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My RWBY OCs and their weapons.

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  • Apotheosis_x


    #32289599 - 6 years ago

    Hi guys! First post here.

    I was interested in RWBY as soon as Red came out, and I have been watching it everytime a new episode premiered :D
    Now I don't want to talk about the episodes, but OC ideas that I had for a while. Some are complete, some aren't. Also I know I'm not exactly much of an artist but I try.

    Meet Rosso Belloni.
    (webcam pic and a pretty bad quality)
    Rosso is the only daughter of a rich family, "homeschooled" at combat and weaponry. In battle, she uses a Combustion-Enabled Battle Beads (CEBB) called Amaryllis Rosario. It is used similiarly to a sectional whip and is made of an extraordinarly hard metal, Alloy. The Dust inside allows elemental explosions. The external layer is a regenerative surface that, when detonated, gets destroyed, but reappears right after. Her color theme is Scarlet.

    I didn't draw Amaryllis Rosario separately as it's technically just a bracelet. Lol.

    Here is Narla Schwarz (Meaning Black Black, lol, also the picture says Nera, don't be fooled by it. I just realized it sounds too much like Nora)
    Narla's parents were both hunters. Being around hunting since her earliest years, Narla didn't really have many other interests than fighting. Naturally she has been taught martial arts. Narla is principally kick-based. She has many parts covering her legs due to that. However, the true strength lies in Calcitra Machina, a pair of Dust Empowered Bladed Rifle. It shoots custom, high-caliber Sniper (for optimized piercing) Dust bullets (tipped with Dust crystals).

    Here is an animation of Calcitra Machina

    I have two more to go as I am planning to create a team.

  • -JL-

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    #32289600 - 6 years ago

    Rosso's weapon sounds weird. Effectively, its a bomb that goes off on her wrist? That gets destroyed but somehow reforms.

    Even by RWBY standards, seems a bit far-fetched....

    I'd like to see the backstories behind the characters!

  • Apotheosis_x


    #32289601 - 6 years ago

    It's not a bomb. It's a bracelet. With beats. That explode. The regenerative surface gets rebuilt, but the dust that detonated is gone. They're still together, it's just the cosmetic layer that can regenerate, lol.