded lab coat with a venetian red micro mini skirt with side slits

    lowered enough to reveal her black underwear, and a white belt with a pair of white flat heel thigh boots.

    Personality: Lilith is a rather serious and cynical with no regard for emotions, and always strives to complete her missions without fail however, she can on rare occasions be quite personable, mostly around her friends or creations. She is displayed and perceived as cranky and foul-mouthed most of the time. due to her impatient nature and short attention span and has a belief that she is intellectually superior to those around her. She also displays signs of being aware of the racism displayed to her heritage as a faunus believing that people will show prejudice against her, However, as her teammate fate points out, Lilith is a good person at heart. Also she repeatedly shows that she will only resort to mass destruction in a worst-case scenario, preferring to minimize the casualties or to not have any at all. When she's working in her lab lilith likes to play metal or screamo music at ear-shattering volume.

    History: Still a work in progress.

    Weapon: Chronexia and Paradoxia a twin pair of gauntlets built by lilith to use the opponents own mass and gravity against them to push the opponent away or pull them towards the wielder, the gauntlets can also be used to deflect incoming projectiles. By overloading the gauntlets they can increase the gravity within a 3.048 meter range, however doing so will greatly injure or possibly kill the wielder.

    Semblance: she can project devastating concussive shock waves which she channels through her gauntlets to minimize damage.

    Combat Skills/Fighting Style: Lilith fights using a mix of kickboxing and taekwondo.

    Likes: Loud music, reading, sweets.

    Dislikes: Loud people and her teammate slifer mikado.


    Name: Fate Winters

    Color: White.

    Allusions: None.

    Team: Team SLFR (Note: pronounced as sulfur)

    Organization: Bloodhound.

    School: Haven.

    Race: Human.

    Age: 19.

    Height: 165 cm.

    Weight: 57 kg.

    Symbol: An inverted pentagram within a heart and a crucifix running through them. (Since my description isn't very good there's an image of her symbol posted on my profile)

    Appearance: Fate is a fair skinned young girl with crimson hair styled into a choppy bob cut and crimson eyes in her late teens with a feminine but muscular build. Her outfit consist of a white crop top shirt and white short shorts with knee high crimson metal plated boots. She also wears a crimson long coat and an open front white skirt which end above her shins with the top tied with a crimson ribbon. She also wears crimson elbow length fingerless gloves and she had her symbol tattooed in crimson on her left thigh.

    Personality: Fate has a rather mischievous personality she has a cold calculating side which can often lead to her making a blunt but accurate analysis of a person or situation. Although she generally is much calmer and more nonchalant. She is devious and manipulative picking up on subtleties about people and using them to her advantage. At times she can be very brazen and unrestrained in her actions. She may act deviously towards others but she has good intentions and means well. Fate has yet to unlock her semblance and this sometimes leads to outburst and tantrums of jealousy or frustration.

    History: Still a work in progress.

    Weapon: Yaldānacht a custom built sniper rifle which can transform into a gunspear.

    Semblance: Not yet unlocked for story reasons.

    Combat Skills/Fighting Style: Fate learned and combined jojutsu naginatajutsu and sojutsu with 

    acrobatics to create her fighting style which she named kirujutsu.

    Likes: Watching anime cooking playing pranks on friends.

    Dislikes: Being called a weeaboo and or weeboo people mocking her cooking and being on the receiving end of a prank.


    Name: Rust Otokonoko.

    Nickname: Rust the trap.

    Color: Rust.

    Allusions: Anime trope.

    Team: SLFR (Note: pronounced as sulfur)

    Organization: None.

    School: Haven.

    Race: Human.

    Age: 19

    Height: 142cm.

    Weight: 88 Ibs.

    Symbol: Sword through shield with two wings (image can found on my profile in the images section)

    Appearance: He has Marmalade orange eyes and shoulder length mahogany hair,

    which he keeps tied back and styled into choppy twin tails with two black hair clips and bows,

    as well as bangs that frame the sides of his face. He wears a mahogany vest with a rusty orange jacket consisting of two separate sleeves connected by a rusted plate at the back which covers his arms and is cut off showing his upper torso and midriff, with a ginger orange ruffled short skirt and matching skin-tight short spats underneath the skirt. He also wears a pair of mahogany pauldrons and bracers with rusty orange ballet shoes and ginger orange thigh stockings. Due to rust being petite in size and slender in figure as well his choice in fashion he is often mistaken for a young girl.

