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  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33721746 - 1 week ago

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    That kind of goes without saying. I give pretty much all of my OCs some kind of hobby or talent, but it makes it harder to answer questions like "what's your OC's secondary talent?" when their primary talent ISN'T fighting. Azurite's a good example of that.  He's not a fighter at all. His primary talent is being a tailor.

  • Atalante


    #33721813 - 1 week ago

    Another OC for team OASS. He is related to a canon character, but it has actual plot reasons. I wanted to add some backround to Adam Taurus and this is how I came up with the story of this team, but interactions between canon characters and my Chas will be minimal.

    Name: Aeth Bromson

    Species: Human

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Height: 5´7´´

    Colours: orange, matt black, bright red

    Personality: Aeth is, or rather could be, a bold, playful guy. But he starts off as an a**hole. He loves to make impertinent, sometimes racist jokes. He does so, because his parents stand on ceremony when they are in public, but really hate each other and all people that stand lower in hierarchy. He acts like a spoiled brat, disrespects his mother most of the time, ignores his father, neglects his duties, spends the family’s money and does whatever he feels like. Most of the time this means lazing around. He can be quite charismatic and manipulate others with ease, but usually he finds it easier to just buy whatever he needs, information, friends, whatever.

    He is not a bad person, he just had no moral compass in his parents and no goals in life. He quit Atlas Academy in his first year, because he got bored.

    When he got a bit independent from his parents and makes some real friends, he begins to change, he gets interested in what other people think and feel. Especially being partner with the silent and kind Moth Faunus Selena teaches him to alter his egoistic behaviour and become more altruistic.

    Appearance: With light red hair, dark brown, almost black eyes and medium-tanned skin Aeth has a face that most would consider attractive. He has a trained but still lightweight body. He wears orange jogging trousers, black espadrilles-like sneakers and a grey long sleeved Shirt, sometimes he wears matt black protectors made out of some kind of carbon fiber material. Has some small scars on his body plus a larger one under his right knee.

    Aura color: Intense orange.

    Weapon of Choice: Feather and Sword

    At first glaze only a short single-handed sword and an orange shield. But they are high-tech and the most expensive thing Aeth owns.

    “Sword” is a single-handed gladius-like weapon, made out of carbon fiber material with harded raw-diamond edges. It is less heavy than swords made out of steel, and its blade is razor-sharp. It also has a small pistol build in the handle. The handle is a bit longer than one would expect for such a small sword.

    “Feather” is a shield made out of a folded carbon structure, covered with an orange tearproof fabric with Aeths emblem, a flying goose, in black. “Feather” can be unfolded to a small or a large triangular kite. The small kite can be fixed with two wires with the handle of “Sword”, so Aeth can control it like a stunt kite. The larger kite can even carry the weight of Aeth himself, so that he can glide over some distances. In the kite form the edges of “Feather” are sharp, using the same diamond technique as “Sword” All this is supported by larger amounts of wind dust that can be stored in and released from two shafts at the backside of the shield. The wind dust can be used to knock back enemies or to power and navigate the kite, even when there is no natural wind (in buildings and caves for example). Aeth can conduct his Aura through the wires in the kite, so opponents cannot just cut the wires or the fabric to destroy it. He can also use the kite to use his Semblance over long distances.

    Skills: Fast and clever, gets distracted easily though. He has some training as a free runner, so he knows how to jump, fall and land on his feet and how to orientate himself in the 3 dimension without full huntsmen training.

    Prefers ranged combat over closed combat, because he can knows some surprise kite attacks. Loves fast fights where he can chase and run out enemies, doesn’t like stationary fights. If forced into hand to hand combat he rather uses fast kicks than techniques that focus on his hands.

    Can escape from fights using his kite.

    Gets easily bored when he doesn’t like the fighting styles or strategies of his team mates.

    He is a natural talent in charming people and lie at them, but he needs to drop his selfish behaviour for that. He often makes a blunder though, because he barely knows anything about hard work, about life as a less privileged person and so on. Also has trouble to stay serious.

    Has extended basic knowledge about politics and law of Remnant.

    Semblance: Sticky Touch

    Aeth can let people and objects stick to his Aura when he concentrates it in some region of his body or weapon. This can be used to make the weapons of other people stick to his shield, enemies stick to his kite, his own feet stick to the ceiling or, when further trained, make him able to walk on water by making his feet stick to the surface of the waters.

    The limitations are that he can only concentrate enough of his Aura to use this Semblance in one spot, leaving the rest of his body with very poor protections and making it impossible to, for example, stick to the ceiling and an enemy at the same time. Also, he doesn’t change gravity but only sticks his feet to the ceiling, so he still needs a lot of muscle power to move in upside down situations und all his blood would still flow into his head, so it would be a dangerous thing to do over a longer period of time. He also needs direct contact, so if he switches of his semblance for a second he probably would not be able to again stick to whatever he let go.

