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  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33745680 - 6 months ago

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    Gotta agree with Annemarie on this one. Regardless of what kind of creative medium I'm working with, I've always found it easier to make something nice from a clean slate, rather than trying to rearrange something sub-par into something acceptable.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33745687 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety Many of my "official" artworks for my characters have a blank semblance or weapon name field, just because I couldn't think of their names yet, and I just uploaded them like that.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33745701 - 6 months ago

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    I can't think of any RWBY-related examples that apply to me at the moment, but my mom, me, and my niece all play this one online game with a "decorate-your-house" feature, and I consider myself pretty good at decorating. My niece on the other hand tends to make her houses look like yard sales, with trees indoors and beds and bookshelves on the lawn, it's just a nightmare. I'm usually the one that has to redecorate them to make them resemble an actual house, but it's impossible for me to focus on the layout of the rooms and the housing items at my disposal when even a single room is a cluttered mess. It's easier for me to just hit the "pick-up-all-housing-items" button, and start from a blank slate.

  • Shadow-elements


    #33745702 - 6 months ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie okay cool this really does help! But I still have no idea what to call her weapon. Any ideas?

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33745704 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Shadow-elements Can you describe it? Also, as I said, it's not a problem if you leave it nameless until something good comes to you.

  • VoshTheStampede

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    #33745856 - 6 months ago

    Back from my Thanksgiving food coma with two new pages:



  • thenicecommander22


    #33746422 - 6 months ago

    well I'm not sure how i should start this but the character was 2 years in the making along with the story and ship design, but i can give a description of him, he is tall around the age of 16 smart and handsome has a personalty made of gold as many personnel has the imagination of a engineer, he attended northstar aeronautical academy 4 miles west of vale facility and beacon research station.

    name: Derek North

    previous occupation: junior officer ( still in training)

    relatives: john North( 4 gen owner of Northstar corporation and fleet admiral)

    status: alive and travailing to location x

    race: human

    eye color: blue

    hair color:black (may change)

    current occupation: fleet admiral of the northstar fleet and current commander of flag ship ruby

    nickname: Mr. N or Mr. North



    weapon: c96 Mauser molded w/ extended barrel and em capacitor and "north's whisper" ( N.V.E Ruby)

    weapon type: Thomson sub machine gun modded w/ extended barrel and heavy rail capacitor

     aura color: light blue ( is equipped with personal aura generator )

    height: 5,8

    semblance: unknown

    complexion: white with light tan

    handedness: left

    outfit: black admiral uniform (northstar) civilian black fedora and black suit w/ red tie

    story and last sighting

    a word from the commander: during the battle at beacon the CEO and former member of the white fang had gone missing along with a combine fleet of 100 airships if anyone has information of this disappearance or the facility's lock down please report to the facility command

    many personnel at vale facility describe Derek North as smart and friendly many have also said that he is generous to many, but before he went missing Derek North signed of on one of his airship designs the N.V.E RUBY a northstar liner (super liner) and began constriction 4 years before the fall at beacon, his last known sighting (4 years before the fall) was at vale facility ship yards in the observation area over looking Ruby's construction workers report seeing North getting kidnapped, later these witnesses went missing as well.

    4 years later north was found the cryogenics lab in a capsule still alive and the same age as he was before and same condition as last seen.

    when Derek was questioned he said " when i was in this thing, this prison of ice, i woke up in a school i then i walked to one of the class rooms and saw my CO my trainer and my father" north said " and i got to work learning everything i could, i learned from commanding ship to a army from the engineering to metal work, i mean i cant remember any of it but it comes to mind when i want it to"

    it was later reported the, after the cct went offline northstar radio techs attempted to use the facility's cct but the power surge caused the the unit to be destroyed.

    after the interview a plan was made to take the ruby and randevu with the sapphire at mistral and then attempted to fined out how they can stop this man from helping the white fang in there revolution.


    he loves ruby( the ship not the girl )

    since he designed her and knows how to control her when she fights ( the rudder shifting )

    it would be right if North was to command the N.V.E ruby

    and he loves his weapons

    more will be added depending on reaction

  • VoshTheStampede

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    #33746425 - 6 months ago

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    This does not look like any kind of RWBY character to me.

