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Farewell, Monty Oum - Mourning Thread

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  • Crowgale


    #33667130 - 6 months ago

    I didn't actually know of Monty's existence until roughly March 2015, when I first happened across RWBY when both Vol 1 & 2 were on Netflix but I sorta glossed over them... was only moseying towards other things at the time. About a month later when I finally stuck my toe into the series and got pulled into a raging torrent of awe and beauty, I nose-dived into the fandom and finally learned what had eluded me so many times.

    This man, a Legend in no simpler terms, had passed on.

    It was a truth that stung the soul. I'd only been with the series a week and yet in that time I had grew to love it so much the news hit like a brick... with the brick being a crunchie and the shock of it making you recoil and bang your head off a bookcase.

    At the time and long before then, I wanted to become a Author... but I had hit a creative block and hadn't written anything in months.

    When Exam season came around I decided to dabble in it again. I went to my room, pulled out my laptop and started writing... and immediately got bored.

    So I put on me PS4, went onto Netflix and out of impulse (and because there was feck all else on) in put on Vol 1 and half-watched half-listened to it as I got into writing. By the end of the night I had written a full chapter and was half-way through the next one.

    It dawned fairly quickly to me that having RWBY on in the background helped me write.

    So I got to writing with that on in the background, spending a bit too much of time I should have used to study for GCSE's.

    Then when summer came I continued to repeat this process, alternating between RvB and RWBY as I wrote page after page, finally putting thoughts into words to create a story I had been building for years.

    3 Months, 313 pages, 180,000 odd words and only the stars know how many times I watched both series on a loop. I was able to commit the lines and the fight scenes to memory, I still dream of taking flying kicks to the cranium and waking up with migraines.

    Two years on and I'm a published author... psych, I'm actually in editing hell! 313 pages of crap to edit through, a significantly large word-count to drop by 10,000 and many changes I need to make to even be pleased enough with it to want to publish it.

    Why am I saying all this you ask? I'll tell you.

    Because even though I'm in writer's limbo, I'm determined to continue. Monty Oum- a man I never met and will never meet, through his legacy and his story alone, has taught me that to create something is to devote the soul and the heart to it in the hopes it touches the heart and souls of others.

    If the challenge is to create something that makes the world a better place then I will meet it head-on, I will do it!

    Thank you Monty Oum, for the stories you made and the ones that you left behind. I cannot truly mourn your death, so instead I shall celebrate your life and legend. 

    And with luck may we meet in the beyond... preferably in a bar in the beyond, if heaven hath no pubs I will be pissed.

  • manuela.aumick


    #33685771 - 4 months ago

    what a great and interesting thread

  • swaggrenox


    #33687591 - 3 months ago

    I've never been so affected by the death of someone who I've never met :( Yet, I can't help myself but to feel saddened every time I re-watch all of his masterpieces, and mourn the fact that he won't be around producing awesome stuff anymore. Every time a new RWBY episode comes out with a fight scene or potential fight sequence, I feel very sad that we won't be able to see his work anymore :(

    RIP Monty...

  • Whawpenshaw


    #33691144 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Blood_XIII 

    The hypocrisy of the opening post triggers me. "People are shitty for using what they perceived to be Monty's original direction of the show as a defense for their ideas, and if they use Monty's name in a post that I personally find to be shitty by my own standards I'll put them on a shit-list and try to make it as public as possible!"

    Like, you're also using Monty as an excuse to be REALLY shitty to other people. Live the change you want to see. 

  • Blood_XIII


    #33692337 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Whawpenshaw

    I think you're misunderstanding a few things, actually; First and most important being the intent behind it! I've never been here to tell people that their theories are dumb or wrong, even if I disagree. I've never tried to say that ships are bad or problematic, even though I personally can't stand the idea of shipping. The purpose of that warning is to serve as a notice that there ARE people in this fandom who've no common courtesy in the face of their own wants; People who will sooner claim that Monty's creation has been purposefully altered specifically to change facts around THEIR beliefs than simply accept that they were flat-out wrong about something.