    And, of course, he can only stick to something solid (or later liquid).

    History: Aeth grew up in a rich family, his father Cobolt Bromson is a cold man and boss of a company in Atlas that produces chemical components used in medicine, research, military projects and Dust processing. His mother Iod Bromson is a woman of quite a temper, who married his father long time ago. They treat each other bad, are fighting always. Aeth learned at young age to play both of them against each other.

    His father had high expectations in Aeth, he wanted him to take over the company when he was old enough. But Aeth did bad in school (his mother chose a fighting school where he unlocked his Aura and Semblance and build a basic version of his weapons), he was just too lazy to really focus on anything. His mother suggested that he should still got to Atlas Academy, for it would toughen him and would increase his skills as a leader. Aeth quit before the first year ended. His father just ignored him from that point on, whereas Aeth just spend his money drinking in bars, playing in casinos, buying stuff for his so called ‘friends’, lazing around and doing whatever he felt like. He lacked a goal or motivation.

    He was racist towards Faunus, because his father taught him so. Cobolt would always talk bad about the workers in his factories, who were mainly Faunus, would pay them not enough money, make them do dangerous work without protection and so on.

    Aeths story really starts when his mother tells him that she is going to leave his father and that she was born as a Faunus with little cow horns and that her horns were removed surgically when she was a little girl. Her mother decided that, because she wanted her daughter to have a better life than herself. Actually, there are many surgeons in Atlas that remove Faunus traits, cut feathers and fur and even remove additional ears, claws and tails. It costs lots of money, and it is very dangerous in many cases, but it gives the children a change to live a privileged life.

     Iod Bromson has two knobs under her red hair, where her horns should be. Furthermore, she is related to Adam Tauros, she is the sister of his father, which makes Aeth his secret human cousin. In fact, Aeth was really lucky to be born a human, because if he would have been a Faunus, his mother would have had to let a surgeon remove his treats as well.

    Aeth does not believe this story at first, but when he sees proof, his worldview is seriously damaged. His mother gave him the choice to either run away with her and show that he still has some good in him or stay with his father and live on as the spoiled brat.

    After some thinking he tells her that he would stay with his father, but just to spend as much of his money as possible and to annoy him with his presence. His mother is ok with this and tells him to look for a goal in life to not get lost in the life of the rich. Then she leaves.

    After this, partying is much more difficult for Aeth: All the stupid and useless people annoy him, and his own stupid jokes make him feel sick. He then takes all of his father’s money he has access to and goes to a weapon smith, where he improves his weapons to the state I have described. He also buys a stock of food, Dust and supplies, so he can survive for a few days in wilderness. His goal is to travel the world and hunt Grimm for a living. But everything changes, when he meets the Faunus girl Selena in a forest in Vale, where they team up. Together they have to meet with Selenas old friends Ocean and Sina and form team OASS (Oasis) to stand a chance against the fate that threatens their families and many Faunus and poor Humans.

    Likes: Luxury, being liked by others, jokes, dare actions that give him adrenaline, flying with his kite, travelling, his new friends, especially Selena, learning new stuff that is not forced upon him, poker and fast tactical games

    Hates: Boredom, his father, beeing forced to do something, slow people, hard work, “healthy food”

  • jVictor

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    #33721959 - 1 week ago

    After drawing/updating Erina's art, I decided to give Lehti the same treatment:


    (This is also my first drawing of him without his elevation mask).

    Here's his profile for those who've forgotten/never seen him:

    Lehti Grunwald

    ·         Height: 195 cm (6’5”)

    ·         Weight: 127 kg (280 lbs)

    ·         Age: 24

    ·         Weapon:  Dust-Chambered Shotgun Hammers, Teurastus

    Weapons and Equipment:

         Lehti wields the twin Dust-Chambered Shotgun Hammers, Teurastus. The weapons are semi-automatic, and chamber specialized dust-cartridges. In their hammer forms, the dust can be activated by the hammer strike, creating dust-augmented shockwaves. In addition to his hammers, Lehti also wears an elevation training mask most of the time. The mask restricts his breathing, which he believes increases the strength and oxygen capacity of his lungs (though in reality it doesn’t). When the mask is removed, he does gain a substantial boost to his stamina, similar to when Gawain used to remove his weighted clothing. Underneath his clothing, Lehti also wears a body suit that is similar to one Gawain currently wears.


