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The Story of Ranos Kasai (The Wanderer)

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    The Story of Ranos Kasai (the Wanderer)

    (This is a quick note to make. All content regarding the anime RWBY is the sole right of Rooster Teeth and its creator, Monty Oum. Most of what will be told in this story is based on theory related to the anime that may or may not have been stated clearly in the long going story, but a close interpretation of the story aspect of the anime itself. I hope you will enjoy the story of this man and the road he travelled in the world known as Remnant.)

    This song best describes the story of Ranos Kasai and makes an appropriate theme song for him:

    Still Undefeated by Daughtry:

    Art Work of Ranos and his weapon (Apologizes if the art work was not the best, but it was the best that I can make and I am proud of what I have made):




    Although humanity has founded kingdoms in the world of Remnant, there are those who have had to live outside the walls of the four kingdoms located in all corners of the world. One of these few people, who fit this description in particular, is a man by the name of Ranos. When Ranos was born, his family was living out in a secluded region in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, since they lived in seclusion, Ranos and his family had to deal with many creatures of grim that wonder close to their home regularly as time passes. How they managed to live for as long as they did is because of his father, who was a huntsman that wielded an ax, forged by the strongest of flames. There was also a rumor that Ranos’ father had fought in the last war, which was proven evident since the ax his father carried has shown signs of cracks, breaks, and even the blood of his enemies that still remained. The ax was little more than a relic at this point, but it still held together when his father had to protect his family. The mother, on the other hand, was another story. She was a kind, gentle soul who took care of Ranos as a child. Even in the face of danger, his mother always held a smile and gave Ranos a confident look saying everything will be alright. However, Ranos had suspected there was something about his mother that seemed different when he looks up to his father, but at a young age he never quite understood why he suspected anything. The family lived their lives for the past eleven years together despite the many confrontations with the creatures of grim, ranging from small ones like the Boarbatusk to some of the more ferocious creatures like the Ursa and Death Stalker.

    However, even a single individual will end up facing a tragedy at one point in their life that would shape him/her into the person they will become in the future. Unfortunately for Ranos, that day came when a Nevermore, Death stalker, and King Taijitu attacked the family. Ranos’ father held them off and manages to slew the Death Stalker, but sadly was bitten by the King Taijitu as he body begins to falter from exhaustion and his aura was too weak to protect him from the piercing strike of the serpents’ fangs. Even the very ax he fought with eventually shattered during the confrontation and he fell to the King Taijitu. Ranos just looked in horror as he bore witness to his father killed in battle, especially since he looked up to him as he was growing up. As he continues to space out from the witness of his father’s untimely death, Ranos’ mother grabbed his hand and they tried to run away from the King Taijitu and Nevermore that were chasing them next. Unfortunately, as the two tried to escape, the Nevermore launched a barrage of feathers at Ranos and his mother, one of the feathers pinned his mother and she could not get away as the feather manages to pierce her leg. Ranos tried all he could to help free her, but his mother told him to run away and don’t look back. What made this even more upsetting for Ranos was that she smiled at him instead of showing signs of fear. After a futile attempt to free his mother, Ranos did as his mother told him and ran as far away as he could. It was not long until the Nevermore and King Taijitu approached the wounded mother and ended her life. Ranos could hear the sound of his mother brutal death and he just collapsed to ground with tears in his eyes as he was on his knees. Alone and out in the unknown wilderness of Remnant, Ranos was not certain what he will do or what he will face as he travels alone, leaving behind everything he had ever known.