    This isn't as simple as people developing counter-theories either, as in those working under assumption that any given fact may be a red herring meant to mislead the viewer and set up a twist. This is referring to people who are SO enveloped in their own world that the immediate assumption is that they themselves are the ones being attacked; That the TRUTH is being changed for the sole purpose of someone else's gain and/or because someone else disagreed with the existing 'facts' on a personal level. Not artistic interpretation that has to be invoked since Monty isn't here to inform on the fine details, nor reworking a scene/plotline so that it flows as intended without giving away too much/gives away just enough... But people genuinely believing that they can only be right about something, and anything that says otherwise MUST be done with harmful intention. 

    Now, all that said... I've never once HAD to see my warning through, because the ones it referenced are no longer as prevalent! The fandom as a whole has gotten MUCH better than they were when the initial post was made, so in the present climate of the fandom it sounds far more aggressive than it needs because you'd only see anything even close to it from an absolute lunatic you WOULDN'T want to be associated with.

    See back then there was a very small vocal minority who more wanted RWBY to be what THEY wanted it to be, as opposed to it being the vision of someone else. The complaints were more subdued until, during the days following Monty's passing, they felt it necessary to start talking about how "Miles is just going to fuck it all up because he's a shit writer" and "There goes every ship WE as an audience know to be true."  Following their chain of posting led me into a dark den of 'fans' who were already beginning to talk as though they knew what Monty had intended/planned/wanted.

    But we're not talking sound concerns for the series itself; Things like the fight choreography taking a hit, the direction or writing not being quite as sound, the worry that the core vision would be changed without its creator... No, these people, who thought of themselves as fans, were legitimately discussing with one another about how they just KNEW that Miles, Kerry, Gray and any other number of staff were already actively removing 'hints' to their ships or theories. Saying to each other that they needed to be ready to attack in case the 'real facts' were thrown out or left unmentioned. A select few had even tried saying that Monty HIMSELF was retconning facts AS people 'figured them out;' things like the infamous theories of Yang being "Summer Rose" or Blake and Cinder beingrelated, both of which Monty quickly called out on Twitter as being false and apparently annoyed these very adamant few.

    Compare that to now, where the closest thing we have to that is people being passively outraged about fight/animation quality, or jumping to conclusions by starting petitions to bring a character back to life as soon as they sustain an (Admittedly hefty) injury? It's obviously nowhere near the same fandom it was back in those days, because the people who behaved that way ultimately saw themselves out of it... Some by choice when they decided it wasn't 'good enough,' and some by force when they tried to act like they WEREN'T a lunatic among the more sound-minded side of the fandom. 

    The biggest problems that have ever actually come up thus far were the recent aforementioned hefty injury (Which allegedly led to Miles getting more than a few death threats of his own), the Shane Newville Lettergate debacle (Which was very intense and divisive at the time but NOW is pretty widely seen as his personal cry for help regarding his emotional turmoil over the loss of Monty), and the utter bloodbath that was the finale of Volume 3. I can't speak much on the former, and the middle one can be taken a number of ways... But the latter I witnessed in person thanks to a user messaging me personally and asking if I might be able to get a word to cRWBY and ask them to step in and get people to stop being so toxic on various mediums (The admins of the group were regularly mistaken as people who had actual sway with RT, when really we're just fans ourselves)

    ... And what I saw was that almost NO ONE was upset about the loss of the character themselves, only what it meant for the ships. One side happy that one ship was sunk and rubbing it in, the other side seeming as though their lives were at an all time low because the ship was dead. It enraged me deeply, especially since I was still hurting over our loss of Monty thanks to my own emotional hangups... So I stepped away, both from the show and the fandom, and to a degree even my moderating here in the group.

    If there were ever a time I would've abused my warning, or shown 'true colors' with the intentions behind my warning in the initial post, it would have been THAT point in time. So many people acting as though they were better than the next, so many people only caring about a loss of a fictional relationship, so many people coming up with theories of revival or any other straw-grasping hopes... And yes, some people even putting the blame squarely on Miles himself, stating that he was taking pleasure in ruining their hopes and dreams! 