    Personality: he enjoys sexually teasing and flirting with both boys and girls alike and putting them in embarrassing situations, His teasing includes appearing before his teammates half naked or even asking one of them to undress him. he tends to talk playfully even when serious, so it can be difficult to determine just how seriously he is taking things. When in combat he tends to be fairly arrogant towards his opponents often mocking or teasing them. Rust believes himself to be a princess of high esteem and usually gets upset when told otherwise. He despises the nickname rust the trap, given to him after he was exposed by a rival team on live television.

    History: Still a work in progress.

    Weapon: Dornröschen and Aschenputtel a twin pair of retractable bracer mounted daggers.

    Semblance: Still a work in progress.

    Combat Skills/Fighting Style: Rust uses a mix sanjuro combined with ballet and acrobatics.

    Likes: Looking at himself in the mirror.

    Dislikes: He hates being called a trap.

  • Monodramatic


    #33737767 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Malochroma

    On that note, I also need to apologize. I've been here for a pretty long time now, and I've definitely begun to embrace the more toxic aspects of the community. I've just become such a hostile and negative person over time, even though I didn't start out like that at all. Things have been going on in the background, and I'm trying really hard to re-define myself lately, so I think the first step is just admitting that I've been a pretty mean lady and saying a sincere "I'm sorry". I hope you can all forgive me.

    It was my birthday three days ago, so that's why I've gotten this sudden burst of maturity I think :<

  • c4ble


    #33737785 - 1 month ago

    In reply to FlameHaze001

    See this is what I'm talkin' about.

    This is good.

    I can see this, and I can say well done.

    I can see the advice other people have given, in your work (in both character writing and grammar).

    These characters have unique, and developed personalities, and I can imagine them interacting with one another in a narrative, and in the context of RWBY, how they interact with one another in combat scenarios.

    After seeing this, my previous impression of you (as a writer) is now proven wrong.

    And now I can say: I'm interested in what you are doing.

    Keep it up, I hope to see more work from you in the future.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33737808 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Monodramatic

    I won't deny that I had a part in the hostilities will you forgive me?

    In reply to c4ble

    Thank you.

  • RyuukoDawn


    #33737843 - 1 month ago

    Character name: Rider Dawn

    Preferred Name: Rider, RD

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Character Type: Human

    Height: 5' 5''


    Brown Skin.

    Black short-wavy hair. Dark ruby red eyes

    Wears a long sleeve black hoodie with a orange short sleeve shirt, gray cargo pants with a large pocket on the right leg and black ankle-high boots. Wears custom glasses-goggles with thick black frames, and a sliver pendent with a red gem in the middle.

    Armor type:
    Light metal breastplate that has to bands in the back with hooks (goes over the jacket), one red full sleeve gauntlet on the right hand and a black bracer on the left.

    Weapon name(s):

    Crimson Star

    Weapon type:
    A dark red and gold bladed great sword with a Blade split down the middle. It doubles as a boomerang and Glider when mounter on his back. (when in boomerang from it can me mount on his back via hooks and used as a glider) Three setting are used when in boomerang form; Slice, Bash, Burn. When in Slice, it is set to cut and slash when thrown. If set in Bash the blades rotate to the dull side of the sword pointing out and can crush or smash (for maiming on people) when throw. Burn actives its flamethrower and covers the blade with intense fire. if target is hit with Crimson star while it is set to this mode they can catch on fire on be burn.

    Crimson can use two settings at once -Exmp- Slice-Burn for powerful combos,. If hit while in Slice- Burn, target is slashed through with a red hot blade that can cut through almost anything quickly. When hit with Bash-Burn, target is hit with an explosion on impact. These modes can be used in bladed form as well.

    Combine with a high velocity flamethrower (also shoots fireballs in short shots that explode on impact)

    Semblance: Adaptation.

    Rider has the ability take in and adjust to any element that he comes in contact with. In the form of dust it grants him different abilities in response to the one he uses:

    Fire = Strength

    Air= Lighter /jump higher

    Water= Faster recovery

    Lightning= Speed

    Earth= Durability, etc.

    He however there is a limit to how fast he can adapt to things; as well, he can not adapt to multiple things (more than 4) at once or it can cause serious damage to him

    Aura amount:
    High amount due to his Semblance.