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    As Ranos continues to wander aimlessly into the unknown world, he would try to avoid coming into contact with any of the creatures of grimm, less he ends up begin forced to face an enemy he is not ready to face. When a Nevermore is seen flying the skies, he tries to hide among the trees. When a pack of Beowolves is spotted, he prays that not one of them will catch scent of him. He had to live this way for the next three years after the tragedy he suffered. Even as he sleeps, he would have nightmares about his deceased family and recall what the creatures of grimm have done to his fallen, warrior hardened father and his gentle, kind, and benevolent mother. One day he was trying to climb up a tree to pick out some food to eat, but was soon caught by an Ursa. He made a run for it as the Ursa let out a fierce roar and tried to hunt down Ranos. Things only went from bad to worse at this moment as Ranos not only tries to outrun the Ursa, but eventually runs into a pack of Beowolves during his escape. Surrounded in all directions, Ranos could only stand and watch in fear as he sees the creatures approach closer and closer to end his life. Though it seems the hand of faith was smiling upon him as one of the Beowolves was shot in the back and falls to the ground. The sudden shot stirred the Beowolves and the Ursa to turn in the direction of the shot and all they could see was a silhouetted figure holding a shotgun in his hands aimed at the group. Ranos looks up and takes a look at this mysterious figure as the Beowolves and Ursa roars out and charges the huntsman. As the creature rushed out after their new target, the huntsman opened fired again and one by one, the creatures falls to the ground and dies by the effective firepower of the weapon he wields. As the last Beowolf falls and the Ursa is slain along with the pack, the huntsman approached Ranos and extends his hand to him

    Mystery Man: “Come with me. More will come soon.â€

    Ranos was not certain what to make of this mysterious man, but he knew only that he saved his life and that was enough for him to follow the huntsman to safety. A few days have passed since Ranos accompanied the unknown huntsman as the two finally settled down around a campfire the huntsman created. Ranos simply stared into the fire for quite some time as many things were going through his head. The huntsman handed Ranos some food.

    Mystery Man: “Here. It’s best you eat to keep up your strength.â€

    Ranos: “Oh…thank you.â€

    Ranos replies to the huntsman as he accepts the food given to him and starts to consume it. The two would sit quietly as they enjoy their meal, until the huntsman begins to speak to Ranos,

    Mystery Man: “How are you holding up boy? I know that encounter with those Beowolfs and that Ursa was not something you expected to run into I take it.â€

    Ranos looked up to the huntsman and was having a hard time finding the words to speak on the subject. Eventually he finally started speaking

    Ranos: “Well…I guess I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.â€

    Mystery Man: “I see…still there seems to be more to the story than what you are telling me now. What is troubling you if I might ask?â€

    Ranos stopped eating as the huntsman addressed the social behavior he is exhibiting in front of the man who saved him. At first he did not wish to talk about it, but it seems like every time he sleeps, the nightmares seem to eat away at his mind. It is as if a parasite had developed inside his subconscious and is constantly torturing him with the thoughts of every waking nightmare being relived over and over like a bad record player in an infinite loop. After some consideration, Ranos finally begins to talk.

    Ranos: “Well…it’s hard to explain it….but a few years ago, three of these big creatures came to my home one day. These ones were probably the toughest among the ones my father had slain when he protected my mother and I. However…when one of these monsters was killed, another ambushed him and pierced his body like it was nothing. I…I had thought that…â€

    As Ranos was telling the story to this huntsman, he started to show signs of tears. No matter how hard he held back the tears, they just would not go away and he slowly, but surely cried again when he thinks back to that fateful day. The huntsman placed his hand on Ranos’ should and tries to comfort him as the two sat near the campfire.

    Mystery Man: “I understand boy. Many of us have lost family members to the creatures of grimm. I too had lost my own family shortly after the last war. So I understand the pain you are going through.â€

    Ranos: “R-really? I had thought I was all alone all this time….just who are you?â€

    Mystery Man: “Oh! Silly me I completely forgot to properly introduce myself. My name is Marcus Shroud. I am a Weapon Crafter in a small village not too far from here, which is where we are headed to. What is your name boy? Or would you rather I keep calling you that?â€