  • thenicecommander22


    #33746426 - 6 months ago

    not really but something that was in development

  • thenicecommander22


    #33746427 - 6 months ago

    but the ships, that's a whole different story

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33746474 - 6 months ago

    Name: Lucy Astra

    Race: Human

    Sex: female

    Color: red

    Reference: Lucifer

    History:History: She was born to a prominent  family in Atlas and was the sole heir. She was given the best of everything and taught that she was better than those beneath  her. As she grew she discovered a secret that had been hidden from her by her father, she had a half sister Rosa Eden was the daughter of one of their servants.  Since it was a treat to her position Lucy manipulated the adults into sending her half sister away to another kingdom so she would not be a black stain on the family or  a threat to her position as the heir.

    Lucy had ambition to improve her standing in the kingdom she would become a huntress and then one day take command of the military of atlas.  To achieve this she used her family's influence to attend atlas academy and be made the leader of a team. Her plan worked out but their was a complication.  Her half sister returned to atlas and joined the school ending up on Lucy team. Despite her best efforts Lucy could not get her sister to leave or be kicked out.  Lucy attempts to discredited her sister and prove her own superiority would lead to her to make bad decisions. On one of their last missions Lucy overreacted to a peaceful protest she ignored orders and instigating a shooting  that lead to a massacre of civilian miners. Lucy was disgraced and kicked out of the Atlas Military. Her father disowned her and she changed her name. In lucy mind she did nothing wrong it was everyone else, they were out to get her so set her up so she would get her revenge this made her easy prey for  salem to sway to her side.

    Personality: Lucy is arrogant and narcissistic she belives she is destined to lead.  She can not accept any of her own failings and blames others for them. She has a deep hate for her half sister who she blames for everything that happen to her at Atlas.

    Weapon: a Kanabo club with a Volley gun in the center. The multiple barrels can either fire all at onces for a heavy impact or staggered like a machine gun.



    Semblance: Deflection: the character can creates barriers that can redirect object or force that are thrown against it  and send them flying off in another direction with the same force it hit with. The character can use these barriers to defect enemy attacks away or to make their own ricochet shots.   I see the barriers manifesting like weiss's glyps


    -Lucy Astra name is a references to the devil Lucifer also known as morning star.  Lucy means light or born at dawn. Astra means star.

    -The color red is associated with lucifer and the Dawn.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33746502 - 6 months ago

    Ok, so I'm kinda torn between two ideas right now, and I wanted to get a few second opinions before making any final decisions. Over the past couple months, I've started a number of OCs that are still works-in-progress. Some of these OCs include a Ringleader themed OC inspired by the movie "The Greatest Showman", a jester OC, and a symphony conductor OC inspired in part by Trans Siberian Orchestra (I honestly can't remember what the other contributing inspiration factors were for that one). Now originally, I was going to have the symphony conductor OC be a member of a group called Symphonic decree, who would all have weapons that were instruments, and the Ringmaster OC was eventually going to be a SIN-dicate member.

    However, I've had a lot of trouble deciding what to do with the jester OC, and while I was trying to think of something, I stumbled upon an idea that uses all of these characters. Now before I explain, I'd just like to say that I do still really like the idea of a symphony group of character that all have instrument weapons, and the SIN-dicate is no where near it's needed number of OCs to be fully complete. A branch in each kingdom with two divisions for each branch, and probably about 10 characters for the main division and another 6 for the recon division means a grand total of 64 characters I'm gonna need. Granted the Vale branch is full, and both Vacuo and Vale for sure have at least 2, maybe 3 members each, and since the SIN-dicate is a collaboration project with a friend of mine, I'm only making half of the characters, but that's still a total of 21 or 22 characters I need to make, so moving a potential SIN-dicate character elsewhere wouldn't be 100% beneficial.

    The theme I had in mind was that all of these characters are inspired by a form of entertainment, circuses, symphonies, and.... whatever you call what a jester does. I thought it'd be kind of interesting to have a group of characters that go around and fight the grimm not only through direct combat, but since grimm are attracted to negative emotions, they also actively try to spread cheer anywhere they go with their various forms of entertainment, setting up a sort of travelling circus set up, but with more than just a circus. However there are a few ways I thought of that I could have this idea pan out into. Idea 1. I could make the jester, the ringleader, and the symphony conductor all part of one team (probably not a student team, graduated). Idea 2. I could have them be a slightly larger group, independent of the huntsman set up, allowing for more characters representing different kinds of entertainment. Or Idea 3. I could make a larger organization with smaller divisions, each specializing in a different form of entertainment, and the OCs I've mentioned would be members of various divisions. This one would let me keep the idea of Symphonic decree, but at the cost of these characters being almost completely divided. If I go with either idea 2 or 3, I'll probably want to make at least a small handful of additional OCs.