    Personality: Cheerful and witty, caring. often called a dork for his odd and funny nature. Always hungry and looking to fight. wears gloves because he hates getting his hands dirty (reasons) Loves campfires and dogs. Favorite foods are anything sweet or meat.

    Tends to wander off and ends up in odd places. Has a explosive temper with made fun of for his short height.

    Fighting Skills:
    Martial arts Kickboxing and, swordplay, explosives expert.

    Fighting style:
    Rider has high strength and flexibility that gives him an extremely unique and spastic fighting style. Combined with the largeness and weight of his weapon, Rider uses a style of gymnastics, martial arts and, swordplay together with a series of flips jumps and spins that make it hard to keep up with.

    Sibling(s)/ Family
    Older Sister; Rosa - age 25

    Older Brother; Reed - age 27 (missing)

    Older Brother; Ronan - age - 25

    Mother (Deceased)

    Father (Deceased)

    Rider is the youngest son of the Dawn family. Coming from a long history of proud Huntsman and Huntresses, Rider wanted to take up the mantel and become a Huntsman like his father and mother. He lived in a large village on Vale with his family and was well cared for by his older siblings. His sister, Rosa was over protective of him and frown upon his wanting to become a huntsman but Rider wished to help people and thus trained everyday with his father and two brothers Reed and Ronan. Both of his brothers had great skill and ability however Rider struggle to keep up with them and grew frustrated that he would be to weak to realize his dream. One night while he was out training in secret his village came under attack. He hurried back to his home only to find it under attack by Grimm. He fought to save the people while looking for his family that had left to fight the Grimm in the village. As he fought off the monster he found his brother Reed and his father on a cliff side talking. Before Rider could get close to them , Reed stabbed his father through the heart and ran off into the night. Rider held his father until he passed before running back to find his family only to find his sister being attacked by Grimm. He blacks out from a blow to the head and when he comes to, all the Grimm were dead and his sister was safe but she was covered in blood and their mother was dead.

    Years later, Rider now sets off to train a Beacon with hopes of becoming a great Huntsman but before he could get there he hear of the Attack on Beacon Tower and the city being overrun, he left to see if he could find aid in the next town when he ran in to a strange girl with Silver eyes.

    Drawbacks/weakness: Rider Semblance allows him to adapt to the environment and elements that he his exposed to however it takes minute for him to readjust to anything new that is quickly introduced to him. Due to his childish nature, Rider rushes into fights and tries to go it alone at times. He looses his temper and can be put in dangerous situations because of it. Rider has high strength for someone his size, but this causes him to at times let his guard down and vulnerable to attacks.

    "Mind if i RIDER long?"

    "Well then!"

    "I may be short but i'm not weak."


    "Wait, so you telling me they're birds?? WHAT EGG DID YOU COME COME FROM!?? "

  • Ace-of-Rogues


    #33737866 - 1 month ago

    In reply to RyuukoDawn

    Okay, this is an interesting design but one with a few issues. I'd say the overall concept is interesting, but there are several areas that need work or need to be expanded on.

    First things first, and I admit this is more of a pet peeve than a serious issue, proofreading. There are several misspelled words and the sentence structure is a bit off in places too. Not a serious issue but it's kinda a turn-off and there are a few times where the wording makes it hard to understand your meaning. I'm not trying to put you down, so if you think I'm being a grammar freak just say so and I'll drop it.

    Secondly, I'm almost completely lost on the weapon. I have no clue what you mean by "dual split blades" for example, and I'm having trouble figuring out where the flamethrower fits in with all this. Also, what do you picture for a "great-sword"? What I think of is a big two-handed sword that's probably about as tall as Rider, and that really doesn't mesh with a super acrobatic character. The sword would be a massive and unwieldy weight that would make jumping and flipping with it almost impossible. I get that we take a lot of liberties with design, but there still needs to be some common ground between the weapon and the style.

    The Semblance is interesting but needs to be expanded on. Does he have to consciously choose to adapt or does it happen automatically? Does it need to be Dust or do naturally occurring elements work too? How long does an adaptation last? Can he cancel it while it's active?

    Finally, you really want to use complete sentences for the personality section. Describe them to us you're describing someone you just met to a friend. Choppy blurbs are for dating sites. Remember, we have no idea who this is, so go big describing them.

    This is a good start, but it needs work. Keep at it!

  • Monodramatic


    #33737870 - 1 month ago

    In reply to RyuukoDawn

    Ten points for the mere existence of an entirely separate category for  the sole purpose of listing puns.

