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Bumblebee Pairing: All The Reasons Why It Makes Sense

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  • TheCatalyst117

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    #33759904 - 6 days ago

    In reply to JayAzhure

    I would say that all your points just go to show that they make great BFFs not a romantic relationship. Heck, in S2 Ruby called out their "ship" names as attack strats. Not that I'm against same sex relationships, I think making Yang into girls makes total sense. But Monty built a wonderful relationship between Blake and Sun, he cares about her a lot and she likes how he cares. It's because of his dedication to her she was able to open herself up to people. Also, just because the voice actors are into it, or because theres a lot of fanfic, doesnt mean it should be canon. I'm sure Michael and Lindsay want Sun and Ruby to get together because they're married in real life but that doesnt make sense for the show.

    But the biggest reason I'm just not into it is because it feels like their relationship was established late. If you go back and watch season 1 to 3, the only time they really connect is when Yang relates searching for her mom to Blake searching for Torchwick. Other than that you dont see any personal connection until season 5 where Yang, out of nowhere, is upset that Blake "just left them" and now they hold hands to fight Adam. Couple? I think not. 

    This is just my own opinion, but I think it better fits Monty's legacy to finish a romantic connection he established. I ship Blake x Sun and for Yang I hope she finds a nice girl. Either Yang x Coco or give Yang a nice Atlas girl.

  • Irishtiger21

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    #33759908 - 6 days ago

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    You're ignoring Yang flirting with Blake in v2c4 "I love it when you're feisty!" and the whole thing with Adam v3c12 "I'll destroy everything you love, starting with her". Even Adam saw there was more to their relationship than just friendship. And before you say something along the lines of "Adam could have meant the general kind of love" the writers wrote that scene with that specific language, directed the VA's to use that specific language and say it in just that way, and the animators put those specific looks on Blake and Yang's faces, the tears in Yang's eyes; if they didn't want to call attention to that scene and that line, they could have written it to be "I'll destroy everything you hold dear" or "everything you care about" but they didn't, they specifically chose to do all those things for a reason, and they don't write or animate things in an animated show for no reason, because all of it take money, time, and effort so they don't just do things for the fun of it.

    You don't have to ship BumbleBY, you don't have to like BumbleBY! But it's past time for people to recognise that there was as much groundwork laid for this ship and almost as early as BlackSun, and that for whatever reason it seems that CRWBY has decided to go with BumbleBY over BlackSun. That doesn't mean you can't keep shipping BlackSun, of course, but at this point it's pretty unlikely that will be the ship for Blake.

  • AenarTenthSkraeling

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    #33759913 - 5 days ago

    Are people digging up Monty's corpse and using it as a handpuppet to dismiss same-sex pairings/any aspect of the writing they dislike again? Must be Sunday. 

    Anyway, here is a pretty comprehensive post that breaks down how much build up BlackSun actually had in comparison to Bumblebee from volume 1 to 6. Spoiler alert: It doesn't actually favor BlackSun. Even Sun doesn't favor BlackSun.