    So what do you guys think? Do I make one more OC and make them some kind of graduated huntsmen team? Do I make them an independent group from the academies, allowing for more diversity in entertainment styles, and a closer-knit group than idea 3, at the cost of the Symphonic Decree idea? Do I go with the large organization idea, keep Symphonic decree as a division of whatever that large organization ends up being, and just deal with these characters being more of representatives of their divisions than an actual team? Or do I ditch all three ideas, find a different use for the jester, and just keep the ringleader as a SIN-dicate member, and Symphonic Decree as a separate group? I think I like ideas 1 and 2 the best, but I wanted to put all idea options on the table in case anyone can think of a way 3, or the original plan could be made better.

    TL:DR: I need opinions on the ideas in the third paragraph.

    EDIT: Also, wow, sorry for the massive text wall. That took WAY longer to explain than I expected.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33746509 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety I'll get back to you on this in the morning, it's a bit late right now ;p

    In reply to thenicecommander22 I already said this in the other thread, but what kind of color is Derek North?

  • PaperGodzilla


    #33746528 - 6 months ago

    In reply to thenicecommander22 

    I have some suggestions that might fit it into the world of Rwby first off I would just suggest going with one weapon and having it transform.  Since your characters an officer I would go with Mauser c96 pistol since pistols are more of an officer weapon. Then have the mauser transform into an officer saber.  The hand folds 90 degrees backward a single edge blade extends from under the barrel the magazine even works as the swords cross guard. Their are also machine pistol variants of the Mauser so it would make the tommy gun redundant.  Also a tommy gun has either a NCO WWII or gangster vibe to it.

    I would pull back from making the character an admiral especially at 16 year old.

    -A few reason that rank works better as a goal for character somthng for them to strive for. A more interesting story is a young officer striving to prove themselves and move thou ranks with flag rank as  a goal..

    -Stories about admirals are not really that interesting besides setting strategy before the battle it’s kind of a desk job.  Making the character a captain of one ship is a much more manageable and interesting story.

  • Ace-of-Rogues

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    #33746570 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    Oh you've got a nice challenging question for me! And I thought Christmas wasn't for another three weeks! Okay I'm going to start by trying to write up an impartial pro's/con's list of the options, although I suspect a few of my biases and preferences will leak in, so take it with some salt, then give my overall opinion.

    Option 1: Single Team


    - Manageable size

    -3 of 4 concepts already in some stage of development

    -Avoids getting too bogged down in creating a complex organizational history and structure (I had to rework my Nomads concept so many times no one would recognize that the final product was related to the initial idea)


    -Limits number of team members and creative room

    -Fairly rigid structure

    -Least original option (not a criticism, just a statement that the four-man team is the default pattern)

    Option 2: Small Organization


    -More creative room and room for additional characters

    -Middle ground between options 1 and 3

    -Relatively simple structure


    -Requires extra work to develop the organization and its structure

    -Middle ground dilutes strengths of options 1 and 3 as well as weaknesses

    Option 3: Large Organization


    -Most creative space and room for many characters

    -Can create a large and complex organization

    -Plenty of room for original concepts


    -Risks becoming too elaborate and complex to keep up with

    -Requires the most work to develop and publish

    -Hard to balance/manage large numbers of characters

    That's my take on them. If my logic seems sound and none of these sound good then yeah, break them up. Don't try to force it if they aren't coming together well. As for my opinions, I'd probably gravitate more towards option 2 since it strikes a nice balance. It's interesting and original, as opposed to the more generic four-man band of option 1, but isn't so massive that it could get overwhelmingly complicated to put together or keep track of the way option 3 could. 

    That said, I wouldn't try to make 6-8 equally and fully fleshed out characters. Try 3 or 4 main characters and then another 2 to 4 secondary/supporting characters. That might be a bit too ambitious, especially with the standards you set for your characters. That doesn't mean I think the whole organization needs to be limited to 8 members tops, but that's probably about the most significant/named members you'd be able to get together in a timely fashion and we'd be able to keep straight.