    I do want to second the idea that the weapon's a little busy, though. Especially considering it's got a longer description than the character's personality! In general, it's difficult to visualise; RWBY weapons aren't usually that complex, often only combining two different forms and without multiple different settings or combinations. The most you'd get is, say, the use of different dust cartridges, or something like Weiss' weapon, which forgoes any mechanical transformation in favour of basically being a magic wand that you can stab people with.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33737872 - 1 month ago

    In reply to RyuukoDawn

    Ten points for that second quote reminding me of Hinata from Haikyuu. "I may be short, but I can jump!" I'll be honest, I'm too tired right now to read this through, and some other people are already on reviewing duty, so I don't really fill the need to step into that role for the sake of correcting beginner mistakes. I don't really like to do reviews of characters unless no one else is doing them. I don't have confidence in my ability to be both analytical and polite (when I go into 'acting logical' mode, my self-awareness of how rude or polite I'm being kinda shuts down), and quite frankly I have a very difficult time reading through anything long winded unless I've got an external read to be hyped up about it, like when my friend introduced me to Homestuck. .....And now I'm just rambling. I'm gonna wrap this post up before I start going on a crazy long tangent. This post is already way longer than I intended.

  • RyuukoDawn


    #33737905 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues Thank you for taking time to review my OC. I would like to start off by saying thanks for pointing out the grammar mistakes, for writing and such has never been my forte. If you happen to see more, please do not hesitate to point them out (cant get better if i don't know what I'm doing wrong). I am pleased that you find it interesting and will continue to devolve my OC creations. 

    As for the second problem, i will admit that i rushed the explanation on the weapon from fear that no one would take the time to read the whole thing or lose interest. I have a more detailed version saved and currently am working on a few tweaks to it. I met to say that the blade is in two; Split down the middle allowing it to open up. The flamethrower fits in the "guard" itself, while the fuel for it is located in the guard ports found on either side of the guard's flat surface. the guard is a circular shape that lets the blade shift from gun, Boomerang and sword mode.

    I understand that it is difficult to visualize however i did do a pic of it but have yet to figure out how to up load. X^D

    Next, is his fighting style.

    While yes, as you stated the sword is almost about his height and and weighs almost 80 lbs (77.5 lbs exactly) however combined with his high strength and acrobatic self, he uses the weight and momentum of his swings to pull off unique and aggressive attacks. (like doing a downward swing, and getting the sword planted into the ground and then doing a handstand on the handle to kick or spin kick a target)

    He way that he fights is highly aggressive and spastic but this can leave him tired out quickly so he fight in a manner that allows him to deal the most damage while saving his energy. All in all he basically uses his sword like a giant bo staff that he can climb throw and cut with. (why i didnt use a staff then comes into play later with his story)

    To answer your questions about Rider's Semblance, let me first stat that it is still being tweak so all input is welcomed. That being said. the mechanics that have been worked out so far are as followed. He can adapt to 2 Elements at once.

    As for your question, He can choose to adapt to but often he allows it to happen automatically, however this can drain out his Aura if hit while muliple at once in quick successions and leave him vulnerable.

    it does not need to be Dust as he shows when he uses the fire from his flamethrower to increase his power to fight or being blasted into cold water in winter during a fight and came out completely fine. 

    The adaptation can last as long as 2 minutes, any longer with start to sap him and cause damage to his body.

    He can cancel it early but to shuts off on its own. The Semblance is for the most part a subconscious Skill, however it takes thought and focus to prolong its activation which causes a strain on him.


    I hope this helps a bit and i will work on fixing the mistakes. If any other comments or questions please let me know. Thank you again.

  • RyuukoDawn


    #33737906 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Monodramatic Thank you for your comment. I will say that his weapon description was a little rushed but it was very thought out to sync with his fighting style i have a more detailed info posted on another forum and will edit this one to make more sense to you all. 

  • RyuukoDawn


    #33737907 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety I'm glad that you enjoyed my puns and quotes. Thank you for reviewing my post. If you do see and mistakes or have any questions about my OC i will try and answer them as well as i can. 

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33737911 - 1 month ago

    In reply to RyuukoDawn You can paste pictures here by opening them in a browser, right clicking, and selecting "copy image URL" (or something that translates to that if you use another language). Then paste in the box you type in, and the image should appear. I'll do it right now with my profile picture and yours.


