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Bumblebee Pairing: All The Reasons Why It Makes Sense

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    #33742546 - 3 weeks ago

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    been a while since I was on these forums so still getting back into the hang of it

  • Unicrash


    #33743054 - 2 weeks ago

    Yeah I agree.. the sun ship doesn’t work for me. Sun feels a bit forced.. I don’t just say that because I ship bumblebee, but because I feel like he kinda underestimates her at times and holds her back. Plus they sometimes lie to each other. I mean.. yeah, Hell he lied about keeping her secret within their first few days together! 

    Meanwhile..Sure yang and Blake hold things back from each other sometimes, but not like THAT. She only held back her racial secret because she was afraid of not being accepted for who she was-and when that WAS revealed, who was defending Blake the whole time to Wiess? Yang, “we need to find her” “make sure she’s okay”. They’ve told very deep portions of their lives to one another. There’s an understanding that goes deeper then just “I trust this person”. It’s a connection. You might for instance have people you’re friends with, close to. But would you tell just any one of those people your darkest fear or secret? 

    When it came to defending Blake from The fang, who was the first one charging onto the scene risking her life without a thought and even losing an arm for her? Yang. The way she lost her cool is JUST like when she lost her cool before protecting ruby in one of the released backstory chapters of RS. We know Yang is prone to outbursts of anger and charging face first into things but have you seen her become like that over anyone but herself or ruby before Blake? On top of that, his words “destroy everything you love, starting with HER” comes off as both a hint and an ominous force to us all. (We don’t want yang being hurt, noooo!!! But yay hint!) 

    That way Blake looked towards her, reached to hold her hand despite Yang being unconscious with no need for comfort because she wasn’t awake to even feel it was more of Blake reaching out to her because SHE needed to. To hold the hand of one she cares for, thankful to be saved but so sorry for the cost and not being able to protect her from the blow. 

    As she holds Yang’s hand, Sun looks down on in this in the background at them. It’s a quick clip in the episode but it’s there. Don’t believe me, backtrack and look. 

    I don’t feel like they’re doing this to troll us. It feels closer to foreshadowing technique used in writing, perhaps to say ‘you feel like you might need that person, but this is the one who holds your heart, you just haven’t realized it yet.’ ? 

    The look on her face on her reunion with sun aboard the ship is far far from the very emotional response she had to meeting with yang for the first time. NOW compare her response to meeting Ruby and the others upon her return. Rather then a joyous hug and a few shared happy words, there’s that long silence where their eyes meet, too emotional to form words before an embrace. Does that feel equal in comparison? 

    Now volume 6 might reveal to us some answers. What I think will happen is that she’ll have a short romance with sun (if even that) but ultimately the goal will be Yang. Whether that’s due to increases character development, or the weight of the fan base, maybe both were intentional from the start. But they’ve always had a different attitude towards each other then anyone else, and very unique interactions. (Hugs, close words, yangs wink.. their dance that Blake saved solely for her with no obligation, just her own desire to do so).

    So I’d say most of our points line up here. I don’t want to start speculating and saying things like they work well together in combat so they must spend hours alone together-there’s no proof after all that they are indeed alone during their training. But the proof of their emotion is very evident to any person watching if they choose to accept how it’s portrayed. There are pauses for a reason, where words aren’t spoken, just the emotion in the eyes. That little kiss on the cheek sun got for helping her through some family drama in the end can’t hold a candle to the emotion she had in her eyes while clinging to Yang after fearing for her life. (Sorry sun that’s just how I see it!)

    Also sorry for the few grammar / spelling issues typing on a phone and the autocorrect AI is super dumb ;; 

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    #33743056 - 2 weeks ago

    I'm kind of neutral on shipping (except for Nuts and Dolts! If Ruby is going to be romantically involved with someone it should be Penny/Penny 2.0!) and I'm cool with Blake getting together with Sun or Yang or both or Ilia or even being Forever Alone. So with that said:

    Did anyone else kind of get the sense that the last scene with Sun and Neptune was hinting at Bumblebee in the future? I kind of get the sense that Neptune (or Scarlet/Sage who have told Neptune about it) have sensed some romantic tension between Blake&Yang and the reason Neptune was upset is because he's worried that Sun leaving his relationship status with Blake as a question mark right before she goes on a potentially months long journey together with Yang and away from him could lead to Blake being snatched away. I feel like there's a followup scene with Team SSSN discussing Sun's chances with Blake in the future. Or maybe I'm just reading too much into this.

    Like, I'm not really rooting for any particular pairing (as long as there is at least one gay pairing somewhere at least), but I really felt like that scene was foreshadowing something.

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     blake yang

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    You are not the only one see that. Neptune and Sun conversation also give me that vibe. Except that I don't think Neptune would think that far into Blake's relationships with others/or Yang in particular. He is simple comment on Sun's action.