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  • coolishy777

    coolishy777 ChurchAlpha

    #32379012 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Emrikir, #334:

    I'm thinking Raven and Qrow are siblings and that Raven is Yang's mother which correlates to Qrow being her uncle.

    In regards to Adam having a similar semblance to Yang, you may not be suggesting anything and think it may just be coincidence, but I tend to disagree. I think there is a reason the two are so close in terms of how they work.

  • paulhikari

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    #32379013 - 4 years ago

    In reply to coolishy777, #335:

    The most popular speculation is that Raven is Yang's mother, as you can probably guess. And if not that, then she's her cousin/estranged sister/something.

  • coolishy777

    coolishy777 ChurchAlpha

    #32379014 - 4 years ago

    In reply to PaulHikari, #336:

    I don't really see them being sisters or cousins. That feels like an empty attempt to tie her in. Being her mother make far more sense (I've been on board with the idea for quite some time).

  • xxelement21x


    #32379015 - 4 years ago

    In reply to Emrikir, #334:

    In reply to Raptorwolf22, #333:

    Blake and Adam seem like they were childhood friends who grew apart due to their differing ideals, not family. However, Adam and Yang have suspiciously similar semblances(if that's what Adam used when he iai'd the Spiderbot). Not suggesting anything, just an odd connection.

    I think it was similar in absorbing the hits, but that is it. It seemed like he absorbed the energy from the lazer via his sword and used it to disintegrate the. bot. Yangs semblance is more of a rage meter. She still gets hurt from hits, but she gets stronger from them.

  • kogutkam

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    #32379016 - 4 years ago

    Hello big fan of jaunikos pairing, and i haven't gone through the entire thread (tldr) so in case this has been said before I apologize.

    My theory is that Jaune was/is interested in Weiss/Pyrrha because they are his mother, or rather represent them. What do we know about Jaune? Clearly he is supposed to represent a knight based on his attire. We also know that he isn't particularly great at fighting as he has to be taught by Pyrrha, as well as dimwitted and kind-hearted. His family comes from a long line of warriors, but has not been taught to fight by his parents. He has 7 sisters of unknown ages although we can probably presume several are older than him as it seems that he has been taught to dance, and his easiness about wearing a dress.

    Let's move onto the woman of his affections Weiss. Weiss is an heiress, and prior to this Ruby calls her a "princess." Weiss represents the princess that the knight is supposed to win over. It is also my belief that she represents the mother that Jaune wants to please. Jaune's mother probably forbade him from fighting, and if he is indeed the youngest of his family or even just one of the younger members he's probably been picked on by girls throughout his life thus seeking their approval and needing to try his very best to get girls to notice him. Weiss has made her intentions quite clear on several occasions that she is interested in Jaune such as slamming a door in his face when he is serenading her, and telling him out right that she doesn't want to a movie with him. This could have been because she was more focused on finding more information on Roman, but even before then She has been rather snide to him. This is starkly contrasted in Pyrrha's actions.

    Pyrrha represents the doting mother, and also the hero that Jaune looks up to and wants to become eventually. When we're first introduced to Pyrrha, Jaune asks "where [is he] supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to?" The next time we meet her Weiss asks her to team up believing that the two of them would be an unstoppable force before being hit on Jaune. When introducing herself Pyrrha is snubbed off, and I think this is probably because he's not used to girl's being incredibly nice as even Ruby has made fun of him and she was the first friend he's made at the academy. When told of her accomplishments he isn't really interested and why should he when he has never been privy to much of the fighting culture? He does however gasp in amazement when he finds out that she's been on the cover of a cereal box, something that happens to "only star athletes and cartoon characters," and afterwards Weiss might as well have told him out right that he's not good enough for Pyrrha causing him to feel dejected. Pyrrha then outright tells him that she "think [he] would make a great leader," to which he is only too happy with.

    Throughout the rest of the series we see Pyrrha doing various mother things such as helping him with his training, and even trying to get him to focus on his studies instead of comics. It's understandable that Jaune would be flabbergasted that Pyrrha has no date to the dance; she's a beautiful, intelligent, and strong woman adored by many so Jaune probably thought that her helping him is just part of her better nature as well as her being an awesome teammate for helping a screw up like him, instead of someone who wanted to get close to him romantically. Ultimately though he does understand that Pyrrha has been there for him, and while he might be thick headed he understands that Pyrrha is more important to him than Weiss. This could be referenced in the song "Shine" as it says "Baby, it's time to make up your mind." It is in this episode that Jaune finally makes up his mind and goes for Pyrrha instead of Weiss.

    I realize that this might not be the best argument (more of a character study), and although it is long I do appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read this and comment on it.

    Thank you!

  • paulhikari

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    #32379017 - 4 years ago

    In reply to coolishy777, #337:

    As have I.

  • xxelement21x


    #32379018 - 4 years ago

    I have a feeling that since Cinder has control over the CCT, she will use it in the tournament to fight Pyrrah and will result in her being either killed of seriously injured. Not that I am wanting it, but from a story perspective, killing a character will be a huge catalyst.

    Pyrrha is important enough to get result from the teams but not so much that the show would be weird without her. Jaune is important. I have no evidence but its a feeling. Ren and Nora, while important are, at this moment, background noise. Every one on RWBY is a main character and while can be broken and taken out of commission, wont be killed.

  • ElliotFlorence


    #32917399 - 3 years ago

    Don't know if there is a forum here to post videos, but i really wanted to share this. I finally completed it after a couple of weeks. RWBY Tribute. Volume 3 is almost here!

    I Hope we get to see more of Team JNPR and CVFY. Could it be possible that Cinder, could become queen. In Chess, i read, not 100% sure, about there being able to be two queens. Perhaps Cinder is the distraction for something else happening. Also, Winter could be the allusion to The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Weiss could be Snow White...