    Marcus gave out a hearty chuckle to Ranos as he made his joke. Ranos shook his head at Marcus as he was wiping away the tears from his eyes and cheeks.
    Ranos: “No…there’s no need to call me that. My name is Ranos…Ranos Kasai.â€

    Marcus Shroud: “Now hold on a moment. Your last name is Kasai?â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Well yes. Why?â€

    Marcus Shroud: “Forgive me for asking, but is your father by chance named Torrus Kasai?â€

    Ranos nodded his head in response to Marcus’ question

    Marcus Shroud: “Well I’ll be damned. That is a name I have not heard in a long time.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “I take it you knew each other before?â€

    Marcus Shroud: *Chuckle* “Know him? He and I fought alongside each other back in the war. I was even the one who forged him that weapon he used to fight the Creatures of Grimm. I haven’t seen him in nearly fifteen years now. *Sigh* A real shame to hear he died by the very beast we swore to kill.â€

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    Ranos Kasai: “I did not know my father well enough as far as who or what he once was, but I did know him as someone I looked up to. Now that he is dead…I just don’t know what I will do from this point on.â€

    Marcus nodded his head in understand of Ranos’ circumstance. The two put out the fire as they prepare to head to sleep. However, something very interesting happened while the two were sleeping. Marcus was sleeping on one side of the clearing, while Ranos was sleeping on the opposite side. Marcus stirred from his sleep as if he had a nightmare of his own. When he jumped out in a bit of a fright, a ruby colored crystal fell out of his pack that dropped on the ground. The strange thing was that when the crystal rolled closer to Ranos, it began to glow brightly near him. This turn of events had Marcus confused for a moment as he never seen the crystal do something like this before. He did have one theory as to why the crystal is acting like it is, but he was not certain as of yet. Perhaps in time the mystery would become apparent, but for now Marcus returned to his rest and tries to get some sleep before the two got going in the morning.

    As the sun begins to shine in the skies above, Ranos and Marcus continued on their journey to the village Marcus spoke of. Ranos looks out at the village as the two walked up a hill to view their destination from a high point.

    Marcus Shroud: “Ah there she is….my home village. We should be able to rest well here.â€

    Ranos merely stares down at the village and became a bit hesitant to go. Marcus gave a chuckle and tugged him forward to follow.

    Marcus: *Chuckle* “Come on boy. We still need to head to my place. Once there you can do all the looking around you like.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Uh? Oh…alright.â€

    As the two enter the village, many of the people greeted them with friendly hellos and greetings.

    Villager: “Hey Marucs! Good to see you back home from your hunt!â€

    Villager 2: “Who’s your new friend there Marcus? Never seen him before.â€

    At this point Ranos merely looked left and right as he sees many of villagers greet both him and Marcus upon entering. He has never actually met other people before so he felt socially awkward about being around so many people like this before. As the two continue walking, they arrived at Marcus’ home and they head inside. Marcus removed his weapon from his sling and sets it down on a stand near the front door. Ranos continues to look around the inside of the house upon enter before turning to Marcus.

    Ranos Kasai: “Your house seems nice. Seems like a lot of stuff is sitting around too.â€

    Marcus Shroud: “Eh…a home is still a home regardless of how you see it. *Stretches* Mmm…yea some of the stuff you see around here had a history. Some were big news and others…well they were just a hobby of mine.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “I see a few skulls around too. What makes them so special anyways?â€

    Marcus Shroud: “Oh those? As a huntsman, I sometimes collect the skulls of different creatures of grimm like a trophy. Each one you see were my first kill of a certain breed. I tell ya some of them were just too easy once you find their weak point and others are real tough and took a lot of effort to take down when you take one on for the first time.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Hmmm…. *He looks at some of the skulls* I recognize some of these creatures before. My father use to kill some of these whenever some of these creatures wander too close to the house.â€

    Marcus Shroud: “Haha…yea that sounds about right. Your father and I use to make a sport on killing these bastards. Sometimes I would one up him and other times he would catch something bigger than what I got. *Sigh* ...those were some good times before the war came around.â€

    The two spent the remainder of the day discussing much about the history between Marcus and Ranos’ father. They get together for dinner after they took a moment to rest from the long journey and continued talking for quite some time as they chowed down on their meal.