         Lehti is a stern and practical man. He favors tried-and-true methods over more artistic or experimental approaches, and believes simplicity is a virtue when it comes to planning. In chaotic situations he sees opportunities to both consolidate his own power as well as assert control through providing leadership. He leads through example, taking charge and making snap-decisions when speed and decisiveness are necessary. Lehti also believes that promotion should come from merit, and frowns on nepotism. And yet, he takes pride in his family because he believes that Grunwalds don’t need nepotism to hold high ranks in society (they’re just that good).

         In personal interactions, Lehti is blunt and cold. He isn’t as empathetic or sentimental as his cousins or brother, and believes that “protecting the family” doesn’t mean protecting its members but rather its legacy. A legacy which, according to Lehti, is built on strength, discipline, and determination. Because of this he forms very few personal connections, focusing instead on cultivating an image of himself as an iron warlord, to be feared and respected. And yet, Lehti is violently protective of his little brother, to the point of issuing implied death threats to his own father for dismissive comments levied towards Leif.

    Abilities and Skills:

         Lehti is a power-focused physical melee fighter. He thrives in the thick of the fighting, trading blows up close and personal. He dual wields his weapons in both their forms. As shotguns, he sprays the field with dust-augmented shells that have a substantial amount of spread. Burn, frost, and shock dust are his favored types. With his hammers, Lehti is terrifyingly brutal. He savages his opponents with cruel attacks aimed at smashing joints and bones. His intense strength allows him to swing the heavy hammerheards with impressive speed. And, like the other Grunwalds, he possesses their perfect body schema, enabling him to have absolute awareness of his body’s position and condition. Compared to his cousins, Lehti has the highest endurance and stamina.

    Semblance: Infernal Brand

         Lehti’s semblance allows him to “mark” a person or object by touching them. Upon doing so, he infuses a small amount of his own aura into whatever he’s marked, establishing a connection. Once marked, Lehti gains a subconscious awareness of where the marked target is at all times. With enough concentration, he can gain other information about his marked target, like its state or condition, as well as being able to abstract certain sensory information (smells and sounds) from its surroundings. Additionally, if Lehti channels a significant amount of aura into the connection, he can “overload” it. For things like objects or structures, this can damage or weaken their structural integrity. In the case of living things, it causes a great deal of pain (akin to being burned by a metal brand, hence the name) to the point of being incapacitating. The only way for the mark to be removed is for Lehti’s aura to be reduced to zero, or for Lehti to consciously remove the mark. The latter tends to be more common, as Lehti rarely likes keeping track of more than one mark at a time and will often release one before placing another to avoid confusion while tracking a target.


         Lehti is the eldest son of Linden Grunwald, the head of Grunwald Security’s Vacuo Branch. Raised in the harsh climate of Vacuo, Lehti demonstrated his potential as a huntsman at an early age. Both he and his brother, Leif, were privately trained until they were old enough to enter Shade academy. Unlike his cousin, Erina, Lehti went straight into employment with Grunwald Security upon graduating. In his three years with the company, he has already distinguished himself amongst its soldiers, earning the moniker “Iron Wolf” for his raw physical power and cold personality. Lehti currently holds the rank of Major within Grunwald Security’s armed forces.

    Likes: Word-jumble puzzles, Ping-pong (uses Shakehand All-Around-Attacker style)

    Dislikes: Citrus-scented shampoo, restaurants that don’t refill their condiment containers

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33721979 - 1 week ago

    In reply to jVictor You really like the color green, don't you? stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

  • fallen_leader123


    #33722029 - 1 week ago

    In reply to lupin096

    Concerning Cyan Claudas (heh, alliteration)...

    1. Secondary skill...Cyan Claudas is a mastermind and an analytical fighter, so I guess his secondary skill would be mental prowess (if that counts).

    2. What kingdom? Atlas, Claudas has an odd fixation on running his operation from Atlas.

  • fallen_leader123


    #33722030 - 1 week ago

    In reply to jVictor

    I like those hammers, they remind me of Ronan the Accuser's weapon from Guardians of the Galaxy except Mjolnir-sized.

  • jVictor

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    #33722031 - 1 week ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    It's not my fault that they have a strong familial identity and green happens to be their family color.

    Wait a minute... I guess it is my fault. 

    In reply to fallen_leader123

    That's precisely what I based them on. They're a combination of Ronan's hammer and Reaper's shotguns from Overwatch. There's a better view of them in his original art: 


    The hammerhead is attached to the magazine tube, which slides forward along the barrel and shifts upward, locking into place. The hammerhead rotates and the grip straightens, forming the hammer. This pic also has him wearing his elevation mask, which he usually wears all the time, only taking it off when he's in a particularly difficult fight. 

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722040 - 1 week ago

    In reply to jVictor Yes. Yes it is.