    However, the DAY that episode came out Sheena (Monty's widow) had posted images of a photoshoot that she'd done back when Volume 1 was still airing, and it undeniably told everyone that Monty INTENDED things to be this way; His vision was being posthumously upheld as intended. This was further evidenced by Barbara saying on a podcast following the Volume 3 finale that Monty had told her right from the start that what Yang's future held... And my faith in the fandom was kept alive by the fact that, even as they were tearing each other apart, people were spreading the word all on their own that it was all planned from the outset. No one argued about how it wasn't what Monty wanted, or that Miles was making it his own, because there was now proof positive that the man who brought the series to life HAD truly planned it out well in advance.

    To give a TLDR of sorts, I think you've simply misunderstood what my intentions were with the warning. It wasn't an excuse to judge others for anything should I disagree with them and/or should I think that they weren't good enough; It was a notice to anyone who might try to say that the ONLY reason they're wrong is because Monty is dead and can't make sure it happens exactly the way they personally wanted/expected. There's quite a difference between someone talking about creative liberties the team may or may not be taking with RWBY and someone outright claiming that they know better than everyone else what was 'meant' to happen simply so they're technically right even when they're wrong.

  • Whawpenshaw


    #33694484 - 3 months ago

    In reply to Blood_XIII

    Okay. I read all of that. I'd like to first say that I appreciate the time you took to respond so thoroughly. I would then like to say the history and context was an interesting read. I'm also sorry for assuming that your judgement (had you hypothetically shit-listed someone) would be based on your own personal interpretations, and not based on more factual information. 

    I'll be brief:

    Given the two behaviors:

    1. Telling the people close to Monty that they're fucking his show up

    2. Putting everyone that does (1) on a shit-list

    Clearly, (2) doesn't hurt people in the same way that (1) does. It's not symmetric. And really, (2) is not even that bad. However, it doesn't matter if people are right or wrong with their theories. It doesn't even matter what Monty wanted or had planned. My point was that putting people's names on a public shit-list is not cool, and you were using the gravity of Monty's death to justify doing so. 

    And it's hard when the fire starts to burn. And when people are doing (1), what do you (as a moderator) do? How do you respond? It may be difficult, but responding with a fire of your own is not the right choice. 

  • SimMeavorn

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    #33698884 - 2 months ago

    Not sure if this is the right place for this but:  My partner and I got into Rwby in the break between seasons 2 and 3 -  I'd been an RVB fan for about a year before that.  So we got the news of Monty's passing not long after finishing watching the 2 seasons.  Neither of us were particularly creative beforehand, but after watching RWBY, we both started gravitiating toward more creative fields.  She started studying sound design, I started voice acting in my spare time -  we picked up an audio drama series we liked, and started working on it.  2 Years on, and we've released our first attempt at animation.  I started learning a few months ago and thought it'd be cool to show that Rooster Teeth's work inspired the two of us to try something creative.

    Sim Meavorn

    There's a bit of swearing in there, so NSFW!

    Link here

  • SimMeavorn

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    #33698885 - 2 months ago

  • JadeTiger

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    #33698976 - 2 months ago

    In reply to SimMeavorn

    you need to ass the link useing the link feature, its above the typeing box, next to the S looking thing with a line through it

  • SimMeavorn

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    #33699089 - 2 months ago

    In reply to JadeTiger 

    Thanks for the help!

    Fixed it above

  • JadeTiger

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    #33699118 - 2 months ago

    I don't know why i typed ass, lol i meant to type 'use.' well you know what i meant.

  • Zalph

    Zalph FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold RWBY Mega-Fan

    #33699654 - 2 months ago

    There is a bible for RWBY which Monty's successors use so the direction is definitely in Monty's vision. The only thing that could perhaps be different is the choreography of the fights. Watching the fights from the first two volumes and comparing with today, they aren't as vibrant and often but I still enjoy them very much.