    Marcus Shroud: “I will say Ranos…you seem to remind me a lot of your father. You have the same eyes as him and I can see you share his instincts when they counted. Otherwise I might not have found you alive when I did. You ever thought about becoming a huntsman before?â€

    Ranos took a moment to think about that one question asked of him. He thinks back to how his father had fought the creatures of grimm in order to protect his mother and himself. He had always looked up to his father as an iconic role model when he was growing up. After some thought, Ranos began to answer Marcus’ question.

    Ranos Kasai: “Well…I always looked up to my father anytime he had fought. I remember how he uses to handle that weapon he carries and the number of monsters that fell as a result. It sounds silly, but I had hoped to someday follow in his footsteps and become a huntsman like him. Only now I am not sure how I can become one now that he is gone…â€

    Marcus Shroud: “No…it’s not silly at all. I think you might have what it takes to become a great huntsman. I can see it in your eyes that you hold the characteristics and potential of your father. With the right training and guidance…you might become something great.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Are you saying you are able to train me Marcus?â€

    Marcus Shroud: *Gives a bright smile* “Only if you think you are ready to handle the responsibilities that comes with being a huntsman. If you do, then I will be more than happy to prepare you for the challenges you will face.â€

    Ranos’ eyes widen as he hears Marcus’ offer to train him to become a huntsman like his father. He almost went into tears again, but this time he held them in as this was a serious proposal presented to him. He takes a deep breath and replies.

    Ranos Kasai: “Marcus Shroud…I wish to learn under your guidance so that I can become a true huntsman like my father.â€

    Marcus nods with a great big smile on his face as he reaches for his glass and raises it up.

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    Marcus Shroud: “Then a toast to the beginning of your training and your big future to come.â€

    Ranos and Marcus tapped their glass together in a toast before taking a big sip in celebration. After their meal, the two proceeded to get some shut eye before the big training day begins for Ranos. As Ranos laid in his bed, he thinks back to his father once more and made a small speech as he stares into the stars that light up the sky

    Ranos Kasai: “Father…Mother...I make a promise to you both…that I will become a great huntsman and do what I can to help those, who cannot protect themselves…just as you two have done for me three years ago.â€

    The sun rises in the village as Marcus and Ranos emerge out of the house and prepare for the training ahead of them. Every morning, Marcus would have Ranos work on his physical shape and endurance so that he would be ready to fight his enemies. Marcus would yell at Ranos any time he struggles with a challenge to help push his body to his limits. In the afternoons, Marcus would teach Ranos about the different forms of weapons and how each one is unique in their own way. He would even demonstrate to Ranos about how he forges the weapons each huntsman and huntress use in battle. Around the evening, Marcus would teach Ranos about the various creatures of grimm and explain their capabilities as far as strengths and weaknesses are concerned. He would even explain to Ranos about the power known as dust, which was the one thing that aided humanity against the creatures of grimm. The training has been going on for the next two years. At this time, Ranos had the look of a true huntsman as his body had been well developed in regards to physical strength and agility. His knowledge of weapons has improved and he was able to tell what to do in the face of weapons he has viewed and even learned to adapt to ones he may not have seen before.