  • Stragonian


    #33722072 - 1 week ago

    For a RWBY character, any one of the friends, I once trained and fought with a sword.  Sorry, I don't see an add image icon anywhere.  So here is a link ... Sword Fighting Friends and Family

    Oh, I'm the guy on the far left. Here is a fight picture too .... Josh and Myself, again I'm on the left.

  • competivekid


    #33722074 - 1 week ago

    In reply to Stragonian cool

  • jVictor

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    #33722081 - 1 week ago

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    Um, I'm not sure if I'm confused or if you're confused as to what a RWBY OC is.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722084 - 1 week ago

    In reply to jVictor It's like he's trying to apply to be turned into one? I'm not sure. That, or he's responding to something on the first page again.

  • c4blec

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    hrm... makes me want to make that thread even more...

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33722095 - 1 week ago

    In reply to c4blec Keep me informed bro

  • c4blec

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    #33722571 - 6 days ago

    okay it's there^

    everyone migrate or something

  • A-Tank


    #33722612 - 5 days ago

    In reply to c4blec

    A lot has certainly happened.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33723090 - 2 days ago

    ...hey everyone long time no see...

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33723104 - 1 day ago

    In reply to FlameHaze001 Not sure who you are, but hi!

  • FlameHaze001


    #33723143 - 1 day ago

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    It's me firemane101 I had to create a new account because my old one wasn't working.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33723145 - 1 day ago

    In reply to FlameHaze001 Oh, hello!

  • FlameHaze001


    #33723148 - 1 day ago

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    it's been a long time hopefully i'm still welcome here. 

    I created a new character.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33723161 - 1 day ago

    This character is a work in progress but here's what I've gotten done so far.

    Name: Rubellite Tizona.

    Color: Red/Black

    Allusions: Little red riding hood.

    Team/Organization: Team SPHR.

    School: Haven Academy.

    Race: Faunus.

    Age: 15.

    Height: 5' 2”.

    Weight: 110 lbs.

    Gender: Female.

    Symbol: Leviathan

    Appearance: she has short jet black hair with a layered fringe at the front and fluffy crimson fox ears,

    she wears a long sleeved charcoal black shirt under a scarlet tunic dress that is edged with gold,

    flint gray tights and scarlet thigh high boots. She also wears a crimson hooded poncho with holes cut out for her ears, her eyes are a dark greenish blue. Her emblem is visible on the outside of both thighs on her tights.

    Personality: Rubellite is mostly determined and quite brave. She also is shown to be fairly smart when she is fighting. But rubellite is rather kind-hearted,

    as she doesn't want to inflict pain upon people, and tries to work towards nonviolent solutions most of the time. She is very close to nature, as she is her happiest when she is outside. She also tends to be sleepy and naps a lot.

    History: She was born and raised as an only child in a small cabin outside the walls of mistral, she lived comfortably until she was about six years old, but at that point life took a turn for the worst. She lost her family in a grim attack the only reason she survived was because her parents hid her in their basement. She was later found by a huntress by chance and adopted rubellite as her own, rubellite has little to no memory of the incident due to how young she was at the time. Too cope with the nightmares she was suffering rubellite developed an interest in chess. As it turned out her foster mother was a teacher at haven academy, and she was on a field trip with her students when she found rubellite. Headmaster lionheart questioned the actions of professor mulberry asking her why she would want to adopt a child. Her answer was short and simple why not mulberry used her connections to guarantee rubellite lived a comfortable life. Instead of enrolling rubellite in a combat school she sent her daughter to a normal school and taught her to fight. Rubellite excelled shortly after her fifteenth birthday she used false documents to enroll at haven academy, and easily passed the initiation test earning her a place in team SPHR. Her mother was equally furious and proud of her daughter.

    Weapon: Roze and Thorn a twin set of daggers when connected at the pommel the hilts can extend to become a spear shaft with a blade on each end.

    Semblance: Rubellite's semblance allows her to see the weak points of her opponents, but she must make direct contact in order to see them.

    Combat Skills/Fighting Style: She fights using a combination of bojutsu and eskrima.

    Trivia: Headmaster lionheart knew about the false documents but decided to let rubellite continue attending haven due to her skill and potential. Rubellite still suffers nightmares usually once or twice a week.

    Likes: Too observe and study grim and playing chess.

    Dislikes: Green beans and homework.

  • AnimeAnnemarie


    #33723163 - 1 day ago

    In reply to FlameHaze001 Um...Ruby already alludes to little red riding hood...

  • Jacinta-Capelety


    #33723164 - 1 day ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    Ruby also already has a red and black color scheme. ......And a similar sounding name.

  • FlameHaze001


    #33723166 - 1 day ago

    In reply to AnimeAnnemarie

    In reply to Jacinta-Capelety

    Now that you mention it she is similar to ruby when I think about it although that wasn't intentional back to the drawing board.