  • RyuukoDawn


    #33737919 - 1 month ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie ok thanks! i will try and do so then i will upload a (badly drawn) pic of the sword

  • RyuukoDawn


    #33737920 - 1 month ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie This is roughly what the sword looks like

    Crimson Star


    Boomerang Mode


  • Monodramatic


    #33737930 - 1 month ago

    In reply to RyuukoDawn

    So, even understanding the actual mechanisms of the weapon, I still think a simpler approach would fit the verse more. Like, looking at this weapon, you've already got three transformations (sword, boomerang and flamethrower), and along with that, one of the transformations has three different settings of which two can be used at the same time, and that's not even mentioning the fact that it also functions as a glider? It does a lot of different things, and that honestly feels like it'd just make the weapon more difficult to master because there are so many things you'd have to think about.

    Really, this theme extends to your Semblance, too. It isn't a single, strictly defined power that's simply used creatively, like Pyrrha's Semblance, and it isn't an ability with a clear focus or a singular, powerful usage, like Nora's power boost from absorbing electricity or Ruby's weird petal-speed-thing. This is usually what Semblances fall under, to my knowledge, and I find that it's the best way to construct them in order to make a character whose fighting style is more thematic. But what you've given Rider is, again, just a lot of options and versatility without much of a clear focus - not to mention that, even with your limit, he can apparently still adapt to 4 things at once?

    Honestly, I'll admit that I'm biased against these sorts of "different effect depending on what you mix it with" kind of Semblance. I just don't enjoy particularly dense powers. The closest canon examples I can think of are Weiss and Blake's Semblance when combined with Dust, but Weiss is very specifically a snowflakey special case within the world of remnant because of the nature of her Semblance, and since her weapon and Semblance are practically always used in unison, it prevents her from being mind-numbingly complicated.

    As for Blake, well, the Dust cartridges being applied to her Semblance frankly make her way too busted, and it was a really strange addition to a character whose fighting style already had a clear focus and didn't necessarily need the all-purpose versatility. Plus, in that case, at least her weapon was a bit simpler than what you've presented.

    I'd honestly recommend either simplifying the weapon, or coming up with a Semblance that has a clearer theme and functions as a single power. I think My Hero Academia is a good example of what I'm talking about as far as powers go; with very few exceptions, the quirks there do only one thing, but that one thing can be applied in different situations. Generally, I think RWBY Semblances would mesh well as Quirks and vice versa.

    Do I care too much? Wayyyyy too much.

  • A-Tank


    #33738162 - 1 month ago

  • A-Tank


    #33738167 - 1 month ago

    a3.pngI come bearing Herman's weapon. How goes it, everyone? This was made by Einflys, a graphic designer.

  • RyuukoDawn


    #33738185 - 1 month ago

    In reply to Monodramatic I hear ya and understand. I will try and tone it back a bit however i did take into consideration his power and fighting style when making his weapon. Also it is funny that you mention MHA because that's how i try and scale my character to be. His whole thing is to be a versatile fighter.  

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33738216 - 1 month ago

    well iv seen some rwby oc weapon's that made me cringe like in this video the close rage mode on it had the barrel of the gun pointed ware it can easily shot him self.....NUMBER ONE RULE OF GUN's NEVER EVER POINT THE BARREL AT OR CLOSE TO YORE SELF!!!!!

  • FlameHaze001


    #33738222 - 1 month ago

    In reply to user-5a98361f8663d

    I've seen the video before and all I can say is I agree with you.

  • c4ble


    #33738267 - 1 month ago

    In reply to A-Tank

    That is a beautiful design my dude.

    Does Einflys have a social media (deviantart, instagram, etc)?

    Nevermind, just found his stuff.

    In reply to user-5a98361f8663d

    Oh yeah, Mark!

    I remember watching that too.

    He's one of the first that have actually gone and taken the whole RWBY fan project to the next level.

    You should check out his later videos.

    He does some great work.

    (also you should totally get a username)

  • FlameHaze001


    #33738270 - 1 month ago

    In reply to c4ble

    i've seen all the trailers made by mark zhang and honestly viridian is my favorite.

  • user-5a98361f8663d


    #33738302 - 1 month ago

    In reply to c4ble

    im not dising on the video im just saying that the weapon that the main OC is using can easily shot him self in the face do to the barrel of the gun part is aim at him self witch it feels wrong seeing it.