    Marcus Shroud: “My my boy…in all my years as a huntsman I have never seen one who has learned so quickly and with great focus. You truly are just like your father in many ways it seems.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Only because you have taught me well in the ways of a huntsman. I am honored to have learned under your guidance.â€

    Marcus Shroud: “And I am honored to have been your mentor in these last two years. However there are still two tests you must accomplish before your training is complete.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “What must I do now Master Shroud?â€

    Marcus Shroud: “The first of these tests is to forge your own weapon. This weapon will be the extension of you as an individual and will reflect upon your abilities and talent as a huntsman. You must think and choose carefully on what weapon you believe symbolizes who you are.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “I understand. What is the second test?â€

    Marcus Shroud: “I will tell you that when you have completed your first test. Go to the warehouse and begin forging you own weapon. I shall be waiting to see what you create.â€

    Ranos nods in understanding and head inside to begin work on his weapon. He takes a moment to ponder the different forms of weapons Marcus has told him about and then reflects upon the ones that not only reflects his skills and abilities, but also something that holds a deep, personal meaning to him when he wields this very weapon. After pondering for some time, an idea finally crossed his mind and begins to forge his very own weapon. After taking some time in creating the weapon he envisioned, Ranos stepped out of the warehouse and Marcus, along with some of the villagers, were out waiting to view what he had created. What Marcus saw was a big shock to him, but at the same time he was happy to see what Ranos had created. The weapon was a double-barreled shotgun, much like what Marcus had used to fight, with the addition of two battle ax blades attached to each end of the barrel. When Ranos demonstrated the weapon to everyone, it went from a shotgun with battle axe bayonets to a rather impressive looking battle ax, which was inspired by the weapon his father carried.

    Marcus Shroud: “Hahaha. Well now that is quite an interesting idea for a weapon you have Ranos, but it is inspiring to say the least. You pieced together a weapon from both your father and my very own weapon. I never would have imagined that this would be the weapon to define who you are Ranos.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Well I figured since you and my father were great huntsman and fought alongside each other in battle that this would be the weapon I would carry into battle. It took me sometime, but this was the weapon I saw myself wielding in honor of my father and of you Master Shroud.â€

    Marcus Shroud: *ruffles up Ranos hair* “Now now boy…you don’t have to call me that anymore…just Marcus is fine.â€

    Ranos Kasai: *nod* “I see. Then thank you for your help Marcus. I believe you have yet to tell me about the second test.â€

    Marcus Shroud: “Ah yes I believe I was going to tell you. Your second test is to—“

    Before Marcus could explain, one of the villagers ran to Marcus and Ranos and spoke of a group of Beowolves, King Taijitus, and a big Ursa are attacking the village. Marcus and Ranos did not except them to attack this soon, but decided to take action regardless.

    Marcus Shroud: “I’ll out there and get their attention. Hopefully I can lead them away from the village. In the meantime Ranos, I need you to move the villagers inside so that they will be safe. Once you have done so, catch up with me to mop up the remaining creatures. I’ll try to leave some for you to face as your final test.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Understood! Give them hell Marcus!â€

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    Ranos and Marcus split up and execute their plan. Marcus ran towards the attacking group with his weapon in hand, while Ranos worked to get every villager indoors for safety. As they two were moving fast to act, the group attacking the village was drawing closer and ready to carve path of destruction. Fortunately for Marcus, he manages to arrive in time before the group got too close and started firing at the closet creature to the village. From there, he begins to move away from the village and the creatures of grimm follows after two to three Beowolves fall. Back in the Village, Ranos moved to get every villager, who was outside their homes, into shelter as quickly as he could in order to reunite with Marcus to fight. After the last family made it to safety, Ranos ran as quick as he could to find Marcus.

    Ranos Kasai: *Deep breath* “Alright…that is the last one. Now I better hurry and reach Marcus to see if he needs my help.â€

    Back on the battle field, Marcus was busy taking down as many Beowolves and King Taijitus as he could. The slithering serpents gave him some trouble, but the Beowolves were easy to eliminate.

    Marcus Shroud: *Heavy breathing* “Boy…you bastards don’t make this any easier do ya? Nearly burned out my ammo as is, but that don’t mean I won’t stop trying to kill each and every one you one way or another!â€

    Marcus continues his attack against the Beowolves and King Taijitu by shooting at them and even using the stock to bash their skulls. Whenever he killed one, he even goes so far as to break their fangs, claws, or teeth and use them as a projectile or as a dagger to pierce their body. However, Marcus soon realizes that the Ursa was nowhere to be found and fears it might have ran for the village.