    Okay, that's all I've got for tonight, hope it helps. If you've got any more ideas you want to bounce off someone post them and I'll try to get back to you.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33746596 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety Honestly, it depends on how much time you want to invest in more OC making. To me, the easiest way to deal with the jester OC would be to just make him a lone wolf; someone who acts on his own without a team. Then there'd be no need for any of these other considerations. That would be the laziest approach (and the one I would choose). However, if you have absolutely no qualms about more OCs, it shouldn't be a problem to just make them a large group with many members, including the orchestra idea, AND then have more SINdicate members to create. That's the most labor-intensive option. Anything else would fall in between those two in terms of effort required. It's just kind of up to you how much you want to put into this.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33746612 - 6 months ago

    I'm having a lot of difficulty writing a background for team SLFR

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33746613 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    The time sink of having to make more OCs is kind of a double edged sword for me. On the one hand, I'd have absolutely no arguments with making more OCs for this entertainment themed group if for no other reason than having a theme makes it a lot easier for me to decide on a starting point for any new characters (i just gotta find a form of entertainment that I get enough inspiration to turn into an OC). On the other hand, the number of characters I'll need to call the SIN-dicate 100% done has been daunting ever since I decided to make all the branches (when I first made the SIN-dicate, it was just the Vale Branch, and a newer branch in Vacuo that wasn't going to be fully fleshed out). I'd prefer to avoid this group being just as daunting, which is why I was a bit averse to idea 3. Only way that wouldn't be daunting is to have the majority of the members be generic background characters, and I don't want to make an organization that feels that cold and impersonal (I live for character interactions and the episodic drama and comedy they bring).

    I think having to give up the Symphonic Decree idea is one of the biggest factors as to why I'm so torn here. I feel like these ideas have a really interesting theme and premise with the whole 'using entertainment to drive back the grimm rather than JUST fighting prowess' idea, but Symphonic Decree was an idea that was kind of a long time coming, cause I've wanted to make a combat symphony group for a really long time now, I've just never focused on it enough to put anything together for it, partially because weaponizing instruments is extremely difficult, especially when you've got a large number of them and don't want them all to just be music controlled dust attacks (I tend to procrastinate a ton when projects become daunting), and partially because I've been almost perpetually distracted with other projects, be it the SIN-dicate, my original stories, or OCs for a different series.

    But on the other hand, these new ideas could make coming up with the ringleader OC's backstory a lot easier. I forgot to mention this before, but I already had this idea in mind of her family having been a traveling circus at one point, and I had been struggling to think of what chain of events would transfer her from being a traveling entertainer, to a member of a Robin Hood group, but having her go from a traveling entertainer with her family, to a traveling entertainer with some like-minded people is a much smoother transition. As for the jester, I just can NOT picture him being a solo act. He's the most recent out of the three, so I haven't really spent enough time on the character to have a description in mind for his personality, but I kind of imagined him being more of a pseudo-supporting character, equally important to whatever group he's a part of as any one member of a student team is to their team, but not dealing with enough of his own drama to be the MAIN character. If you've seen Haikyuu, think Nishinoya or Asahi, but with more story relevance and direct screen time. He might get a short story about his own personal drama once in a blue moon, and I have every intention of him being a super likable character, but for the most part, he's just there to be a supportive friend to his group members.

    Uuuuugh, another text wall! I am so sorry! I am terrible at paraphrasing my thoughts!

  • VoshTheStampede

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    #33746745 - 6 months ago

    Almost done:



  • Ace-of-Rogues

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    #33746748 - 6 months ago

    In reply to jVictor

    My everything hurts from just seeing that.

  • VoshTheStampede

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    #33746783 - 6 months ago

    In reply to Ace-of-Rogues

    Ironically, in terms of damage Gawain is the worse for wear. Yeah, he managed to deplete Yang's aura and knock her unconscious, but his ribs are fractured and that pose he's doing is causing him an extreme amount of pain. Such is the price of looking cool.

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33746873 - 6 months ago

    In reply to VoshTheStampede

    RWBY Rule of Cool Subsection 3: One shall not feel pain until the pose is complete.

  • GendoGames


    #33747023 - 6 months ago