  • Lancerguy


    #33699783 - 2 months ago

    Although new to the RWBY fandom (having only started watching since this amazing show since this past October), When I learned about Monty's passing it hit me hard. Having severe food allergies myself, and almost losing a friend to them as well, I felt a connection to monty although I never knew him. Allergies don't require malice, just one careless action and someone can be taken from us. I am mainly writing this because as a fan of monty's work in RWBY, I was wondering if it was possible to put the color teal somewhere in the show as both a tribute to  him and a nod to the teal pumpkin project, which FARE (an allergy awareness charity)  uses to spread allergy awareness across the United States. Thank You for your consideration. 

  • VirusElite524

    VirusElite524 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold DizPanda

    #33699934 - 2 months ago

    Three years now, you would be proud of the progress RWBY has taken.

  • TrilbyBard


    #33700077 - 2 months ago

    In reply to Lancerguy 

    Why not make a Hunter team FARE? If one or more has allergies, it would also be a nice peek into group dynamics that people with allergies deal with at work/school/home.

    Example: one member who is a allergy sufferer from early childhood, turned foodie/chef. A hyper-vigilant geek who watches out for the team, Grim migration, politics, etc. The 'everyman' member who doesn't care as long as they can eat whatever when off the clock (Plot twist if she/he develops adult onset allergies). Finally, the level headed medic who plays peacemaker/damage control.

  • JadeTiger

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    #33700278 - 2 months ago

    I didn't make really anything for a Monty Oum project this year, but i am making plans to go to RTX this summer. A bucket list item that has been planed sense i found Monty and RT 3 years ago... and was put on hold after his passing.

    I wanted to go just to meet monty but that can't happen now and i saw no reason to go through the trouble to get there, but now... He's still not there, but it's the closest I will ever be to meeting him. Going to something he helped create and make into something completely incredible.

    With so many fan who felt the same about him as I did.

    I can't meet him. I can't thank him for saving my life. I can't tell him what his work did for me.

    But I can support it. So I will try.

    I know now that i have to keep moving forward. It took me a long time to realize exactly what that meant, and what it means to me.

    thanks you monty, again, thank you

  • SylestalPyre


    #33700307 - 2 months ago

    Today and the day before this, I played Cold and Home on repeat for hours straight and actually cried as I was singing along. This is the first Feb 1st I've actually recongized as the day Monty was officially taken from us, and well... feels hit harder on certain days.

    Monty, I never got to meet you. I never even knew you existed when you passed. And in the deepest parts of my soul, where the RWBY fandom has taken rest, it hurts.

    So for one day, I spend it in your honor. For one day, I'll truly recognize what the name 'Monty' means to me. I'll write my tributes, sing the songs, quote some of the most inspirational words I've ever heard. I'll cry for what never was.

    And for the 364 days after, I'll keep moving forward. I'll enjoy the things in life, the world you've created, and when I grow up and have children I'll teach them to enjoy this too.

    I hope you rest well, Monty, and from wherever in the sky you are, I hope you are proud of how your fellow animators continued your legacy.

    Thank you for one year, and the future years to come.

  • KamenRiderOz-Gear


    #33702200 - 2 months ago

    RWBY,  RvB, Haloid, Dead Fantasy, what else did Monty work on?

  • JadeTiger

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    #33702337 - 2 months ago

    In reply to KamenRiderOz-Gear

    I heard he worked with a company as an animator before he was invited to RT, but i don't know what.

  • JacquesSchnee


    #33706336 - 2 months ago

    This man is an amazing man. With everything that he has given this community, between RvB, RWBY, and his independent animations, his imagination has blossomed in ways that most of us only dream of. In honor of him, I have started a special project of my own that I hope some of you could check out and possibly look over and give me feedback on. The forum is on this website, and I'll post the link here.

  • Blood_XIII


    #33708759 - 1 month ago

    In reply to KamenRiderOz-Gear

    He was one of the animation lead on the Afro Samurai game