    As Ranos was rushing in the direction of Marcus, he spots the giant Ursa continuing to advance to the village as Marcus had feared. Ranos decided to face the Ursa alone in order to protect the village. The Ursa roared as it spots Ranos standing between it and the village. Ranos raised his weapon and sets it to Battle Ax mode and charges his opponent. The Ursa was much bigger compared to most Ursa Ranos had seen and it is proven as he seems to have some trouble taking on the beast. Ranos used every technique he was taught and even used his Shotgun mode for range attacks. The Ursa continues to be ruthless and did not show any signs of slowing down or fatigue compared to Ranos throughout the fight. Ranos tries once again to charge in and go for the kill, but the Ursa manages to knock him to the side with enough force to knock him down to the ground. He was lucky he reacted quickly to block with his weapon, but now the Ursa was right on top of him and he needed to act fast before it was too late. Before either fighters realized, the Ursa gets hit from behind by an unknown shot. As the Ursa looks behind, it spots Marcus charging in guns blazing to distract him. Ranos looks up and sees his mentor arrived, but notices since of injuries he sustained from his fight with the Beowolves and King Taijitus. As Ranos got to his feet, he notices a King Taijitu slithering behind Marcus and preparing to sink its’ fang. Ranos grabbed his weapon and ran towards the serpent with his Battle Ax out and leaped in to kill the beast. He succeeds in killing the King Taijitu, but he turns around and notices Marcus collapses to the ground from the injuries he sustained. The Ursa was charging at Marcus full of rage, but Ranos stepped in and pushes Marcus to the side. Unfortunately, by trying to save Marcus, the Ursas’ claw manages to leave three nasty claw marks on Ranos’ right eye. Ranos got to his feet and checked on Marcus to see if he was alright.

    Ranos Kasai: “Hey Marcus. Hold on, I’ll get you to safety.â€

    Marcus Shroud: *coughs* “No…you need to kill the beast…first.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “I tried everything to kill him, but they just failed.â€

    Marcus Shroud: *hands Ranos a red crystal as he continues to cough* “Take this…it will help you…defeat the Ursa.â€

    Ranos looks down at the crystal and then back to Marcus. He was not sure what his mentor had planned, but he trust his wisdom and grasp the crystal in his hand and it begins to give of a glow unlike anything he has seen before.

    Marcus Shroud: “You’ll…know what to do *cough*…trust your…*cough* instinctsâ€

    Ranos nods as he gets to his feet and turns to the Ursa, who was recovering from its’ failed attack and give off another vicious roar at Ranos. Ranos in turn stared down the Ursa with his bright, red eyes like he was staring down death itself and showing no fear. He holds the crystal tightly in his hand as he grips his weapon with both hands. Finally the two charged at each other once more, but something incredible happens, Ranos body begins to glow a bright and shinnying red and the blades of his Axe are enveloped in flames. Ranos lets out a roar of his own as his Axe makes contact with the Ursas’ claw and this time, the Ursa’s body begins to be cut in two from the shear for of the burning axe. Soon Ranos was on his knees in a striking pose and the Ursa collapses onto the ground and its’ corpse burns in the process from the flaming attack. Ranos takes a look at his weapon and was surprised by the burning flames that emanated from his weapon before it burns out and returns to its’ original state. Ranos stood confused at first, but then realizes that Marcus was still in trouble and runs back to his mentors’ body.

    Marcus Shroud: *Cough* “Well…it is as I…suspected *cough*…you carried…your fathers’ inner flames…â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Don’t talk too much Marcus. I’m going to take you back to the Village and get you treated.â€

    Marcus Shroud: *Heavy Cough* “No…it’s too late for me…they wounded me…*cough up blood*…beyond saving…the others would say the same…â€

    Ranos Kasai: “No! I’m not losing you like I lost my family!â€

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    Marcus Shroud: *Cough* “Listen…carefully Ranos…there is a note…in the hat…back at my house…I want you to take it…and follow the words…written inside…I know you will become…a great huntsman…perhaps even more…never lose hope…push forward…one day you’ll find those…who share your pain…and those friends…will give you the strength…to push forward to…the future….*Heavy Cough* Goodbye…Ranos Kasai…â€

    As Marcus spoke his last words, his body falls to the ground and becomes lifeless. Ranos head onto his hand tightly and closes his eyes as the tears from his eyes poured down his face in realization that now his mentor has fallen to the very creatures that killed his family. Nothing but silence remained upon the open plain as it was littered with the remains of the dead Beowolfs, King Taijitus, the giant Ursa, and finally Marcus Shroud. Ranos stood back to his feet and carried Marcus’ body back to the village to prepare a funeral for him.

    A few days later, a funeral has been prepared to honor the fall of Marcus Shroud. Many people in the village were saddened by the loss of their great hero and protector and that they paid their respects to him for all that he has done in protecting this village. As the other villagers begin to scatter away from Marcus’ grave site, Ranos was the last one to stand before the resting place of his mentor. Ranos was garbed in a long piece of cloth (much like a poncho covering most of his body) and he also wore a brown colored hat, which was the same one Marcus spoke to him about before his death. After a moment of silence, Ranos bowed his head to Marcus’ grave and walked away from it as he was finished paying his respects. The next day, Ranos grabbed the last of his possessions and was preparing to leave the village. One of the Villagers sees him and stops him a moment.

    Villager #1: “Hey Ranos. I know it is hard to lose Marcus like that, but whatever happens I am glad he at least passed on his teaching to you.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “I know he will be greatly missed around here as well as any other places on this planet that Marcus had visited.â€

    Villager #1: “Speaking of which, where do you plan on going now?â€

    Ranos Kasai: “Before he died, I made a promise to Marcus and it is time I made good on the promise.â€

    Villager #1: “I see, but where do you plan to travel to keep that promise.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “The one place he spoke highly of…one of the four kingdoms: Vale.â€

    Villager #1: “That is going to be a long travel to reach there, but I do wish you luck in your journey. Farewell!â€

    Ranos Kasai: “And farewell to you and the others. I cannot thank you enough for the two years you allowed me to stay here. I shall not forget you kindness.â€

    Ranos waves goodbye to the villagers as he begins his new journey out to the kingdom of Vale. As he walks, he recites the words imbedded in the message left by Marcus as it states:

    Marcus Shroud: “Ranos Kasai. If you receive this, then it is most likely that I have fallen in battle and cannot teach you further. I meant what I said about you becoming a true huntsman and there is one place I know, where you can continue your training. A long distance from the village is one of the four kingdoms of the world, called Vale. There is an academy out there that has been known for training future huntsman and huntresses. It might be the key to unlocking your true potential as a fighter and it is there that you might learn a lot more than what I have taught you. One last thing: The red crystal I have given you along with the hat once belonged to your father during the war and before. He asked me to watch over them until you were old enough to claim your birth right. The rest is now up to you as you continue one your journey to become a great huntsman. I shall be watching you from the life beyond death along with your Mother and Father. Farewell.â€

    Ranos Kasai: “I shall honor your wish Marcus and become a great huntsman. Not just because you trained me to become one, but because it is the path I have chosen for myself. Besides…I now hold in my had the weapon that will help me through. The weapon I now call…Ragnarok.â€

    ((That is the story of how Ranos Kasai has begun his journey as a huntsman. What challenges will he face and what will happen when he does arrive in the kingdom of Vale. Only time will tell as this marks the beginning of a great journey for not only Ranos, but for those who will meet him along the way.))